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Mountain Men

IMDB: 7.2/10
Reality2012-Present6 Seasons

Most people enjoy the modern technologies and conveniences of today -- smartphones, tablets, cable and satellite TV among them -- but there are people who choose to live off the grid and in the unspoiled wilderness, where dangers like mudslides, falling trees and bears are all parts of life. "Mountain Men" profiles three such people. Eustace Conway, who has lived at the western edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina for more than 25 years, teaches interns about the old ways of living with nature. Tom Oar needs an entire year to prepare for the seven-month-long winter on Montana's Yaak River. In Alaska, Marty Meierotto must gather enough wood to survive, in complete isolation, winters that can have temperatures drop to as low as 60 degrees below zero. It's not an easy life but for these mountain men, it's life as they know it.

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The Wasteland

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S05 E01

The Wasteland May 13, 2016

Morgan's land fails to provide, leaving him locked in a life or death battle with hunger. Tom's bad luck streak continues into a new season. Rich takes a bruising fall.