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Police Story Season 5

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Season 05, Episode 01 Pressure Point

S05 E01

Sep 27, 1977
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Pressure Point Sep 27, 1977

Season 05, Episode 02 Stigma

S05 E02

Nov 9, 1977
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Stigma Nov 9, 1977

Season 05, Episode 03 River of Promises

S05 E03

Jan 14, 1978
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River of Promises Jan 14, 1978

Season 05, Episode 04 Day of Terror, Night of Fear

S05 E04

Mar 4, 1978
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Day of Terror, Night of Fear Mar 4, 1978

Season 05, Episode 05 The Broken Badge

S05 E05

Mar 19, 1978
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The Broken Badge Mar 19, 1978

Season 05, Episode 06 No Margin for Error

S05 E06

Apr 30, 1978
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No Margin for Error Apr 30, 1978 A cop is consumed by guilt after innocent bystanders are killed in police shoot-outs.

Season 05, Episode 07 A Chance to Live

S05 E07

May 28, 1978
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A Chance to Live May 28, 1978 The head of an undercover narcotics division assigns a young policeman to infiltrate a high-school drug ring.

Season 05, Episode 08 A Cry for Justice

S05 E08

May 23, 1979
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A Cry for Justice May 23, 1979

Season 05, Episode 09 Confessions of a Lady Cop

S05 E09

Apr 2, 1980
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Confessions of a Lady Cop Apr 2, 1980 Career and personal pressures bring a vice investigator to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Season 05, Episode 10 The Freeway Killings

S05 E10

May 3, 1987
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The Freeway Killings May 3, 1987 Police officers deal with personal and professional dilemmas as they search Los Angeles for a highway killer.