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My Hero Season 4

Here's where to watch every episode of My Hero season 4. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 04, Episode 01 A Sporting Chance

S04 E01

Aug 8, 2003
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A Sporting Chance Aug 8, 2003 George has some initial trouble getting to grips with the notion of sport when he is asked to join a cricket team, to help Piers out. Mrs. Raven gets intimate with Tyler after becoming convinced that he is her hero Thermoman. Ella belittles Thermoman - when he fixes her house after an incident and other people's houses as well - as not doing a perfect job. But Thermoman gets his revenge.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 02 The Living Dead

S04 E02

Aug 15, 2003
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The Living Dead Aug 15, 2003 George gets himself a new life insurance policy and then kills himself to claim the cash. Now he has to figure out how to come back from the dead with Janet's help, or at least, Janet has to help him sort out another mess - yet again! This is easier said than done, as Janet has to fend off colleagues and family trying to get her married off again and with things like Tyler on the loose and George spread out in a coffin in the room, things are not going to be easy to solve, until a plan is hatched for the funeral.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 03 Taking the Credit

S04 E03

Aug 22, 2003
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Taking the Credit Aug 22, 2003 Its spend, spend, spend, as George finds out about credit cards. Janet to the rescue, as she uses baby Ollie's powers to predict future lottery numbers to pay for George's spending habit,

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 04 It's All in the Mind

S04 E04

Aug 29, 2003
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It's All in the Mind Aug 29, 2003 George looks into the mind's of people and discovers what they are really thinking. He is not at all happy about it and Janet gets him out of it once again and none too gently.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 05 Space Virus

S04 E05

Sep 5, 2003
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Space Virus Sep 5, 2003 Termoman - space virus - George - passing it onto those closest to him. Now he has to fix it.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 06 The Mayor of Northolt

S04 E06

Sep 12, 2003
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The Mayor of Northolt Sep 12, 2003 George is standing for mayor - his policy - to fix Stan and Ella's broken street light. His opponent is Piers. Piers sticks it to George by treating him as a joke in the hope that George can't possibly win. Janet is so incensed by George's attitude of becoming mayor, with him secretly being Thermoman; she leaves home taking Ollie with him. Piers hatches a plan to disgrace George, now that Janet is out of the way, but the broken street light has a way of interfering when Stanley comes to get some much needed sleep and Pier's setup deos not go according to plan.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 07 Big

S04 E07

Sep 19, 2003
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Big Sep 19, 2003 ollies half human half ultron body has unexpected results when he grows from a baby to an 18 year old with a serious girlfreind in just 24 hours

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 08 The Consultant

S04 E08

Sep 26, 2003
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The Consultant Sep 26, 2003 Arnie put the hard word on George, being Thermoman and the consequences of his actions. George therefore retires as Thermoman.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 09 The Family Way

S04 E09

Oct 3, 2003
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The Family Way Oct 3, 2003 george becomes pregnant with a surrogate baby for a childless couple on ultron

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 10 Time and Time Again

S04 E10

Oct 10, 2003
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Time and Time Again Oct 10, 2003 When going to an Ultronian Court Meeting because of Arnie supposedly getting Mrs Raven pregnant, George and Arnie run into a time field and get launched 7 years into the future. Things have changed, so, they go back to the year 2003.George realises he can use this to his advantage, and can change history to make things better... However, things don't go to plan when he is trying to stop Janet from breaking her arm, and he turns her bald. Turns out, she had cronic scalp problems, so when she broke her arm, the doctors fixed her hair.Then, George goes back again and fixes the problem. However, when trying to sort it out fully and properly, he messes things up, saving her from breaking her arm and leaving a note for her to go to a doctor about her scalp. However, she and the doctor fall in love, and in 2003, she is married with Piers and they have 10 children! No one knows who Arnie or George are, Mrs Raven is nice, and Tyler actually has a girlfriend!So, in the end, it turns out Piers

Not Available