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Moving On

IMDB: 7.6/10Drama2009 - Present8 Seasons

Moving On is a British television series set in contemporary Britain consisting of standalone dramas all sharing the theme of someone going through some kind of change in their life and moving on.

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Season 8


Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Eighteen

S08 E01

Eighteen Nov 7, 2016

Mati (Antonio Akeel) has lived with his foster Mother, Rosie (Rosie Cavaliero) and brother George (Leon Harrop), who has Down's syndrome, since he was seven years old. When Mati turns 18, in the midst of his birthday celebrations, he receives a letter which will change his life. His application for the right to remain in the UK has been denied and he will be deported back to Afghanistan. Devastated and terrified at the prospect of leaving the country, Mati goes on the run. When Mati goes missing and immigration enforcement officers turn up at the door Rosie and George begin to panic, leading George to run away from home in search of his brother. With both of her sons missing Rosie is distraught, but she is determined to find the boys and find a resolution to this seemingly impossible situation.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Empty Nest

S08 E02

Empty Nest Nov 8, 2016

Clare (Katy Cavanagh) is a working mother of two boys. Her eldest is at university and her youngest, Matt (Brian Fletcher), is at his first music festival. When he returns, she is so excited to see him but his visit will be short as he announces that he is going on holiday with his new girlfriend from the festival. Clare is devastated as she realizes that her baby is growing up and away from her. Whilst helping him pack, in a moment of madness, she steals his passport to stop him leaving. Matt is distraught when he cannot find it and can't go on the holiday. Will Clare's conscience get the better of her enough to let her son go?

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Zero

S08 E03

Zero Nov 10, 2016

Nathan (Aron Julius) is a hard-working young man working two part-time jobs and struggling to move out of his parents' house to start a life with his girlfriend, Lucy (Emma Lau). When he is offered a job at a luxury car factory he can't believe his luck, this is his chance to prove to his family that he can stand on his own two feet. However, should he be more concerned that it's a zero hours contract? As he tries to accustom himself to his new job but he finds himself controlled by work. With the unpredictable hours he is unsure what shifts he will be working from one day to the next and is under pressure not to let down his team. As it starts affecting his relationship, Nathan has to make a choice that will either make or break his career.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Our House

S08 E04

Our House Nov 11, 2016

After receiving an inheritance from her late mother, Kim (Lorraine Cheshire) can finally buy a house for herself and Grace (Bronwyn James), her daughter. It is a dream come true for Kim, however, but the house needs a lot of work and she cannot afford the rates for builders to come in and do the work. Until then she meets Kenny (Andrew Dunn), charming, funny and affordable, Kim is blown away. The catch is, Kenny doesn't work by the book, which explains his prices… Kim knows it's wrong but by then she has grown extremely fond of Kenny, much to her boyfriend's annoyance. Then suddenly, Kenny stops answering Kim's calls mid-way through the work. How will she get the job finished?

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 08 Episode 08 Burden

S08 E05

Burden Nov 14, 2016

Separated from his wife, Liam (Warren Brown) has begun to move on with his life but he still longs to be back with his family. When he and his new girlfriend bump into his daughter, Jess (Olivia Fearn), he buys her alcohol for a party in a desperate attempt to reconnect. When Liam receives a call that Jess is in a coma after a drunken fall, he immediately knows it's his fault. However, when Liam arrives at the hospital and comforts his ex-wife he finds himself unable to tell her the truth. And in his silence the tragedy brings them closer together. He's getting his old life back but the guilt is eating him up especially because he knows that the truth will come out when Jess wakes up. Liam has backed himself into a corner, whether he owns up or not; he'll risk losing his children.

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Season 7

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Taxi for Linda

S07 E01

Taxi for Linda Feb 22, 2016

Working at the same taxi rank, Linda and Frank are colleagues, confidantes and friends. And that's all they are... at least for Linda. Frank, on the other hand, could not love her more. But he can never find the courage to tell her. Every moment he tries, the words just stick in his mouth. When new driver Terry turns up, Frank's chance seems to have passed. As Terry and Linda begin a relationship, Frank is left on his own. Linda thinks the world of Terry but in Frank's opinion, something isn't right with him. Perhaps this is just a bit of jealousy? But Frank finds out that Terry has been spending a long time 'dropping off' certain customers. When he confronts him, he finds out something much worse. Terry only began the relationship so he could borrow Linda's car after his was repossessed. Frank is left with the prospect of having to tell the woman he loves something that will break her heart.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Passengers

S07 E02

Passengers Feb 23, 2016

When septuagenarian Ronnie is told he can't drive anymore, it is his worst nightmare. He loses his freedom and his connection to the life he once led. But when he finds that next-door neighbour Helen has never taken her test, he offers to teach her for free if she will help him with his weekly trips to the shops and to church. Previously strangers to one another, Ronnie begins to suspect that Helen is being abused by her new partner Tony. He takes it upon himself to try and help, despite Helen's vehement pleas to mind his own business.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Picture of Innocence

S07 E03

Picture of Innocence Feb 24, 2016

When Hayley's 16-year-old daughter Ruby comes flying in from school one evening in tears, Hayley presumes it is just another teenage drama. Ruby won't tell her anything and her younger brother is saying even less. It is up to Hayley's friend Mel to say that the situation is rather more serious. It seems that an intimate photograph allegedly of Ruby and her ex-boyfriend Stephen has been uploaded onto a website and gone viral. With all things technological slightly over her head and Ruby claiming the picture isn't her, Hayley doesn't know what to do. She tries the police, the school, and speaking to the Stephen's parents. In doing so, she finds that her daughter might not be the picture of innocence Hayley always thought she was. And that Stephen wasn't quite the respectable boy he appeared to be either.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Love

S07 E04

Love Feb 25, 2016

Angela loves her boyfriend Danny, but the worst thing he could do is ask her to marry him. She has to say no. Angela cares for her alcoholic dad Mick. She cooks for him, she cleans for him, she does everything. He's the only parent she has since her mother passed away, so what else can she do? But their relationship is dysfunctional. When an accident leads to Mick needing to live with her, and faced with the prospect of losing a heartbroken Danny, she has to confront her father's problems and her own.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Scratch

S07 E05

Scratch Feb 26, 2016

John has always hated confrontation. When the builders at the bottom of his road need to work on the Sunday his wife Sarah had asked her parents round for lunch, she asks him to have a word and it's his worst nightmare. Inevitably, he mismanages the situation. When he walks back to his house and sees a scratch down the side of his car, he knows it must be the skip driver he saw earlier. But he swallows his complaint and heads back inside. He didn't count on his confrontational brother Darren seeing the scratch and going on the warpath. As Darren says all the things John is too scared to say, John stands by his side, secretly enjoying every moment, following his brother's lead as ever. That is until things begin to escalate far quicker than John could have ever imagined. What started as a scratch leads to firings and fights, concrete mixers and a Mexican stand-off.

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