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Major Crimes

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CrimeDrama16+2012 - 20186 SeasonsSeries EndedTags:CrimeLos AngelesPolice

Major Crimes explores how the American justice system approaches the art of the deals as law enforcement officers and prosecutors work together to score a conviction. Los Angeles Police Captain Sharon Raydor heads up a special squad within the LAPD that deals with high-profile or particularly sensitive crimes.

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Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Reloaded

S01 E01

Aug 14, 2012
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Reloaded Aug 14, 2012 The department is still reeling with the recent departure of Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson, creating a tough transition for the newly appointed head of Major Crimes, Captain Sharon Raydor. But there is little time for adjustment as the department rushes to reach a plea bargain when a string of grocery store robberies turns fatal. After proving to be a valuable source for the case, undercover police detective and military veteran Detective Amy Sykes is transferred to Major Crimes. Meanwhile, Raydor takes a big step to protect teenager Rusty Beck after he runs away from his foster family.

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Season 01, Episode 02 Before and After

S01 E02

Aug 21, 2012
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Before and After Aug 21, 2012 Growing pains within Major Crimes become apparent as the division works to obtain justice in a brutal homicide that turns out to be more complicated than expected. Raydor struggles to gain the respect of her colleagues while also trying to supervise Rusty 24/7. The changes within the department may become more than Provenza can accept.

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Season 01, Episode 03 Medical Causes

S01 E03

Aug 28, 2012
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Medical Causes Aug 28, 2012 The facts become blurry in a case involving a fatal car crash at a nightclub. Meanwhile, Rusty can finally look forward to his mother's return.

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Season 01, Episode 04 The Ecstasy and the Agony

S01 E04

Sep 4, 2012
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The Ecstasy and the Agony Sep 4, 2012 The unit joins forces with the FBI when a homicide case spins around the Israeli mob and an "intuitive life strategist." Elsewhere, Provenza displays his vulnerable side, and Rusty's first school day takes an unexpected turn.

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Season 01, Episode 05 Citizen's Arrest

S01 E05

Sep 11, 2012
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Citizen's Arrest Sep 11, 2012 When a kidnapping turns deadly, the squad scrambles to crack the case and turns to a district attorney for help. Meanwhile, DNA evidence shows that Rusty has connections to the justice system.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Out of Bounds

S01 E06

Sep 18, 2012
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Out of Bounds Sep 18, 2012 The aftermath of a deadly shooting on gang turf finds Raydor making a daring maneuver that could threaten her career and jeopardize Det. Sykes' life. Elsewhere, Rusty makes it quite apparent that he has no interest in meeting his biological father.

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Season 01, Episode 07 The Shame Game

S01 E07

Sep 25, 2012
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The Shame Game Sep 25, 2012 When an activist to end human trafficking is murdered, the investigation leads to a possible eyewitness, a young prostitute wanting to get out of the business, and the pimp she works for becomes their primary suspect. Meanwhile, child services arrange a meeting between Rusty and his father, against Rusty's wishes.

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Season 2

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Season 02, Episode 01 Final Cut

S02 E01

Jun 11, 2013
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Final Cut Jun 11, 2013 The squad scrambles to garner a confession when the pregnant wife of a big-time film director is found murdered. Meanwhile, just as things seem to fall into place under Raydor’s leadership, new Deputy D.A. Emma Rios challenges Raydor’s intentions as Rusty’s guardian.

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Season 02, Episode 02 False Pretenses

S02 E02

Jun 18, 2013
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False Pretenses Jun 18, 2013 A complex murder-suicide case has the department reeling. Meanwhile, when Rusty receives a mysterious and threatening letter Emma demands that he be relocated. Torn between her desire to protect Rusty and professional duty to the case, Raydor is forced to seriously consider Emma’s request.

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Season 02, Episode 03 Under the Influence

S02 E03

Jun 25, 2013
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Under the Influence Jun 25, 2013 A meddling television writer-producer accompanies Sanchez and Tao on a ride-along so he can get an inside look at the LAPD. But what starts out as a simple outing quickly gets out of hand. And Rusty employs some unfair help when his teacher makes him re-write an essay.

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Season 02, Episode 04 I, Witness

S02 E04

Jul 2, 2013
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I, Witness Jul 2, 2013 The LAPD flies a material witness into Los Angeles to testify, but in a horrible turn of events their witness winds up as the key suspect in an entirely new murder. Personal and professional stress takes a toll on Flynn. And the squad takes bets when Rusty brings a girl from class to hang out with him at the department.

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Season 02, Episode 05 D.O.A.

S02 E05

Jul 9, 2013
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D.O.A. Jul 9, 2013 The squad investigates a brutal murder, but they soon find that dark secrets are at the root of an apparent drug bust gone wrong. Meanwhile, Raydor’s estranged husband of 25 years returns to Los Angeles to work as a court-appointed attorney. Charming and charismatic, Jack becomes fast friends with Rusty but Sharon continues to remain wary.

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Season 02, Episode 06 Boys Will Be Boys

S02 E06

Jul 16, 2013
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Boys Will Be Boys Jul 16, 2013 When a child with gender dysphoria goes missing, the Major Crimes division scrambles to solve the emotional case before it's too late. Torn between several suspects, the squad has to be careful as it tries to connect the evidence to a dangerous bully. Meanwhile, Jack Raydor attempts to make up for years of lousy parenting.

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Season 02, Episode 07 Rules of Engagement

S02 E07

Jul 23, 2013
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Rules of Engagement Jul 23, 2013 In a case that brings gang violence and social profiling to the forefront, the squad realizes that things are not always as they seem. Complicating matters further, Sharon offers Jack the opportunity to be a court-appointed attorney in the case. Meanwhile, Rusty expresses apprehension about meeting Kris' parents.

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