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Outlaw Star

imdb logo7.9/10
AnimationAnime7+1998 - 19981 Season

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Below you'll find every episode from the first season of Outlaw Star.
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Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Outlaw World

S01 E01

Jan 7, 1998
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Outlaw World The start of the show that introduces the character. A spaceship is fleeing from pirates and soon escapes them. On the planet Cenntinal Three, Gene and Jim, two do-anything business partners get a job bodyguarding a woman. Later that night, all three are attacked by the same pirates at the start of the episode and the woman (Hilda) is not all she appers to be. The trio is able to elude capture and hide out in a farm. Once there the woman tries to double-cross Gene but fails and is forced to open her cargo, a huge suitcase. Inside is a body of a young woman. End

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Season 01, Episode 02 Star of Desire

S01 E02

Jan 14, 1998
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Star of Desire Taking place where the first ep left off, Gene and Jim try to figure out who the young girl (Melfina) in the suitcase is as well as try and get some answers out of Hilda when Mel goes through resesitation (some form of waking a android). Their talk is cut short by the arrival of the pirates. Jim and Hilda go for the spaceship while Gene holds off the pirates, Mel finally wakes up and all four of them get away into outer space. While in space we find out about Gene's phobia of space travel and a bit about his past (his father was killed by pirates). The group reaches Blue Heaven (a asteroid that doesn't allow guns) where they meet Hilda's friends and get Mel some real clothes. Gene and Hilda also run into a bit of trouble with some ruffians at a bar, who also try to attack them both again while their sleeping. As Gene and Hilda go out into the hall from their room, a robot blocks their path. Too humans against one robot with no guns, not looking too good for our heroes right now. End.

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Season 01, Episode 03 Into Burning Space

S01 E03

Jan 21, 1998
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Into Burning Space With a robot blocking there path, our heroes are in a pretty tight situation. Gene take out his blaster and fires...paint balls at the machine. With it's view askewed (no pun intended, Kevin Smith fans), the driver come out to deal with them only to get tasered by Hilda. After finding out some info on who sent them, Hilda decides its time to leave. The two round up Jim and Melfina and blast off only to be pursued by the same bunch of crooks in their spaceships. If that wasn't bad enough, a ship filled with Ctral Ctral (species of humanlike cat creatures), lead by Asiha Clan Clan, is in front them refusing to move since they claim to have the right of way. Hilda plays chicken with them and just barely manages to get past their ship and into sub-ether (a form of hyperdrive), leaving the crooks to be dealt with by Asiha. Gene takes the break in action to try to find out more about the LeiyLine, the MacDougal Bros. (the one who sent the crooks after them) and how its all involved from Hild

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Season 01, Episode 04 When the Hot Ice Melts

S01 E04

Jan 28, 1998
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When the Hot Ice Melts After landing on the asteroid, our group moves inside to find a docking port and the object of their journey: The XGP! Inside the ship, the group meets the computer Gillum 2 and are registered as the ship's crew. They prepare to launch only to be attacked by the pirates once again. Hilda goes out to hold them off while Gene prepares the ship. A fight outside and inside the asteroid ensures only to be made more hectic when a unexpected attack by the MacDougalls, double crossing the pirates and settling a score with Hilda, pushes the asteroid as well as all the ships into then sun. Gene and co. get the XGP going and break their way out of the asteroid. One of the pirates try to attack it only to be destroy by the XGP's grappler arms. Hilda, still in her own ship, makes her way over to the XGP but the remaining pirates knock her away with a anchor and latch on to the XGP! With no choice, Hilda leaves Horus behind and use the anchor's wire to reach the XGP. Unfortunately, the girl pirate a

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Season 01, Episode 05 The Beast Girl  Ready to Pounce!

S01 E05

Feb 4, 1998
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The Beast Girl Ready to Pounce! Gene and crew return to Blue Heaven and break the bad news to Swanzo and Mikey (Hilda's Friends from the second ep). After a bit of talking, Swanzo agrees to paint the Outlaw Star and give it a registration number for free as a payback to Hilda while Gene, Jim and Mel spend the day on the asteroid, but not before being warned that a Ctarl Ctarl was looking for them. After a short talk in their hotel room, the group go out to eat when their suddenly confronted by a cloaked figure asking about Hilda. It turns out to be none other then (surprise surprise) Aisha! She pesters them about Hilda and info on the Leyline, when Gene tells her he doesn't know anything, she attacks. A short chase ensures into an alley where Aisha tries to use her beast power with the help of the moon, only to pointed out by Jim that Blue Heaven doesn't have a moon. The group splits up (Gene with Mel of course) and are somehow able to escape her. Gene and Melfina take a break at park where Gene space phobia kicks in

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Season 01, Episode 06 The Beautiful Assassin

S01 E06

Feb 11, 1998
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The Beautiful Assassin The group returns to Sentinal 3 where they visit Fred Lou, Gene's friend and weapons seller. While Gene looking for guns a cloaked woman enter Lou's office and takes out the guards soon revealing herself to be Twilight Suzuka, a famous and deadly assassin. Gene intervenes when she tries to kill Fred, but once he and his crew leave Lou's office. Suzuka confronts them outside. A chase ensure leading up to a duel outside the city. Gene able to subdue Suzuka by pulling off her shash which holds her kimono up and makes a deal with her on her pride: If she wants Lou she has to kill Gene first. Suzuka agrees and Gene leaves after giving back her shash and Bukuto (a wooden sword) which he also grabbed. Lou grateful for the rescue and give Gene a discount as a reward. Meanwhile, Suzuka vows to Gene that it isn't over. End

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Season 01, Episode 07 Creeping Evil

S01 E07

Feb 18, 1998
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Creeping Evil The OS crew begin their life working with the ship and trying to finds ways to raise money for it as well as their slowly increasing debts. Trouble soon rears it ugly head when pirates attack both Gene and Mel. Suzuka, stopping by to settle what happened in the previous episode, saves Mel (claiming that it'll be a good way to put Gene in her debt). While back at the space port, Gene able to kill all but the lead pirate. He tries to get Gene to tell where Hilda is but our hero plays dumb until until the officials scare the pirate away but not before vowing to take back the XGP (Geez a lot of vowing going on here). Jim arrives back at the Starwind and Hawkings office, only to find it a wreak and Mel & Suzuka waiting for Gene. The group head back to the ship where they find Gene calmly working on the bridge. Suddenly he doubles over in pain. When Jim tries to help him up, he finds his hand covered in blood! Gene admits he didn't do a good job of covering it up before fainting and Jim scre

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