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My Hero Season 5

Here's where to watch every episode of My Hero season 5. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 05, Episode 01 The Foresight Saga

S05 E01

Jan 7, 2005
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The Foresight Saga Jan 7, 2005 George and Janet have a new addition to the family: Cassie. She can see into the future. However, shortly after birth, she has horrible premonitions that everyone on the Northern hemisphere is going to die! Meanwhile, Piers enters for ""I'm A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here!""

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 02 Illegal Aliens

S05 E02

Jan 14, 2005
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Illegal Aliens Jan 14, 2005 George and Arnie become the subject of an investigation by the Immigration Department.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 03 The First Husband's Club

S05 E03

Jan 21, 2005
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The First Husband's Club Jan 21, 2005 When George buys a car and ups the offered price and then takes reponsibility for an accident that was obviously Piers' fault, Janet trys assertiveness training, which promptly fails.Piers is frustrated by his lack of success with women and, when Mrs. Raven tricks him into thinking that a patient is his next date, he starts up a men's group to combat women. George is highly impressed by this, and trys it out on Janet, who is having none of it until George controls her mind and she becomes the perfect wife. He quickly does it to Ella and the other women.Piers then finds a girl who doesn't slap him and changes his mind about women. George then puts everyone back to normal.Meanwhile, Casey gets a job as directory enquiries and the speaking clock to save up for a doll's house.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 04 Cassie Come Home

S05 E04

Jan 28, 2005
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Cassie Come Home Jan 28, 2005 Janet's mother Ella becomes a trainee JP. When visiting Janet and George she comments on the fact that Ollie hasn't spoken a single word yet. He responds by talking a language that sounds like baby talk (George has been teaching Ollie the language of Jupiter). With Ella's thoughts in mind, George goes out to get some educational stuff for the kids, he ends up getting porn for them and giving Ollie a cigar and alcohol. Ella takes Ollie and Cassie away from Janet and George but without them Cassie reverts to being a normal human.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 05 Nothing to Hide

S05 E05

Feb 4, 2005
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Nothing to Hide Feb 4, 2005 Thermoman liberates the stolen Mona Lisa from an art thief's clutches, but comes under suspicion from Scotland Yard when he cannot explain its presence in his flat.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 06 Brain Drain

S05 E06

Feb 11, 2005
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Brain Drain Feb 11, 2005 George and Arnie discover a way to filter out prejudices in peoples' brains. This sounds like a good idea until the brains get muddled up

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 07 Fear and Clothing

S05 E07

Feb 25, 2005
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Fear and Clothing Feb 25, 2005 George starts doubting his invincibility, and starts disapperaing.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 08 How Green Was My Ollie?

S05 E08

Mar 4, 2005
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How Green Was My Ollie? Mar 4, 2005 As an attempt to get Ollie to eat his vegetables, George gets Ultroneon GM vegetables, with unfortunate side-effects. He then makes the minke whale extinct by using it to plug a volcano! Piers decides that Thermoman has gone too far, and makes a campaign against Thermoman abusing nature, thus getting him a TV show. George's attempts to be environmentally friendly backfire until he gets so angry that he has a temper tantrum and moves the Earth away from the sun...Meanwhile, Mrs. Raven tries to get the Triplets into a Christian School...and has to rely on Ella, who has recently eaten the Ultronean GM fruit!

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 09 Big Brother

S05 E09

Mar 18, 2005
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Big Brother Mar 18, 2005 George's family discover the joys of reality TV.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 10 Night Fever

S05 E10

Mar 25, 2005
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Night Fever Mar 25, 2005 George wakes up in bed with miss Raven but doesnt understand that it was just a dream

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