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M.I. High Season 3

Here's where to watch every episode of M.I. High season 3. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 03, Episode 01 Art Attacks

S03 E01

Jan 5, 2009
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Art Attacks Jan 5, 2009 A different boss, Frank London, takes over the helm of the MI-9 team. At first, Rose is mistrustful of the two new spies, Oscar Cole and Carrie Stewart. The new team's first case is the defacing of the world's greatest monuments -- The Eiffel Tower, The Taj Mahal and The Great Wall of China -- with graffiti just before the signing of an important world treaty.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 02 The Mole

S03 E02

Jan 12, 2009
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The Mole Jan 12, 2009 A mysterious thief is tunneling into banks all over England. How can the spies figure out where he will strike next, when the prime suspect is in an MI-9 prison?

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 03 Agent X

S03 E03

Jan 19, 2009
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Agent X Jan 19, 2009 When Oscar's identity as a spy is revealed on the Internet, Rose and Carrie suspect that he is hiding something. But it may not matter, as the Grand Master has sent the infamous Agent X after him.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 04 Mind Machine

S03 E04

Jan 26, 2009
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Mind Machine Jan 26, 2009 When students at St. Hope's start turning into Japanese fighting fish, the team suspect that someone is remotely using a mind transfer machine invented by Dr. Wallis, whom they happen to be guarding.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 05 Dark Star

S03 E05

Feb 2, 2009
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Dark Star Feb 2, 2009 An old enemy of Frank's breaks out of jail and with his gang comes to steal Frank's invention, the Dark Star, a device capable of instantly bringing total darkness to a large area.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 06 Fit to Wurst

S03 E06

Feb 9, 2009
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Fit to Wurst Feb 9, 2009 The children at St.Hopes are getting fatter and fatter. They are adicted to Wursts. the team must stop the addiction and find out who is behind it all. Jed Black from M.I.9 exercies the kids so they get thin again.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 07 The New Grand Master

S03 E07

Feb 16, 2009
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The New Grand Master Feb 16, 2009 MI9 get a chance to catch the Grand Master, but the team's new gadgets are intercepted. But a dangerous gadget gets in to the hands of Scoop Doggy making him turn in to the New Grand Master.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 08 Think Tank

S03 E08

Feb 23, 2009
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Think Tank Feb 23, 2009 Rose has been selected for the National Academy of Brilliance! This is an opportunity like no other and naturally she's devastated. It means she has to leave MI High for good! Frank issues Oscar and Carrie with a mission. Dr Vince is a genius inventor. His inventions surpass any that MI9 have and this poses a threat to national security.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 09 Family Trees

S03 E09

Mar 2, 2009
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Family Trees Mar 2, 2009 Katrina Houseman has arrived at MI High. She has been working on a top secret project: N80, a real life Neanderthal! She needs the spies' help. N80 has been broken out of his cage. Katrina thinks that the Uzhmanis stole him. They plan to take N80 and clone him to create an army of fighting Neanderthals. The possibility doesn't bear thinking about.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 10 The Glove

S03 E10

Mar 9, 2009
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The Glove Mar 9, 2009 The country's power is disappearing at a rapid rate. The best brains in the UK convene to decide a plan of action. Britain's only hope is Raymond Stilt, inventor extraordinaire, and his genius invention: The Glove.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 11 The Visit

S03 E11

Mar 16, 2009
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The Visit Mar 16, 2009 Carrie is set her most difficult mission yet. She has to exploit her friendship with fellow gymnast Lena Larsson to find out about the cruel regime in Boldovia. Lena is from Boldovia and is coming to St Hope's with her team to compete in an international gymnastics competition

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 12 Operation Flopsy

S03 E12

Mar 23, 2009
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Operation Flopsy Mar 23, 2009 The spies put Flopsy up for ransom in exchange for Oscar's Mum. Surely, the Grand Master won't be able to resist and Oscar will finally be reunited with his mum?

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 13 Moontaker

S03 E13

Mar 30, 2009
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Moontaker Mar 30, 2009 A SKUL space probe has landed on the moon. MI9 suspects SKUL are using it to spy on the world. The spies must find out exactly what SKUL are up to and put a stop to it. Oscar goes to talk to astronomer extraordinaire Patrick Houston to see if he knows anything about SKUL's lunar programme.

Not Available