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Moral Orel

IMDB: 7.8/10AnimationComedy18+2005 - 20083 Seasons

Moral Orel is an American stop-motion animated television show, which originally aired a sneak peek on Adult Swim on December 13, 2005, before it officially aired on January 23, 2006 to December 18, 2008. It has been described as "Davey and Goliath...meets South Park". However, Dino Stamatopoulos, the show's creator, is wary of the comparison with Davey and Goliath, telling the New York Times that Moral Orel grew out of a concept for a send-up of a Leave It to Beaver-style 1950s sitcom that would star Iggy Pop. At the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, Stamatopoulos announced that the show would not be renewed for a fourth season. The final season was aired interspersed with repeats from the first two seasons, since many of the episodes took place in parallel with events of past episodes. The event, which was called "44 Nights of Orel", was hosted by Stamatopoulos and others and started on October 6, 2008, running through December 18, when the series finale premiered. In 2011, three years after its cancellation, it was announced that a new special titled Beforel Orel would be made. It aired on Adult Swim on November 19, 2012.

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Below you'll find every episode from all 3 season of Moral Orel.
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Season 3

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Watch undefined Season 03 Episode 03 Numb

S03 E01

Numb Apr 2, 2008

While Clay and Orel are on their camping trip, Bloberta keeps herself busy, and finds time to reunite with Shapey

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Watch undefined Season 03 Episode 03 Grounded

S03 E02

Grounded Oct 10, 2008

During events that take place two weeks before Orel's hunting trip with his father, Clay bans him from Church because he let his friends cut him when in the bath. After a near death experience, Orel appears to be in hell before being saved, and then becomes obsessed with dying in order to get closer to God. (NOTE This Is The First Darker Moral Orel Episode Ever)

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Watch undefined Season 03 Episode 03 Innocence

S03 E03

Innocence Oct 17, 2008

The show begins with the townspeople realizing that the song Orel sang in the school musical is blasphemous and conclude that they may have been giving him bad advice. They agree to avoid giving him advice. Eventually Danielle inadvertently advises him to bathe in the blood of the innocent to purify himself. It ends with Orel bathing in blood he has collected from the towns children and provides the background for the beginning of the episode grounded.

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Watch undefined Season 03 Episode 03 Alone

S03 E04

Alone Oct 22, 2008

While Orel is on the hunting trip, the lives of Ms. Sculptham, Ms. Censordoll and Nurse Bendy are shown in disturbing detail.

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Watch undefined Season 03 Episode 03 Trigger

S03 E05

Trigger Oct 24, 2008

This episode happens before Nature I and Nature II. Doughy is first seen playing baseball with himself. After an injury he consoles his parents for a bandage only to be shoved away. Seeing various father's bonding with children, Doughy becomes more depressed.When seeing a father and son squirrel, he throws a rock at them and claims he feels no remorse for his actions. Upon walking he hears gunshots and darts down, Orel and Clay are practicing shooting. Orel being a poor shot is scolded by Clay. Doughy comes up and decides to try shooting, being a much better marksman then Orel. He claims this is because he feels unimportant and invisible he is able to focus and shows little remorse at the idea of killing something. Since this happens before the eventful hunting trip, Clay insists Orel keeps the gun twenty-four hours a day until he learns to use it. Later he tells Doughy to help him, in this event Doughy seeks out Clay's approval and craves attention, so happily takes the task. A nervous tick in Orel causes him to accidentally shoot off the gun when upset, the only way he seems able to hit anything is when he feels this way. Seeing this as a means to get more praise from Clay, Doughy sets out to upset Orel. Eventually Orel is phased out of the family as Doughy takes his place, Clay takes a special liking to him and even shows him how to smoke. Depressed, similarly to how Doughy was in the beginning of the episode, Orel is able to shoot easily. The now melancholic Orel is not bothered by Doughy's attempts to upset him. Clay is overjoyed Orel can now shoot a gun properly he has no more use to Doughy, though Doughy attempts to take Orel's place on the hunting trip. Clay tells Doughy that he had no intention of taking him on the hunting trip, everything merely being a ploy to get Orel to learn to shoot better. It ends with Doughy once again being ignored.

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Watch undefined Season 03 Episode 03 Dumb

S03 E06

Dumb Oct 31, 2008

This episode tells of Joe, the resident bad kid in Moralton. The episode takes place right before and slightly after "Nature". Joe is the son of Dr.Secondopinionson, who is unable to participate in his son's life, due to his advanced age and increasing senility. This lack of parental authority damages Joe; he constantly derides everything around him as dumb, eats sugar constantly and does outrageous things because no one in his house has the authority to stop him.

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Watch undefined Season 03 Episode 03 Help

S03 E07

Help Nov 5, 2008

This episode is a flashback Bloberta has when Orel asks her why she married Clay.

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Season 2

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 God's Image

S02 E01

God's Image Nov 14, 2006

When the young Italian Figurelli boy, Billy, gets hurt, Orel tries to put a band-aid on him with the same color as God's skin but the band-aid doesn't blend in with Billy's skin color. However, the band-aid's blend in with other kid's skins just fine. This leads Orel to prompt the city of Moralton to segregate God's people from the Figurelli's, the only Italian-American family in the town. But this, however leads to a form of reverse racism. Soon the Figurelli's special treatment gets too out of hand for the other citizens of Moralton & they begin to go on a rampage! Now it's up to Orel's Father to set things right.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Love

S02 E02

Love Nov 21, 2006

Orel befriends a stray dog and Bloberta allows Orel to keep it. After a while, the two grow very attached and Orel becomes worried that he's loving his dog Bartholomew more than Jesus. Bartholomew quickly spreads enough love around Moralton that convinces the adults that he is a danger.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Satan

S02 E03

Satan Nov 28, 2006

Coach Stopframe goes to a meeting of a Satanic cult, taking Orel with him. However, Coach Stopframe is turned off from the cult when he sees that everyone in the meeting is overweight, wandering around in the nude, and devouring junk food refreshments.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Elemental Orel

S02 E04

Elemental Orel Dec 5, 2006

Orel solves problems using logic. After the money from collection at church is stolen, he sets out to find out who took the money, only to discover a bigger mystery involving his mother.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Offensiveness

S02 E05

Offensiveness Dec 12, 2006

Miss Censordoll takes Orel under her wing.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 God's Blunders

S02 E06

God's Blunders Dec 19, 2006

Orel's friend, Tommy, is placed in the 'Special Retarded Education' program.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Pleasure

S02 E07

Pleasure Jan 9, 2007

After listening to Reverand Putty's sermon, Orel realises that pleasure is not righteous and starts to avoid it. Soon after, he then finds pain to be an alternative.

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