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Watch Monty Python's Flying Circus

Monty Python's Flying Circus

IMDB: 8.9/10Comedy16+1969 - 20145 Seasons

Monty Python’s Flying Circus is a British sketch comedy series created by the comedy group Monty Python and broadcast by the BBC from 1969 to 1974. The shows were composed of surreality, risqué or innuendo-laden humour, sight gags and observational sketches without punchlines. It also featured animations by Terry Gilliam, often sequenced or merged with live action. The first episode was recorded on 7 September and broadcast on 5 October 1969 on BBC One, with 45 episodes airing over four series from 1969 to 1974, plus two episodes for German TV. The show often targets the idiosyncrasies of British life, especially that of professionals, and is at times politically charged. The members of Monty Python were highly educated. Terry Jones and Michael Palin are Oxford University graduates; Eric Idle, John Cleese, and Graham Chapman attended Cambridge University; and American-born member Terry Gilliam is an Occidental College graduate. Their comedy is often pointedly intellectual, with numerous erudite references to philosophers and literary figures. The series followed and elaborated upon the style used by Spike Milligan in his ground breaking series Q5, rather than the traditional sketch show format. The team intended their humour to be impossible to categorise, and succeeded so completely that the adjective "Pythonesque" was invented to define it and, later, similar material.

Where to Watch Monty Python's Flying Circus

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Where to watch on this source

Season 5

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 1. Eric Idle's Personal Best

S05 E01

1. Eric Idle's Personal Best Jan 19, 2015

Eric Idle, the third-tallest member of the Python team, returns to the Hollywood Bowl to introduce his favorite skits from Monty Python's Flying Circus. His choices include the Silly Olympics, Bruces, Lumberjacks, and the Hairdressers' Expedition to Mount Everest.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 2. Graham Chapman's Personal Best

S05 E02

2. Graham Chapman's Personal Best Oct 31, 2014

His fellow Pythons salute Graham Chapman with favorite sketches featuring their late colleague. Topics include Spam, wrestling, mollusks, and the wit of Oscar Wilde.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 3. John Cleese's Personal Best

S05 E03

3. John Cleese's Personal Best Oct 31, 2014

John Cleese hosts educational segments from Monty Python's Flying Circus that demonstrate how to defend yourself against fresh fruit, perform brain surgery Gumby-style, and fly. For music lovers, there's an exploding version of the "Blue Danube."

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 4. Terry Gilliam's Personal Best

S05 E04

4. Terry Gilliam's Personal Best Oct 31, 2014

In a reversal of the usual Flying Circus formula, live-action segments serve as bridges between surreal cartoons featuring killer cars, sprouting hands, and dancing teeth.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 5. Michael Palin's Personal Best

S05 E05

5. Michael Palin's Personal Best Oct 31, 2014

Michael Palin takes a look at one of Britain's most popular leisure pursuits: fish-slapping. In possibly the first in-depth documentary on this piscine subject, he examines method, technique, and equipment. In between are some of his favorite sketches from Monty Python's Flying Circus, including Cheese Shop, Blackmail, and Piranha Brothers.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 6. Terry Jones' Personal Best

S05 E06

6. Terry Jones' Personal Best Oct 31, 2014

Jones reveals that he was the true creative genius behind Monty Python—and that, in fact, he wrote all the shows himself. His best bits include Bishop, News for Parrots, Bicycle Repair Man, and Spanish Inquisition.

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Season 4

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 The Golden Age of Ballooning

S04 E01

The Golden Age of Ballooning Oct 31, 1974

The Golden Age of Ballooning: Ep. 1 The Beginnings, The Montgolfier brothers pioneer hot air flight, try to wash, Mr. Bartlett comes to visit; animation- brothers washing; Ep. 2 The Montgolfier Brothers in Love, Louis the ??teenth comes to visit and steal the balloon plans; Ep. 3 The Great Day for France, court of George the Third; end credits; Norwegian party political broadcast; Ep. 6 Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin shows his balloon to dignitaries `It's not a balloon! It's a Zeppelin!'; the drawing and sitting rooms of a small German house; Golden Age of Colonic Irrigation; The Mill on the Floss: Part 1 Ballooning.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Michael Ellis

S04 E02

Michael Ellis Nov 7, 1974

Credits with rolling coin; end credits; a doorman is abused in front of very odd department store (much like Harrod's); a lady buys a flamethrower; some salesclerks make faces at man who wishes to buy an ant (the staff thinks this man is Michael Ellis); man takes ant home to mother; watches BBC lecture on ants; returns defective ant to store; finds Victorian poetry reading about ants; toupee fitting room; manager's office; end of the show department featuring a summing up from the panel, happy ending, long slow fade, two lone figures walking into the sunset, a chase and...

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 The Light Entertainment War

S04 E03

The Light Entertainment War Nov 14, 1974

TV preview of Up Your Pavement and others shows featuring Alex Diamond and other famous people; RAF banter sketch; report of invasion by angels, enemy is not taking war seriously, court martial of soldier for using a wet towel as a weapon, features the skating vicar; invasion of tutu laden soldiers; coming soon- wartime romances; credits; Indian used as a TV remote control, Mrs. Elizabeth III proves she's an idiot; meeting of program heads discussing showing the M4 and other roads in England when a security guard reports the court martial sketch isn't serious anymore; animation- man complaining about everything; squire tries out `woody' sounding words; Hindu remote control, show jumping featuring The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, The Black & White Minstrel Show, and Ben-Hur; late breaking bulletin: World War II has entered romantic phase song- When Does a Dream Begin; credits.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Hamlet

S04 E04

Hamlet Nov 21, 1974

Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Act One; Hamlet pulls up in car; Hamlet on couch being interviewed by several different psychiatrists `You've got this great looking bird, her legs are up on the mantle piece...'; Dr. Bruce Genuine comments; computer psychiatrist interviews Hamlet; computer is launched and blown up; Nationwide looks at comfortable chairs, policemen accosts Nationwide reporter & others and talks about helmets, couple making love on the street; couple in bed with her father; credits; group of people in bed watching Hamlet; animation- paratroopers; a decapitated boxer's locker room; hospital workers listen to fight on radio; Mrs. Gorilla & Mrs. Non-Gorilla talk about piston engines; Mrs. Non-Smoker feeds the birds large quantities of food and talks to Mrs.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Mr. Neutron

S04 E05

Mr. Neutron Nov 28, 1974

Credits; man collecting small arms; a new postal box dedicated in several languages; Mr. Neutron arrives; animation- Neutron credits; Mr. Neutron has tea; headquarters of F.E.A.R. set out to locate Neutron; Mr. Neutron works in garden; F.E.A.R. sets out to locate Teddy Salad the only man who can locate Neutron in the Yukon; Mr. Neutron puts up wall paper; Agent Carpenter tries to locate Salad at an outpost, finds him later in disguise pulling a dog sled; at No. 10 the Prime Minister and his aide confer about Neutron; F.E.A.R. bombs the world; Mr. Neutron falls in love with Mrs. S.C.U.M.; Salad tells where Neutron is after `Walkies'; F.E.A.R. blows up; the new Gobi desert box blows up; Mr. Neutron turns Mrs. S.C.U.M. into a beautiful woman they leave as bomb explodes; animation- has Mr. Neutron survived; announcer tells of lavish and expensive ending to show that will occur after credits; Conjuring Today; man struck on head by hammer.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Party Political Broadcast

S04 E06

Party Political Broadcast Dec 5, 1974

A Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the Liberal Party; A woman ironing appliances, a laxative cereals, `I run out of beans!', Yes it's the Most Awful Family in Britain Contest for 1974; Icelandic Honey week; a man stabbed by a nurse has to fill out a form for the Doctor to treat him as he bleeds to death; brigadier dictates a letter of protest; animation- opera singer and cannon; an appeal on behalf of rich people who have nothing wrong with them; a woman who can't finish sentences; the quest for the walking tree of Dahomie; the legendary batsmen of the Kalahari; credits; the news.

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