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Mortified Season 1

Here's where to watch every episode of Mortified season 1. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 01, Episode 01 Taylor's DNA

S01 E01

Jun 30, 2006
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Taylor's DNA Jun 30, 2006 Taylor is sure she will die of shame when Don and Glenda enter a talent quest for parents at her school. Not one to back away from a challenge, Taylor drags Hector along on a crusade to prove via DNA analysis that Don and Glenda are in fact not her parents, and therefore cannot enter the talent quest.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 02 Bigger Than Vegas

S01 E02

Jul 7, 2006
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Bigger Than Vegas Jul 7, 2006 Hector secretly nominates Taylor for School Captain, unwittingly igniting her passion for politics. It seems to be a two-horse race as Taylor goes up against the perfect, beautiful and seemingly unbeatable Brittany Flune. Taylor finds herself determined to win, all the while trying to ignore her father's petty annual 'Christmas Lights' rivalry with Brittany's father.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 03 Learning To Surf

S01 E03

Jul 14, 2006
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Learning To Surf Jul 14, 2006 Taylor is embarrassed when she's sprung fantasising about becoming a pro-surfer, and covers by claiming she can surf. But when heart-throb Leon invites her to enter a surfing competition, Taylor feels she has no choice but to enter. The situation snowballs as Taylor is forced to learn how to surf within a few short days - on her dad's massive Malibu surfboard!

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 04 Mother In The Nude

S01 E04

Jul 21, 2006
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Mother In The Nude Jul 21, 2006 Taylor is struck dumb when she arrives home from school with her friends to find her mother creating a nude sculpture of herself. To make matters worse, her class will attend the public unveiling at Sculpture by the Beach but Taylor's effort to upstage the reveal makes a bigger splash than she intended

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 05 The Chosen One

S01 E05

Jul 28, 2006
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The Chosen One Jul 28, 2006 Taylor is inspired by the teachings of a Buddhist monk, who shares the concept of a simple life without possessions. She decides to live a serene and noble life, and starts by sacrificing all her material possessions in pursuit of true happiness. However, she quickly finds out that this is not as easy as it sounds, as her earthly desires get in the way.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 06 The Talk

S01 E06

Aug 4, 2006
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The Talk Aug 4, 2006 When Taylor develops a crush on a teenage martial arts instructor, she signs up for classes just to see him. Taylor also avoids her parents from the fear of getting "The Talk".

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 07 Flag Fall

S01 E07

Aug 11, 2006
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Flag Fall Aug 11, 2006 Taylor becomes image conscious and starts to worry about her appearance, so she adapts to a new sense of style, but Hector isn't very happy with Taylor's new attitude after he agrees to put up the School Flag.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 08 The Big Game

S01 E08

Aug 18, 2006
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The Big Game Aug 18, 2006 After witnessing Leon's soccer skill, and watching him play, Taylor is inspired to join the School Soccer Team.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 09 Return Of The Mothership

S01 E09

Aug 25, 2006
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Return Of The Mothership Aug 25, 2006 Taylor and Hector spend time with an eccentric elderly couple who believe they will be abucted by aliens and took into outer space in a mothership.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 10 The Cross Country

S01 E10

Sep 1, 2006
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The Cross Country Sep 1, 2006 Taylor wins her school cross-country race. But as she basks in her new-found fame and glory, she fails to confess that Mystic Marj drove her to the finish line. Taylor faces the prospect of moving to Scotland when her father inherits a "grand Scottish estate".

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 11 Taylor Turns Bad

S01 E11

Sep 8, 2006
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Taylor Turns Bad Sep 8, 2006 Taylor notices people whispering behind her back, and soon learns that rumours are circulating about her. The discovery gives Taylor a revelation about what it takes to get noticed and sets out to garner the attention she desperately wants.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 12 Being Me

S01 E12

Sep 15, 2006
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Being Me Sep 15, 2006 With a school dance coming up, Taylor starts to query her image and identity. She fears that her refusal to conform to fashion rules will ruin her social life. To improve her life, Taylor decides to change her name.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 13 Leaving Primary

S01 E13

Sep 22, 2006
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Leaving Primary Sep 22, 2006 The last day of primary school arrives and it seems that Taylor's circle of friends is being ripped apart, as they all face the prospect of heading off to different high schools. Taylor is torn as she is forced to make some serious decisions about her future.

Not Available