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Phoenix Nights Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Opening Night

S01 E01

Jan 14, 2001
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Opening Night Jan 14, 2001 The Phoenix Club is re-opening tonight with the help of Roy ""It's The Way I Tell 'Em "" Walker and Brian and the crew have to make sure everything runs smoothly which isn't helped by a Nazi bandit, singing builders, short circuit a racist folk band and Max and Paddy. Opening Night is sure to be great.

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Season 01, Episode 02 Wild West Night

S01 E02

Jan 21, 2001
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Wild West Night Jan 21, 2001 Following new DJ Ray-von's first use of his home made sound and entertainment system, cashier ""The Captain"" dies of smoke inhalation. Owner Brian orders The Captain's corpse moved into the pennine suite as in there his death would be viewed as natural causes instead of manslaughter. During the Captain's funeral the club tv is stolen from under the nose of the club locals and bar staff. Elsewhere Brian brings in a bucking bronco instead of the broken snooker table. Inspired by the bucking bronco compare Jerry organise's a wild west night featuring Wild Bill and Trigger the horse, line dancing and a staged gun fight featuring the Preston Posse vs the Keightly confederates where rivalries lead to a bar brawl. Meanwhile Trigger the horse consumes a large amount of beer while he is tied up in an empty suite leading Brian to use the classic phrase ""I KNOW A PISSED HORSE WHEN I SEE ONE""

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Season 01, Episode 03 Disco Inferno

S01 E03

Jan 28, 2001
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Disco Inferno Jan 28, 2001 The Phoenix puts on a ""Pyskick"" night. But following a fire safety inspection the club is forced to close. Brian fakes a heart attack to prevent a speeding fine, and later blackmails fire safety official Keith Lard into granting them a fire safety licence by using a forged photos of Keith getting frisky with a dog. The Show goes on with ""pyskick"" Clinton Baptiste offending the punters and calling one a ""nonce"" leading to him getting knocked out. Paddy and Max discuss Sean Connery's wigs.

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Season 01, Episode 04 Singles Night

S01 E04

Feb 4, 2001
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Singles Night Feb 4, 2001 It's Single's Night at the Phoenix! Brian runs over a lady's foot with his wheelchair which leads to sparks flying between the two. Brian quickly thinks he's falling in love and buys a new water bed only to discover his new lady works for the council and is investigating him for false disability claims.

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Season 01, Episode 05 Comedy Robot Wars

S01 E05

Feb 11, 2001
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Comedy Robot Wars Feb 11, 2001 Jerry goes to the hospital for tests that are worrying him and the Phoenix puts on an alternative comedy night and robot wars. The comedy night proves unpopular with the locals until an upset Jerry brings some students down a peg or to with his own brand of witty one-liner's, this leads to him being offered a job on a cruise ship. Bouncers Max and Paddy clean up on robot wars after pursuading DJ Ray-von to build the robot for the competition, this leads to a disagreement over the prize money.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Talent Trek Finals

S01 E06

Feb 18, 2001
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Talent Trek Finals Feb 18, 2001 In the final episode of the series, Jerry is relieved to get the all clear from the hospital, and Brian is delighted to get Bolton's yearly biggest show, The Talent Trek Grand Final at the Phoenix after telling the judges that Jerry is in fact dying in order to win the sympathy vote. Jerry then reveals the offer of a job on a cruise ship and considers taking it. As Talent Trek is being staged at such short notice, regular backing band Les Alanos are unavailable and are sacked, being replaced by Right Said Frank, a tribute band to Right Said Frank. They proceed to make fun out of all the acts while stealing car stereos from the car park on their breaks. This leads to a fight with bouncers Max and Paddy and Brian re-employing backing band Les Alanos. As everyone believes Jerry is dying, Brian takes the opportunity to reveal the results of Jerry's tests and singing it's a celebration as Jerry has the all clear. After the show ends rival club owner Den Perry discards his cigar in the toil

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