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Peak Practice Season 4

Here's where to watch every episode of Peak Practice season 4. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 04, Episode 01 Holding it Together

S04 E01

Feb 27, 1996
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Holding it Together Feb 27, 1996 Erica Matthews is lost in the peaks trying to find her way to a house call. On her travels she overtakes a car; on looking in her rear window she is concerned to see that the car is no longer behind her. She goes to investigate and sees the car half in the river. Erica offers her assistance to the driver; Mick who is sitting on the river bank and is alarmed when he says his daughter; Debbie us still trapped in he car. Erica rescues the girl from the car and performs CPR on her. They are taken to the hospital where Erica is questioned by the police.Meanwhile at The Beeches Will is having problems with the FHSA. They are unhappy with the way The Beeches is performing. Will explains that in the past two months he has lost both his partners and his fund manager and that he is doing his best to hold things together. The FHSA explain that The Beeches is losing patients and state the fact that there still no new partners to replace Jack or Beth. Will tells them that a Dr. Webster has express

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Season 04, Episode 02 A New Life

S04 E02

Mar 5, 1996
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A New Life Mar 5, 1996 The folk of Cardale take part in a fun run to raise money for some hospital equipment. Chloe, Erica and Kirsty join in the crowd cheering on Will, James and Andrew.Tony and Julian spend their last few days in England with Will. Erica joins them for dinner and Tony and Julian suggest that she move in next door to Will. Will explains to Erica that when he brought the house the cottage next door was part of the deal.Kate returns to The Beeches to talk to Will. She tells him she's not happy with the current night cover policy. He tells her she should come back and discuss it with him when she's been in Cardale a little longer.Erica is alarmed when Will, Kim and Andrew turn away a patient who claims his wife is unwell. She is appalled by their matter of fact approach to towards the situation. She soon understands their reasons when she pays the man a home visit and finds his wife is nothing but an empty quilt cover and a figment of his imagination. With Will's help Erica pronounces invis

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Season 04, Episode 03 New Horizons

S04 E03

Mar 12, 1996
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New Horizons Mar 12, 1996 Erica loses her keys. She goes round to Wills to get the master set. He is missing Tony and Julian and asks her if she'd like to stay for a drink but she says no, she has paperwork to catch up on.Kim asks Will how he is coping without the boys - he tells her he is slowly getting used to it. He is touched by her concern.Erica asks Andrew for a favour. She has flooded the bathroom at the cottage and managed to blow a fuse. She doesn't know how to fix it and doesn't want to tell Will. He agrees to go to the hardware store with her. Will tells them he is off to have lunch with Kate. Andrew asks if relations between them have improved after the night cover disagreement – Will says actually Kate is alright once you get to know her.Andrew helps Erica fix the fuse. He tells her he has noticed that she likes Will, he says she should hold a housewarming party in order to woo Will!Whilst out Andrew and Erica attend to Jill, a pregnant lady who has collapsed in the town. They find out her G.P

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 04 Looking Back

S04 E04

Mar 19, 1996
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Looking Back Mar 19, 1996 Chloe's short temper alarms Gary who doesn't know why she is acting so strangely. Chloe has found a lump and is scared that her cancer has come back. Andrew tells her that he will perform a test first thing tomorrow morning.Will lends Erica his car to go shopping. He is horrified when she picks up a a hitchhiker who is on his way to Cardale. Will is not happy when at home he unpacks his shopping and finds his bottle of whisky gone! Laura finds the hitchhiker asleep on the side of the road and takes him to The Beeches for a shower on condition that he sees a doctor. Will sees him and diagnoses a chest infection. He advises he keep of the booze - especially the whisky!Erica gets a shock when her ex boyfriend Dan arrives. He asks her to have dinner with him and she reluctantly agrees. Chloe gets the all clear. The lump was a cyst. Andrew tells her she was right to be concerned because of her history. She tells him she and James haven't told Gary about her cancer because they don't w

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 05 Whipping Boy

S04 E05

Mar 26, 1996
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Whipping Boy Mar 26, 1996 Laura has an accident on her way to work when two OAP's run her off the road. Erica puts her in a neck collar and Laura tells her that the drivers she saw shouldn't be on the road.Andrew and Erica are surprised when they see Will is advertising for a new partner as he hasn't spoken to either of them about staying on. Andrew is fine about it but Erica is upset and her attitude towards Will is frosty. Kim tells Will that Erica feels he should've told her that he was advertising for the partner position. Will visits Erica and apologises over the advert. She says it's fine; she'll be moving on soon anyway. She tells him she's happy to cover for as long as he needs her.Will and Kate have lunch. He tells her that he thinks Erica could be partner material given time. Kate tells him he should've asked Erica to apply. Will asks Kate if they can have dinner together tomorrow night. Andrew interrupts and is surprised when Kate kisses Will goodbye.Andrew is concerned about Stuart Reynolds; son

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 06 Close Ties

S04 E06

Apr 2, 1996
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Close Ties Apr 2, 1996 Will tells Andrew he's been thinking it over and thinks he needs to get a female partner. Andrew is gutted and Erica thinks it's discrimination.Erica confronts Will about his decision and says it has put her in an awkward position with Andrew. He says it was a difficult decision to make and asks for her help with a dialysis patient as Erica has spent 6 months working in a renal unit.Kirsty notices Andrew is down and asks him what's wrong. He says The Beeches are not considering him to be a partner in the practice. She asks why they would as he didn't apply. Andrew tells her that he did apply - 2 weeks ago.Will asks Kate what she wants to do at the weekend. She tells him Charlie is home for the weekend and Will assumes that that they will all do something together. Kate says Charlie can be very protective of her and she's worried about how they'll get on. Will tells her they will never know if they don't give it a go. Kate agrees he can meet Charlie at the weekend.Kirsty is hurt tha

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 07 In Safe Hands

S04 E07

Apr 9, 1996
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In Safe Hands Apr 9, 1996 Andrew's best mate Phil from Liverpool comes to stay with he and Kirsty. Andrew tells Kirsty that he and Phil don't have that much in common anymore. He says they have drifted apart.Will, Kate and Erica have supper together. Erica is obviously envious of Will's growing affection for Kate.Pat Hewland returns to The Beeches. She tells Will and Erica that the FHSA have changed their minds about reducing The Beeches to a two partner practice. Since they have taken on a lot of Phillip Ramsden's patients they are pushing them back to a three partner practice.Russ is pushing Kim for a dinner date. She agrees - anything for a quiet life!Will tells Andrew that he and Erica would like to offer him the partnership. Andrew is surprised but says it sounds good. Although he still has to talk it over with Kirsty.Andrew's patient Roy Bennet has a tumor on his liver. He decides he doesn't want an operation that carries a great risk with it. Andrew thinks Roy should have the operation and pushes Ro

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 08 Partners

S04 E08

Apr 16, 1996
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Partners Apr 16, 1996 Will makes Kate late for work again when he insists she stay in bed for longer. He tells her she should keep some of her stuff at his place so she won't need to keep leaving early in the morning - he says she could at least leave a toothbrush at his place.Linda Manningham visits Will when she hurts her hand. She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and Will has to tell her that she has now progressed into the next stage of the illness. Linda's husband Des doesn't accept the news and tells Will he doesn't know what he's talking about.Andrew tells Erica that he's spoken to Kirsty. It's not good news, she doesn't want him back.Will tells Andrew he needs a decision about the partnership. Andrew says he can't give him a definite answer yet.Des goes to The Health Centre to see Kate. He complains about Will. Kate says she thinks he should listen to what Will has to say about Linda. She gives him he number for the MS society who can provide counseling for him and Linda.Chloe and James hold a

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 09 Running on Empty

S04 E09

Apr 23, 1996
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Running on Empty Apr 23, 1996 Will and Erica fear for Andrew's career as he tries to help a young medical student. Kate and Will consider taking a gamble

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 10 Heart and Soul

S04 E10

Apr 30, 1996
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Heart and Soul Apr 30, 1996 Will blames himself for a simple misdiagnosis, but Kate has an even bigger bombshell to drop. Erica puts down roots in Cardale, while Andrew faces up to his future in Liverpool

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