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IMDB: 8.5/10CrimeDrama2012 - Present1 Season

Phoenix is an Australian police drama television series. Phoenix screened as two thirteen-part series on Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1992 and 1993. The first series of Phoenix in 1992 recounted the investigation of the bombing of the Victorian state police headquarters, loosely based on a real case in the mid-1980s, the Russell Street Bombing. It was aided by extensive research into police techniques and was lauded as one of the most realistic depictions of police investigation techniques, including both surveillance and forensics, as well as having an involving storyline. The series was notable for its dark visual tone and for its no-holds-barred attitude to violence and language. It spawned a second thirteen-part series, Phoenix II, in 1993 as well as a spin-off series, Janus, in 1994 devoted to the machinations of court cases. The series was created and produced by Tony McDonald and Alison Nisselle and screened by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The ABC have released Series 1 and 2 on DVD as a 4 DVD box set.

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Season 1

Drama Fever

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Episode 1

S01 E01

Episode 1 Nov 9, 2012

A rich young woman Lee Ji-eun meets a young man Ho-Jin, due to a car accident at a gas station. She begins to fall for him, despite her family not liking his social status.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Episode 2

S01 E02

Episode 2 Nov 9, 2012

Lee Ji-eun and Ho-Jin's relationship has many ups and downs, because of her family's disapproval of Ho-Jin. Despite their disapproval, Lee Ji-eun secretly meets with her lover.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Episode 3

S01 E03

Episode 3 Nov 9, 2012

Lee Ji-eun finds out she is pregnant and leaves her wealth to live with her new husband. She has a miscarraige and moves in with family while recovering. Her relationship with Ho-Jin is wavering on a breakup.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Episode 4

S01 E04

Episode 4 Nov 9, 2012

Lee Ji-eun loses her father. Her family is devastated by this and she feels it is her fault. Lee Ji-eun, her sister, and mother get a smaller place living together. Lee Ji-eun still has not reconciled with her lost long love Ho-Jin.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Episode 5

S01 E05

Episode 5 Nov 9, 2012

Lee Ji-eun sees her old girlfriend from school after 10 years. Her friend is engaged to her long lost lover, Ho-Jin. Lee Ji-eun is happily married at the moment, but reflects back on her past.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Episode 6

S01 E06

Episode 6 Nov 9, 2012

Lee Ji-eun works as a maid for Ho-Jin. Her job as a maid pays well, so she stays working for Ho-Jin. Mi-ran, Lee's old friend, still does not know about her fiancee's past relationship.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Episode 7

S01 E07

Episode 7 Nov 9, 2012

Lee Ji-eun starts a relationship with Jung-Min after a hard divorce. Ho-Jin sees them and realizes, even though he is engaged, he has strong feelings still for Lee Ji-eun.

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