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Peak Practice Season 1

Here's where to watch every episode of Peak Practice season 1. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 01, Episode 01 Sharp Practice

S01 E01

May 10, 1993
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Sharp Practice May 10, 1993 Dr Jack Kerruish finishes his last day at The Dry River Clinic in Africa. Jack is moving back to England as he not welcome by the African government any longer. Jack feels he has finished the job he came to do and after a farewell from his African friends, he travels to England to find work as a country G.P.Meanwhile in the rural village of Cardale, Derbyshire, Dr Beth Glover; senior partner of The Beeches surgery is greeted by a speeding sports car driven by her flash ex-colleague Dr. Daniel Acres. Dan is about to begin his first day at the new health centre. He wants Beth to join him there but she says no - she's happy at The Beeches. Beth's partner Dr Will Preston arrives for work and tells Beth he doesn't know how will they cope now Dan has gone. As they walk into The Beeches it is a state of chaos with patients everywhere and local pensioner Alice North demanding to be seen quicker than she was last week, practice receptionist Kim Beardsmore says she's she what she can do.Jack i

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Season 01, Episode 02 Outsiders

S01 E02

May 17, 1993
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Outsiders May 17, 1993 Ellie tries to help pensioner Douglas Hart with his cataract problem. However he is stubborn and gets by with a lot of help from his close friend Alice North.Will is being constantly nagged by is wife Sarah. She feels Jack's presence at The Beeches will push Will into being a part-timer. Will says 'Roll on the day'.Dan Acres implies to Sarah that Jack and Beth are seeing each other.Jack and Ellie tell Beth that she must be more firmer with hospital in order for Douglas to get the operation he needs. Beth says it's not as easy as that and that patients have to wait their turn.Jack later pops around to Beth's to discuss waiting list procedures. She invites him to stay for dinner. They resolve to have a work free conversation, despite the initial awkwardness they find that they alcohol in common!Sarah presses Will about Jack and Beth, she tells him what Dan said and says with Jack and Beth now 'at it' he will certainly be pushed out of the practice.Douglas falls over whilst trying to

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 03 Growing Pains

S01 E03

May 24, 1993
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Growing Pains May 24, 1993 Teenager Gemma Sinclair gets an injury whilst training for a running event. Her father; Alan is convinced that Gemma is the next big thing in running and his constant pushing does not help her recover.Whilst Will is playing squash; Sarah is in bed with Dan Acres. They have been having an affair. She asks Dan to persuade John Reginald to make Will a partner at the health centre. Dan says he will try.Will tells Sarah he is happy at The Beeches. Sarah tells him that Jack doesn't think very highly of him.The Beeches crew attend an opera recital. Jack and Ellie are bored stiff, whilst Sarah spends the evening flirting and exchanging looks with Dan. Jack and Ellie convince Beth to take a weekend off as she is exhausted. Beth says shared nightcalls with the health centre would be the perfect solution - if they weren't at war.Gemma takes a shine to Jack as he treats her injury. After he finishes surgery he finds a package on his car bonnet. It is a tape from Gemma telling him how much she

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 04 Roses Around the Door

S01 E04

May 31, 1993
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Roses Around the Door May 31, 1993 Chloe's sister Val is desperate for a baby. Will tells her that her only option is IVF treatment. He has found her private clinic that will treat her for £800.Will refuses to take part in the minor ops clinic that Jack has organised. Beth tells Jack she doesn't want to pressure Will as he's going through a rough time at home. However Jack tells Will that he has to do minor ops as he and Beth can't keep covering for him.Isabel spends the day with Gerald - a recent widower. But her forward thinking is too much for him and he tells her he needs time to think.Rhianne Lewis arrives as The Beeches trainee. She is also working at the health centre.Val's husband Ray has an accident at work. His hands sieze up while he is driving causing his tractor to overturn. Jack is called to the scene. Ray is o.k but worried that he will lose is job and the cottage that goes with it.Will tells Kim he's worried about doing minor ops because he is squeamish! She tells him not to worry - Beth doesn't lik

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 05 Impulsive Behaviour

S01 E05

Jun 7, 1993
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Impulsive Behaviour Jun 7, 1993 During a medical seminar Rhianne annoys Beth by constantly throwing bits of paper at Jack. After the seminar Rhianne asks Jack if he's free for the afternoon. He says he is and Rhianne takes him to a football match on the back of her bike!Rhianne is on call when one of Beth's patients; Hilda is taken ill. Rhianne diagnoses meningitis and sends her to hospital despite protest from Hilda's friends Liz and John. Beth is furious when she finds out and interrupts a drink between Jack and Rhianne to tell Rhianne that Hilda doesn't have meningitis but the flu. Hilda's stiff neck came from a fall and her other symptoms related to a bout of the flu that she had just had. Beth tells Rhianne that if she had listened to Liz and John she would've been able to spare Hilda going into hospital.Over dinner Rhianne tells Jack that she thinks Beth fancies him. Jack denies it and says there is nothing going on between he and Beth. Jack and Rhianne kiss and head for bed but are interrupted by an emergenc

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 06 Hope to Die

S01 E06

Jun 14, 1993
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Hope to Die Jun 14, 1993 Jack is called out to Frances Barratts house. He has a heart condition and has collapsed after a night out with best mate Danny. Jack wants Frances to go to hospital but there are no ambulances due to a massive road accident. Danny takes Jack and Frances to the hospital in his truck. Whilst traveling Jack has to administer CPR when Francis stops breathing.Back at The Beeches Beth is concerned about Will. She asks him how things are at home - he tells her that he and Sarah have some things to sort out.Danny thanks Jack for his help and tells him that Francis needs an operation but can't afford it. Jack talks to Dr Reeve; Frances' consultant and asks why Frances isn't down to have the operation. Reeve tells him that Frances' chances after the operation are minimal. Danny gives Jack a lift back to Cardale, however when they reach Frances' house Jack's tyres have been stolen - Danny promises to get them back for him.Will and Sarah go to the bank for a meeting - they need to cut back on

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 07 Listening Skills

S01 E07

Jun 21, 1993
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Listening Skills Jun 21, 1993 Sarah is concerned when the local shopkeeper returns two of her bounced cheques.Will has a meeting with Peter - a drugs rep who Will is performing a drugs trial for in return for cash. He has 25 of The Beeches patients on the trial unbeknown to Jack or Beth.Alice North wants an appointment with Will but Kim can't fit her in. Beth says she'll see her anytime she wants but Alice says no - she has to see Dr Preston.Will tells Sarah about the drugs trial but tell her no-one else knows as Beth doesn't approve of drugs trials.Alice is taken ill whilst bowling. Douglas insists on calling Beth. Beth diagnoses indigestion due to Alice's bad diet of fried food. Alice tells Beth that Will has changed her prescription and that she has to see him every fortnight for tests. Beth tells Will she was called out to see Alice and he says he'll keep an eye on her. Beth asks Will why he hasn't written up Alice's notes, as the appointment book visits doesn't match up with the number of visits on Alice's

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Season 01, Episode 08 Giddy Heights

S01 E08

Jun 28, 1993
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Giddy Heights Jun 28, 1993 Jack and Beth have spent the night together. Beth doesn't want anyone to know about their relationship so she drops Jack off a mile away from The Beeches. Unbeknown to Jack and Beth - Kim sees them and takes great pleasure in dropping little comments about their relationship at work. Jack gives Beth a spare key to his cottage.Jack goes to see Will who is now back at home. Will tells Jack that Sarah can't bare to be around him. Sarah tells Jack she doesn't know what to do or what to say to Will.Jack spends the day with the mountain rescue crew - he is hoping to be accepted as the doctor for their team.Isabel finds Jack's razor in Beth's bathroom and teases her about it.Sarah shouts at Will and tells him their family is falling apart whilst he just sits there. She walks out on him and goes to see Jack. Jack tells Sarah how his dad used to hit his mum until she walked out on them. Jack explains that when his mum left his dad fell apart - she was the stronger one, and Will is stronge

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