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Polseres vermelles Season 1

Here's where to watch every episode of Polseres vermelles season 1. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 01, Episode 01 Episode 1

S01 E01

Jan 24, 2011
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Episode 1 Jan 24, 2011 Roc, Lleó, Ignasi, Jordi, Cristina and Toni are the "Red Band Society". They are all patients in a children's hospital in Barcelona.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 02 Episode 2

S01 E02

Jan 31, 2011
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Episode 2 Jan 31, 2011 Jordi is going through surgery and the rest of the gang is supporting him. They think it's a good idea to start a group called "Red Band Society", but they need to find six people who are good enough to be a part of it.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 03 Episode 3

S01 E03

Feb 7, 2011
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Episode 3 Feb 7, 2011 The Red Band Society is finally complete. Ignasi's heart relapses and Lleó doesn't know what's gonna happen to him.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 04 Episode 4

S01 E04

Feb 14, 2011
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Episode 4 Feb 14, 2011 Rainy days at the hospital are always different. This is the day the gang is going on their first night tour.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 05 Episode 5

S01 E05

Feb 21, 2011
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Episode 5 Feb 21, 2011 Lleó is going back to chemotherapy and the gang helps him. A new guy arrives at the hospital and everyone's wondering what's wrong with him, but Toni is specially committed to figure it out.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 06 Episode 6

S01 E06

Feb 28, 2011
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Episode 6 Feb 28, 2011 The Red Band Society discovers the Sun, a great place to spend their Sundays afternoons, but they're not the only ones interested in it. Lleó meets the guy who is going to be his nemesis at the hospital and Jordi finds out something he didn't expected.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 07 Episode 7

S01 E07

Mar 7, 2011
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Episode 7 Mar 7, 2011 It's Saint John's day at the hospital. A guy who can see the future arrives and Lleó tries to keep his supremacy at the hospital. On this holiday, everything's possible if you know the secret to be truly happy.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 08 Episode 8

S01 E08

Mar 14, 2011
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Episode 8 Mar 14, 2011 Lleó needs to make money to buy a new orthopedic leg and comes up with the idea to get the money from a poker game. Meanwhile, Jordi's father come to visit him, but he doesn't bring good news to the boy.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 09 Episode 9

S01 E09

Mar 28, 2011
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Episode 9 Mar 28, 2011 It's Lleó's birthday, but he doesn't want to celebrate it. His friends think that they should celebrate it and organize a surprise party. Josep is helping Lleó with a personal problem. To Ignasi, that's the day for him to overcome his illness.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 10 Episode 10

S01 E10

Apr 4, 2011
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Episode 10 Apr 4, 2011 The red bands need to overcome their biggest challenge so far. Together, they've been through all kinds of pain and have helped each other through it all. They are lost now, but will they find their way out of the woods?

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 11 Episode 11

S01 E11

Apr 11, 2011
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Episode 11 Apr 11, 2011 The red bands and the doctors try to figure out what is happening to Roc when everybody finds out about what he did. Toni is fighting to stay with his grandfather. Lleó is also in a lot of trouble, and has no idea how to solve them.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 12 Episode 12

S01 E12

Apr 18, 2011
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Episode 12 Apr 18, 2011 The red bands decide to organize a concert. If a song can help Roc, then nothing better than a concert to cheer him up! But a lot happens that day and each one of them is going to face something that can keep them from being on the concert. Roc continues to fight for his life.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 13 Episode 13

S01 E13

May 2, 2011
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Episode 13 May 2, 2011 All the kids are gonna have to face their own fears on this incredible season finale. Roc meets Mr. Benito, who gives him an important advice for his future, and Lleó is left to decide how he really feels about Cristina.

Not Available