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Police Rescue Season 2

Here's where to watch every episode of Police Rescue season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 The Right Stuff

S02 E01

Sep 10, 1992
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The Right Stuff Sep 10, 1992 A police officer-cum-football star transfers into Rescue. The retired Inspector who helped create the Rescue squad is helping write a history of the service, which creates political difficulties for Adams.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 02 Off the Track

S02 E02

Sep 3, 1992
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Off the Track Sep 3, 1992 The squad responds to a train crash. Mickey works in the compartment where a critically injured man hides his injuries to encourage the other passengers.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 03 The Hard Way

S02 E03

Sep 17, 1992
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The Hard Way Sep 17, 1992 Georgia becomes increasingly suspicious of the circumstances surrounding an apparently straightforward car crash. A homeowner finds a runaway camping on public land and tries to have Rescue run him off.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 04 The Big Canary

S02 E04

Sep 24, 1992
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The Big Canary Sep 24, 1992 Mickey is assigned to protect a whistleblower prior to her testimony in a court case.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 05 Judgement Day

S02 E05

Oct 1, 1992
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Judgement Day Oct 1, 1992 Frog must appear before a coronial inquest after he disregards proper procedure to lead the team into an unstable partially collapsed building in an attempt to rescue a trapped child. The effort nearly costs Georgia her life and the child ultimately dies in hospital, initiating a fierce debate amongst the squad. Frog and Kathy respond to a home where a man has murdered his wife and three children. Finding the husband with a gun in his hands, Frog passively stands by waiting for him to finish the job by taking his own life. Frog descends into a ravine to rescue an injured boy.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 06 Stakeout

S02 E06

Oct 15, 1992
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Stakeout Oct 15, 1992 The squad welcomes a new member, Constable Brian Morley. With the of Sydney excited over the Grand Final football match, Mickey, Georgia, and Brian attend an MVA which is complicated by unknown hazardous chemicals, a Drug Squad surveillance operation, and a man trapped in a truck who cheerfully refuses to be rescued. Angel and Kathy respond to the scene of a party where a drunken reveller has fallen into an abandoned underground shelter.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 07 Sugar

S02 E07

Oct 22, 1992
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Sugar Oct 22, 1992 Kathy refuses to deal with her emotions when tragedy strikes her family. After Mickey scales an apartment building to rescue a woman locked out on her balcony, he, Georgia and Kathy attend the scene of a fatal car accident caused by a drunk driver. Angel has to deal with his brother Con, who is getting into increasing trouble. Kathy descends in to a silo to rescue a worker buried up to his chest in sugar.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 08 With a Vengeance

S02 E08

Oct 29, 1992
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With a Vengeance Oct 29, 1992 After two youths crash a stolen plane in the National Park requiring rescue, Mickey finds himself being sued for negligence by the owner of the plane — the father of one of the kids. With a legal battle looming, Mickey receives help from the one man he would least expect it from.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 09 Reasons to Live

S02 E09

Nov 5, 1992
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Reasons to Live Nov 5, 1992 The squad is called on to save an artist who is obsessed with his wife's "affairs" and who has decided to kill both himself and his family. Mickey agrees to be Angel's best man but their close relationship becomes an obstacle for Angel in his relationship with Helena. A groom learns the benefits of a ball and chain while suspended from a bridge.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 10 From This Day Forward

S02 E10

Nov 12, 1992
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From This Day Forward Nov 12, 1992 Nipper voices his doubts that Brian will ever become an intergrated member of the squad. He also has to deal with harrassment from a recently released criminal he arrested years ago who bears a grudge. Angel and Helena tie the knot.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 11 Angel's Devils

S02 E11

Nov 19, 1992
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Angel's Devils Nov 19, 1992 Angel becomes convinced that Helena is having an affair and begins losing control, both at home and at work. Inspector Adams finds a pamphlet on unplanned pregnancy as well as a pregnancy test in Sharyn's desk. Teenage lovers threaten to jump off the Harbour Bridge. Georgia and David discuss having children.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 12 The Real Meaning

S02 E12

Nov 26, 1992
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The Real Meaning Nov 26, 1992 Mickey and ambulance officer Tricia Mellick receive public accolades and media attention after being involved in a high profile rescue. Georgia questions her future with the police after she has a close call on a rescue. Mickey finally admits to himself his feelings about Georgia just as she decides to make a commitment to David.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 13 Heartbeat

S02 E13

Dec 3, 1992
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Heartbeat Dec 3, 1992 Tensions between Mickey and Georgia build as her marriage to David draws near. Mickey and Angel rescue a superhero from a tight situation. The squad is called out to help rescuea group of archeologists who have been trapped in a flooding cave system. During the search, Mickey is swept away in the rising flood waters.

Not Available