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Peak Practice Season 2

Here's where to watch every episode of Peak Practice season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 In Good Faith

S02 E01

Mar 1, 1994
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In Good Faith Mar 1, 1994 Jack and Beth give Will a few days off as he and Sarah are moving house. Beth asks Will how things are going he says he and Sarah are trying to sort out their money troubles, hence the house move.Beth tells Jack she wants to spend the evening alone so that she can catch up with herself. He agrees it's a good idea - he's got a tax form to fill in. No sooner have they arrived home to their separate houses they both get bored and lonely. Beth attempts to call Jack but he beats her to it - arriving on her doorstep with a bottle of wine. She is happy to see him.Trevor is having problems 'performing' and keeps giving Leanda the brush off. She is heartbroken and thinks Trevor doesn't want her anymore. Trevor visits Jack but find it hard to explain the sexual problems he is encountering. He later talks to Will who tells Trevor he is suffering from stress.Beth goes to see Will and hands him a housewarming present. He teases her about she and Jack and tells her he should stop stringing Jack a

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 02 Old Habits

S02 E02

Mar 8, 1994
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Old Habits Mar 8, 1994 Sarah is upset that she and Will haven't received and invitation to the captains ball. Will assures her that it's probably just stuck in the post.Beth asks Jack if they can meet for supper. He tells her he's not sure what kind of relationship they have anymore. He's confused as to whether they are friends, lovers, what? Beth assures him that nothing's changed and it will just take them a while to get back to where they were before he proposed.Beth battles with Rob Clulow, a friend of The Beeches staff whom, despite a heart condition can't give up smoking. Beth tries to get Mr. Jenkins to operate on Rob but he refuses seeing as how Rob has made no attempt to quite smoking. Jack and Beth are adamant that Rob should have the operation but Will agrees with Jenkins.Rob's son Harry becomes friends with Tony Preston. They both go to the new school. Whilst playing at the wreck Tony and Harry become involved in a fight with some older lads. In no time at all bricks and stones are being hurl

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 03 Love Thy Neighbour

S02 E03

Mar 15, 1994
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Love Thy Neighbour Mar 15, 1994 Will and Sarah host a housewarming party. Beth is not happy that Will has invited fundholding advisor Greg Miller and when Sarah tells Greg it's Beth who's holding The Beeches back from going fundholding, Beth makes sure her views on fundholding are made clear.Brian Drake complains to Beth that Jack won't fit him in for a medical even though he needs it for work. Beth asks Jack why he hasn't fit Brian in and Jack explains that he was keeping to the practice policy - non-urgent medicals are carried out in the third Saturday of every month.Chloe is tired and irritable. James tells Jack he thinks something is wrong with her. Chloe goes to see Jack and tells him she has found a lump in her neck. Jack feels it and doesn't think it is anything serious but send Chloe for a biopsy anyway. The biopsy shows that Chloe has Hodgkin's disease - a form of Cancer. Chloe insists that James shouldn't know that she is sick. Jack tells her he will help her beat this illness.Jack is surprised to see Br

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 04 Act of Remembrance

S02 E04

Mar 22, 1994
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Act of Remembrance Mar 22, 1994 Douglas Hart plans to attend the spitfire flypast with his army pals. Alice doesn't think he should be going as he's not fit to be by himself. Her fears set in when she arrives at Douglas' to find him asleep with his chip pan on fire. Isabel says she will be happy to take Douglas to the flypast, but Alice is till not happy about it.Jack makes some difficult questions during a practice meeting. Will is not sure what point he is trying to make. When Jack leaves the room, Beth tells Will she and Jack have split up. Will is shocked and asks if they will still be able to work together, Beth says she hopes it won't interfere.Isabel visits Jack at The Beeches. She asks him how he'd feel about having her counseling team offer a service at the practice. He says he'll discuss it with Beth and Will. Isabel thinks that will be impossible judging the current situation between he and Beth. Jack confides in Isabel about he and Beth's split. She tells him that sulking around won't help the situati

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 05 Enemy Within

S02 E05

Mar 29, 1994
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Enemy Within Mar 29, 1994 Chloe goes to see Jack. He is concerned about her - she's not getting any better. The hospital say they will have to change her drugs protocol as the current one isn't working. Jack takes it hard and for a while begins to question the service.Jack treats Matthew Keel; son of Beeches cleaner Sue and her husband Martin. Jack says Matthew has the flu but if his condition worsens Martin should call The Beeches. Sue gives James a hand at The Manor as Chloe is unwell after her treatment. However when Matthew has seizure Sue is called home.Martin calls Kim for help. She explains that Beth is on another call and will be with him as soon as she's finished with that patient. Martin can not wait that long and calls for an ambulance. When they arrive they suspect Matthew has meningitis. Matthew is taken to hospital whilst Martin waits for Beth.When Beth arrives Martin is in a state. She tells him to calm down as they don't yet know for sure whether or not Matthew does have meningitis. He says i

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 06 Long Weekend

S02 E06

Apr 6, 1994
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Long Weekend Apr 6, 1994 Jack receives a package. It is a key from his ex-girlfriend Karen. She calls him at the surgery and asks him when he is coming to visit her. Jack says it will be soon. Karen tells Jack that she hasn't been taking her medicine, Jack tells her she must - it's very important that she takes her medication.Beth and Kim go horse riding. Kim can't get the hang of it and spends half of the lesson in one place as she's to scared. Beth introduces her to a slower horse who Kim takes quite a shine to.Jack receives a call from Karen's hospital telling him that the police have brought her in. Jack's number was the only number she would give them. Jack tells Beth that he needs to go to London. She is alarmed that he is leaving at such short notice but he won't tell her why.Jack goes to see Karen. She is huddled under a blanket and shouts at him to leave. Jack goes to see her parents. They thank him for coming down and say they don't expect him to drop everything every time Karen gets sick. They a

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 07 Chance Encounter

S02 E07

Apr 13, 1994
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Chance Encounter Apr 13, 1994 Will asks Beth if she can cover his nightcalls as he wants to help celebrate the local footie win. She says no, she's meeting an old girlfriend.Beth gets ready and leaves the house, just missing a phonecall from Michael - he leaves a message on her answer phone telling her he is caught in traffic and will be late. Who is Michael and isn't Beth supposed to be meeting a girlfriend?Isabel arrives at the pub looking for Beth. She is disappointed when Jack tells her she went to meet up with an old friend whom she hasn't seen for ages.Beth meets Michael at a hotel, he is late but she forgives him and they settle down to dinner. The atmosphere is edgy with Beth having the upper hand. Beth says she hasn't forgiven him for having her fired from the job she loved. He said he did it because he loved her and couldn't bare to be near her when he knew their affair couldn't continue for the sake of his wife, Antonia. Beth is surprised when Michael tells her he and Antonia have split.Jack and Will

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 08 Life Changes

S02 E08

Apr 19, 1994
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Life Changes Apr 19, 1994 Will and Sarah continue to struggle with money. Sarah tells Will she's run out of access on their card, he tells her to stop buying so much.Jack and Beth have dinner with their friends from Africa, Angie and Drew. Not long into dinner Angie notices the ring on Beth's finger and Jack and Beth announce that at last the big day is on.Will and Kim stay late at work to sort out the paperwork for the fund holding meeting. After they have completed the report Kim presents Will with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. She says he has worked wonders on getting The Beeches on the road to fundholding. They get involved in a chat about Will's taste in women, he says he shouldn't have always gone for lookers like Sarah, then maybe he would've ended up with someone like Kim - she is flattered.Their relaxed chat is interrupted by Sarah ringing Will's mobile. She has received a letter home from Tony's school about his bad behaviour. Both Sarah and Tony have become angry and in the fall out Sarah gra

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 09 A Brave Face

S02 E09

Apr 26, 1994
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A Brave Face Apr 26, 1994 Jack, Beth and Will have dinner to talk over the final fundholding plans. Jack and Beth thank Will for all is hard work and apologise for the difficulty they sometimes caused. They are having a pleasant evening until Sarah arrives and the atmosphere dies. Will tells Beth that Stuart Mosely has been in touch. He was Will's best man and a good doctor friend of Beths.Stuart goes to see Will. He tells him he has H.I.V. - Will is stunned as it now looks like Stuart is showing symptoms of Aids. Will is also shocked to find out that the health authority are not aware of Stuarts condition. Stuart assures Will he stopped treating patients as soon as he found out and that none of is patients were put at risk. Will is adamant that Stuarts former colleagues should be informed. Will tell Stuart that he will be asking the department of public health for advice on the matter. But he says he will give Stuart a weeks so that he can tell his his daughter, Sally.Beth becomes involved in he plight of Lo

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 10 Abbey

S02 E10

May 3, 1994
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Abbey May 3, 1994 Chloe collapses whilst doing the ironing. Jack tells her she is doing so much and must take things easy.News travels around Cardale that a new born baby has been abandoned. A young girl steals some supplies from The Manor as James chases her Jack nearly runs into her. The girl gets away and later sits outside the local shop begging for money.The police ask for Beth's help in tracing the abandoned baby's mother. Beth asks Kim and Ellie to do a ring round to see of all their pregnant patients are still pregnant!One of Beth's patients needs some treatment on his knee so Beth calls in a favour from a friend at the rheumotology department. However he tells her that he and his colleagues are not happy to hear that The Beeches may be seeking private treatment in the future. Beth is furious to hear this as she was not aware of that situation. She goes to see Will - he doesn't open the door. He is sitting alone in the dark. Jack tells Beth that they should give Will the benefit of the doubt

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 11 Perfect Love

S02 E11

May 10, 1994
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Perfect Love May 10, 1994 Jack and Beth visit Beth's friends Annie and Dominic. Beth sees them as the ideal couple whilst Jack is not so sure. They have a daughter Victoria and Dominic lets it slip to Jack an Beth that Annie is expecting again.Will is looking after Tony and Julien for the weekend. They are bored as he is on call.Annie takes Victoria out for the day, she is not comfortable with her and tells Dominic that she doesn't love her. Annie secretly goes to John Reginald and says she wants an abortion. He refuses her one without talking to both she and Dominic. Annie is distraught and stays out all night. Dominic calls Beth who stays with him whilst Annie is missing. When she finally returns home she is wet and speaks nothing of Victoria. Dominic asks her where Victoria is and Annie says she is in the ford. Dominic drives up to the ford but there is no sign of Vicki, just her shoe and a gushing river. When he returns home Beth calms him down and tells him that Victoria is in bed. He doesn't understand

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 12 Power Games

S02 E12

May 17, 1994
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Power Games May 17, 1994 Beth is called out to Bob Massey who has suffered a mild heart attack.Frank Hooley arrives at The Beeches with a dislocated shoulder. Jack treats him and puts it back in place. He asks Jack for a sick not - Jack signs him off for a week.Beth arrives late for work due to her night calls. When she picks up her files from Kim she finds that she has been left with all the female patient whilst Jack and Will have taken all the men.Jack and Beth discuss nightcalls and how they wake each other up when the other is on call. Jack tells Beth she needn't attend every call - sometimes advice over the phone is enough.Beth once again is left with the female patients whilst Will takes off for an afternoon of golf. Kim hands Jack and Will a letter each. It reads 'Women don't bite you swine' and is written in Beth's handwriting. They are puzzled.Will helps Kim when her bike breaks in the middle of the road. She is upset that she is not in the running for fund manager. Will tells her they need her

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 13 Happy Ever After

S02 E13

May 24, 1994
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Happy Ever After May 24, 1994 The police arrive at Alice's house. They have a warrant for her arrest because she hasn't paid her council tax. They says if she gives them the money now they can leave. Alice doesn't have the money so they arrest her. When she is taken to the station she is put in a cell.Jack and Will are preparing for interviews for the position of fund manager. The interview a number if candidates but are terribly excited at the prospect of interviewing Trevor - they vow to make him squirm. Kim tells them she hopes they find someone soon, hey say they are looking for someone who she can really get on with.Alice is taken into the court for a hearing where Isabel is magistrate. Isabel informs the court that she knows the defendant and they adjourn. Isabel goes outside the courthouse and calls Beth from a phonebox. She informs Beth of Alice's situation but tells her to keep quiet - she shouldn't have said anything.Beth arrives to take Alice home and is disgusted to see how Alice has been treated. As

Not Available