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Go BackMaid Marian and her Merry Men

Maid Marian and her Merry Men Season 3

Here's where to watch every episode of Maid Marian and her Merry Men season 3. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 03, Episode 01 The Big Baby

S03 E01

Jan 7, 1993
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The Big Baby Jan 7, 1993 King John is in an exceptionally crabby mood, and orders that the Sheriff gets him a present; he and the guards go off to get a life-sized jelly baby in King John's likeness, which is promptly stolen by the Merry Men. Upon return to the castle, the Sheriff explains the absence of the present by pretending that it is the imaginary public holiday of Bloopie, which works until he accidentally reveals that gift-giving is customary. However, he decides that, by convincing the peasants that it is Bloopie, they can get gifts from them by pretending King John is 'Father Bloopie.' The Sheriff goes to Worksop and convinces the peasants to return to the castle, but Robin's arrival at the village on a jelly-baby related voyage makes the ruse known to the Merry Men. Using the jelly-baby, some convincing lying, and Barrington's exceptional impressionism, the Merry Men are able to infiltrate the castle, and then rescue the peasants by using the jelly-baby as a battering ram; they then return to Worksop to eat.

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Season 03, Episode 02 Driving Ambition

S03 E02

Jan 14, 1993
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Driving Ambition Jan 14, 1993 Upon coming to the conclusion that Worksop is boring, Marian decides that they should hold a song contest; Rose, seeing a chance to capitalise, convinces Marian that it is a bad idea, and then steals it. Disgusted, Marian vows to take no part in the contest, leaving Barrington without a partner. Meanwhile, in Worksop, King John has miserably failed his driving test, and the Sheriff decides to bribe Snooker so that he passes next time, but a cash flow crisis halts this plan in its tracks, until Guy accidentally bets the Sheriff 1000 pounds that he will not win the song contest. The Sheriff talks to Rose and they agree to fix the contest so that Guy wins, but the Merry Men have a similar plan to ensure Barrington' and Robin's victory, and ambush them on the way. At the contest, Robin develops a sudden case of stagefright, but at the last minute, Marian comes back and vents her rage against Rose through some harsh lyrics. The plan goes awry, however, when Rabies decides that he preferred

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Season 03, Episode 03 Keeping Mum

S03 E03

Jan 21, 1993
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Keeping Mum Jan 21, 1993 Marian's mother is coming for a visit, and to keep with her expectations, the Merry Men transform their hideout into a dental surgery. The boys all enjoy Mum's embarrassing stories and flapjacks, and Marian takes Mum into Worksop. The Sheriff and his guards see Mum as they pass through Worksop on their way to collect the visiting Countess of Luxembourg, and the Sheriff decides to seize the opportunity. While Marian's back is turned, he chats Mum up through song, and asks her out; naturally concerned, Marian goes to meet 'Arnold,' where he reveals his identity and captures her. Mum returns to the Merry Men and together they spring into action, ambushing Gary and Graeme with a six-month checkup, and replacing the Countess with Mum, who is then led into the castle. King John uses the opportunity as a chance to get rid of Guy through marriage, but when he leaves, Mum chats up the Sheriff, and convinces him to elope with her. The Merry Men ambush him and are able to get into the torture ch

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 04 They Came from Outer Space

S03 E04

Jan 28, 1993
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They Came from Outer Space Jan 28, 1993 The sudden appearance of a comet across the skies of Worksop triggers a number of events: general panic amongst the peasants, including Hayley chundering; Snooker falls off a ladder and ends up covered in glue and leaves; Guy reveals to Marian that his only friend is an invisible alien named Plopbop; and the guards rush back to Nottingham Castle warning of alien invasion. Upon hearing this, King John orders a protective arsenal from alien invasion, and naturally the only way to finance it is to tax the peasants some more - upon realising that there is no money left in Worksop, the King decides that they should steal all the peasants clothes. The Merry Men find Snooker out of Worksop after his accident, who looks rather like an alien after his accident. Together, they all return to Worksop, only to be met by 21½ naked peasants, and Marian vows to return their clothes to them. The meet Guy in the forest, convince him that Snooker is Plopbop, and trick him into leaving the castle key outs

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Season 03, Episode 05 Robin and the Beansprout

S03 E05

Feb 4, 1993
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Robin and the Beansprout Feb 4, 1993 It is tremendously cold, and the gang await a hot meal; unfortunately, it is Thursday, and Robin has forgotten to do the cooking. His excuse bears remarkable similarity to 'the Pied Piper of Hamlin,' and Marian forces him to go to Worksop to buy a Chinese Takeaway. Bereft of funds, Robin does an Elvis impersonation, and to prevent its perpetuation, Gladys and Snooker give Robin a box of food; unfortunately for Robin, it is not until he returns that he discovers the box contains one single beansprout. Guy has had a bath, and the King orders that he be clothed and fed; so, the Sheriff goes to Worksop and steals all of Gladys' and Snooker's food, while he sends the guards off to find a fur. The food mission is accomplished, but a breakdown in communication leads to the guards bringing back an enormous fir tree. The Sheriff orders that they get rid of it, so they throw it off the battlements, and it coincidentally lands exactly where Robin had thrown the beansprout; believing he had landed

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Season 03, Episode 06 The Great Mud Harvest

S03 E06

Feb 11, 1993
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The Great Mud Harvest Feb 11, 1993 The Sheriff and his men finish collecting tax from the peasants and return to the castle, where the Sheriff reveals to the guards that the job's done and he doesn't need them anymore, so he gives Gary the sack; King John then uses exactly the same excuse to fire the Sheriff, and he begs for his job back, promising to find more money. He sets off from the castle with Greame to find more wealth, and take a trunk of the King's money to the bank. Gary tries to tag along, but is repeatedly told to go away by the Sheriff, but not before he suggests they disguise themselves. The Sheriff and Greame hire an elephant costume to pass through Worksop, but on the walk it gets ripped and the trunk comes off. The Sheriff heads back to Worksop to get Gladys to sew it up so they don't lose their deposit, while instructing Greame to take the King's trunk to the bank; a misunderstanding leads to Greame taking the elephant's trunk, and leaving the money. Meanwhile, in Worksop, Marian's relief food for Wor

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