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Watch Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle

IMDB: 8/10ComedyFamily7+2000 - 20067 Seasons

A gifted young teen tries to survive life with his dimwitted, dysfunctional family.

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Season 7


Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Burning Man

S07 E01

Burning Man Sep 30, 2005

The family attends the counterculture Burning Man festival in the desert.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Health Insurance

S07 E02

Health Insurance Oct 7, 2005

When Hal forgets to pay the family's health insurance, the company will not reinstate it until Monday, so he panics and locks the boys in their room to keep them from getting hurt.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Reese vs. Stevie

S07 E03

Reese vs. Stevie Oct 14, 2005

When Hal catches Dewey smoking, he makes a deal with him that he will stop drinking coffee if Dewey quits smoking.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Halloween

S07 E04

Halloween Oct 28, 2005

Reese and Malcolm try to perform the ultimate Halloween prank.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Jessica Stays Over

S07 E05

Jessica Stays Over Nov 5, 2005

When Jessica goes through some family troubles, Lois agrees to let her stay at the house, making the boys crazy.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Secret Boyfriend

S07 E06

Secret Boyfriend Nov 12, 2005

When Malcolm gets paired with a dimwitted beauty as his chemistry partner, he thinks it's a recipe for disaster, but when she reveals her feelings for him, sparks fly. They agree to keep their romantic experiment under wraps until Malcolm realizes that she's just embarrassed to be dating him. Meanwhile, Lois demands that Reese get a job, and she kicks him out of the house to prove that she means business.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 07 Episode 07 Blackout

S07 E07

Blackout Nov 19, 2005

Francis decides to surprise the family by coming home, and the power goes out in the house. Meanwhile, it's Lois who's in the dark when Hal decides to cancel their anniversary dinner in favor of a Reese-cooked meal at home. And Malcolm ends up in hot water after he sneaks three Dutch girls into the house.

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Season 6


Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Reese Comes Home (3)

S06 E01

Reese Comes Home (3) Nov 8, 2004

When Reese realizes the Army is too much for him to handle, he deserts and dresses as an Afghani woman. But Lois is on a march to find him, and travels to Kabul to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Malcolm volunteers at a veterans hospital as a way to make up for his guilt of making Reese leave.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Busey's Run Away

S06 E02

Busey's Run Away Nov 15, 2004

The Buseys disappear after Dewey leaves the special-needs class; Hal becomes the leader of a group of brainless bodybuilders.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Standee

S06 E03

Standee Nov 22, 2004

When Hal and the garbageman get into a trash-dumping war (which benefits Dewey more than anyone else), Hal enlists Reese's help. Meanwhile, Lois gets her job back at Lucky Aide (off probation), and fights against Malcolm in order to take down an offensive billboard of a smiling black janitor (whose nametag reads "Slappy") holding a mop and a 6-pack of malt liquor. Soon it's an all-out war between mom and son - until Lois encounters a fellow employee who is more racist than the billboard.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Pearl Harbor

S06 E04

Pearl Harbor Dec 6, 2004

Malcolm and Reese plot revenge after they realize their teenage neighbor has tricked each of them into believing the other is gay. Meanwhile, Hal, tired of competing with a neighbor who always outdoes his Christmas decorations, decides to create his own "holiday" to decorate his house for - Pearl Harbor Day.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Kitty's Back

S06 E05

Kitty's Back Dec 13, 2004

Kitty returns and asks Lois for help getting Kitty's estranged husband back; Francis comes home and puts Dewey through the torturous "Brotherhood Initiation."

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Hal's Christmas Gift

S06 E06

Hal's Christmas Gift Dec 20, 2004

Hal and Lois, strapped for cash, decide that Christmas gifts will have to be homemade this year. When everyone makes much better gifts than Hal, he spins a bigger and bigger lie about the present he has in store for them. In desperation, Hal pick-pockets Malcolm's secret credit card, and buys the family a ski vacation.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Hal Sleepwalks

S06 E07

Hal Sleepwalks Jan 17, 2005

Hal is sleepless because of their upcoming 20th wedding anniversary. So he ask Reese for some ideas for presents. Then Reese gets the idea to brainwash his dad while he's nervous. Dewey's friends are set up in an upcoming student body election when a bully nominated two of his geeky friends. Malcolm takes up playing the electric guitar, though Lois discourages his musical ability. He writes a heart warming song. When he plays & sings his creation, Dewey figures out that his song is sung to the tune of the "Meow Mix" jingle!

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