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No Angels Season 1

Here's where to watch every episode of No Angels season 1. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 01, Episode 01 Episode 1

S01 E01

Mar 2, 2004
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Episode 1 Mar 2, 2004 Anji may be set on an arranged marriage, and sex-kitten Beth has yet to meet the rich consultant of her dreams, but that doesn't stop them hunting down any other man they fancy in the meantime. Sharp-tongued and funny single mum Lia is a great nurse but a lousy mother, and lovely Kate, the acting sister on the male-dominated Medical Assessment Unit, would cope better with the sexual politics if she remembered that doctors are the enemy, instead of falling for them...In this episode, Kate's out-of-character one night stand with handsome doctor Jamie has terrible consequences on the ward, while minxy Beth teaches young Callum that doctor doesn't always know best.

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Season 01, Episode 02 Episode 2

S01 E02

Mar 9, 2004
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Episode 2 Mar 9, 2004 Anji is worried that her numerous sexual encounters, most recently with an eccentric psychiatrist, could jeopardise her (future) arranged marriage. Lia clashes with irresponsible nurse Carl, who seems more interested in kissing doctors' arses than wiping those of patients...Elsewhere, McManus and Grizzly beg Kate to return, and a water feature that is donated to the ward resembles a water fountain a little too much...

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Season 01, Episode 03 Episode 3

S01 E03

Mar 16, 2004
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Episode 3 Mar 16, 2004 Work and motherhood clash for Lia when her daughter Emma's father announces that he plans to move away and take Emma with him. Lia finds it easier to play supernurse than supermum...Back at St Margaret's, Anji solves a medical mystery and Beth plays a mischievous game with an ambulance chaser. Kate returns to the ward following her anger management course, and the girls are highly amused to discover that Beth fakes her orgasms... to the tune of Celine Dion.

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Season 01, Episode 04 Episode 4

S01 E04

Mar 23, 2004
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Episode 4 Mar 23, 2004 Beth finally finds herself a wealthy man, complete with good job, platinum credit card and sports car. He doesn't even bore her to tears, but a troublesome patient stops her in her tracks. Callum and Anji bridge the doctor-nurse divide, striking up an improbable friendship. And, sick of playing mum in the house, Kate ignores the housework and goes on a shopping spree...

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 05 Episode 5

S01 E05

Mar 30, 2004
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Episode 5 Mar 30, 2004 Anji tries to help the new registrar Jane, but finds her less than grateful. The girls plan their revenge... Kate is seeing Ray, a morgue attendant with a deeply morbid sense of humour. Beth is set to become a media darling after making an inadvertent diagnosis, and Callum makes a revelation...

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Season 01, Episode 06 Episode 6

S01 E06

Apr 6, 2004
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Episode 6 Apr 6, 2004 Beth discovers that her boyfriend Paul is the new boss at the hospital, but isn't so happy when he gives her and the doctors an unexpected shake-up. Callum is floundering among his testosterone-fuelled colleagues and makes a deadly mistake.Meanwhile, Kate is horrified when Beth makes a play for Jamie, and goes to extreme measures in an effort to dump Ray. And in a bid to become Leeds' answer to Carrie Bradshaw, Anji decides to write an article about her sex life. Her attempt at a threesome is a terrible let-down, but she can still use her imagination...

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 07 Episode 7

S01 E07

Apr 13, 2004
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Episode 7 Apr 13, 2004 Kate's hard partying gets her into trouble as she attempts to lose her good girl image, but unconventional Dutch doctor Willem is not the answer. Beth becomes a little overzealous when given responsibility for discharging patients; coked-up Jamie's big mouth gets the hospital in trouble with a drugs rep; and, after an explosive fight with Kate, Beth plans her new life with Paul, in spite of a misunderstanding...

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Season 01, Episode 08 Episode 8

S01 E08

Apr 20, 2004
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Episode 8 Apr 20, 2004 Anji is shocked when her fiancé Ajesh won't have sex with her. She suspects he's gay, and he has a confession to make... Beth is no help, so Anji turns to Callum for support. Kate is confused about her relationship with Jamie. When she remembers his one night stand with Beth, her paranoia is overwhelming. And all the girls find themselves questioning their 'live-for-the-moment' lifestyle when they attend a meeting about nurses' finances...

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 09 Episode 9

S01 E09

Apr 27, 2004
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Episode 9 Apr 27, 2004 After four years without sex, Lia agrees to date a patient's son and lets her ice-maiden exterior slip - but is it her? Jamie is shocked to learn that Kate went to boarding school, while Paul makes a shocking confession to Beth - but is she too hooked on him to care? Lia's concerned by her daughter's relationship with a 13-year-old 'gangsta', and Anji gets into trouble for mocking the latest patient care directive...

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 10 Episode 10

S01 E10

May 4, 2004
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Episode 10 May 4, 2004 The girls are horrified to hear that endlessly irritating Clare is up for the new ward sister job, but a training day provides them with an opportunity to fight back... The hospital bosses force Paul to choose between his wife and Beth, and unexpected complications ensue when Anji coaches Callum for a date...

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