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One Foot in the Grave Season 6

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Season 06, Episode 01 The Executioner's Song

S06 E01

Oct 16, 2000
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The Executioner's Song Oct 16, 2000 Victor has a new job as a window-cleaner. Meanwhile, Patrick's plans for a quiet birthday are ruined after an unfortunate misunderstanding involving a modern art painting and Pippa finds herself in an adulterous affair.

Season 06, Episode 02 Tales of Terror

S06 E02

Oct 23, 2000
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Tales of Terror Oct 23, 2000 In Mr. Swainey's production of 'Nosferatu The vampire', the actor who was supposed to play the vampire doesn't show up so Nick asks Victor to take the part. He did. Later, blood was found in Victor's digestive system during a test - after fearing the worst, the doctors discover that the blood was from an undercooked black pudding that was earlier given to Victor by Mrs. Warboys! later that week, whie on their way to visit the dreaded Ronnie and Mildred once more, Victor and Margaret are shocked to discover that Mildred has killed herself while playing a game of 'Happy Families' - they are even more shocked to discover that her body is still hanging outside the house!

Season 06, Episode 03 The Futility of the Fly

S06 E03

Oct 30, 2000
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The Futility of the Fly Oct 30, 2000 Margaret regrets hiring an attractive cleaner to help around the house. Meanwhile, Mrs Warboys has a couple of nasty frights.

Season 06, Episode 04 Threatening Weather

S06 E04

Nov 6, 2000
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Threatening Weather Nov 6, 2000 During a power cut, Victor realises that he had been right through the middle of an area affected by a siege as it happened. Making the power cut worse, it occurs on a hot Summer night. Victor had the misfortune to have a light fitting drop right on to his privates, a cigarette stubbed out on his cap and a mysterious pain that leads him to think that he had been shot as he passed the siege that morning. Things were made worse by the arrival of the incontinent, fat and irritating elderly neighbour, Mr. Smedley.

Season 06, Episode 05 The Dawn of Man

S06 E05

Nov 13, 2000
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The Dawn of Man Nov 13, 2000 Victor's new fishing hobby leads to an unfortunate encounter with a fly-tipper. Meanwhile, a visit from Patrick's gay twin brother leaves Pippa feeling mentally and physically exhausted, especially when Patrick sits on a cork.

Season 06, Episode 06 Things Aren't Simple Any More

S06 E06

Nov 20, 2000
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Things Aren't Simple Any More Nov 20, 2000 In the very last episode of 'One Foot in the Grave', Victor's decision to attend a school reunion unwittingly delivers him into the hands of fate. Margaret deals with the aftermath with the help of her new friend, Glynis.