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Maid Marian and her Merry Men Season 2

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Season 02, Episode 01 The Beast of Bolsover

S02 E01

Nov 15, 1990
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The Beast of Bolsover Nov 15, 1990 King John is becoming increasingly frustrated with the escalating frequency of ambushes of his guards by the Merry Men. Immediately preceding the latest ambush, however, the Merry Men are beaten to it by a new trio of bandits, led by the Beast of Bolsover, who moves into the Merry Men's hideout and refuses to return their personal belongings until they have been paid 25 gold pieces, or one of them beats him in a fight. He had already knocked out Little Ron, and so a fight was not an option. A good piece of fortune leads to the Merry Men capturing the Sheriff, and Marian goes to the castle to demand a 25 gold piece ransom, but is frustrated to learn that King John would rather see the Sheriff's death than pay the ransom. The discovery that the Sheriff has amnesia, however, leads the Merry Men to convince the Sheriff that he is, in fact, one of the Merry Men, and they get him to fight the Beast of Bolsover, to keep him busy while the Merry Men steal their things back. In a freak accident, Rabies drops Robin's wardrobe out of a tree onto the Sheriff and the bandits; the Sheriff gets his memory back, and arrests the Beast and his accomplices.

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Season 02, Episode 02 The Worksop Egg Fairy

S02 E02

Nov 22, 1990
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The Worksop Egg Fairy Nov 22, 1990 King John has a sudden craving for eggs, and orders the Sheriff to go and find one for him; conveniently, Gladys' hen has just laid its first egg in years, which the Sheriff proceeds to steal. The peasants go to Marian for help, and she and the Merry Men ambush the Sheriff and the guards in a clearing and demand the return of the egg. A small game of rugby ensues, and the egg is broken, leaving both parties with a problem: the Sheriff and guards, despite their best efforts, are unable to salvage the egg to King John's lunch, while the Merry Men are unable to return the rare egg to Worksop. Upon quizzing them, Marian discovers the Worksop philosophy on eggs: that they are bottom-warmers sent by the Worksop Egg Fairy after she has finished dancing, and that the fairy does not allow the people to feed their chickens, lest they be turned into egg people. Robin decides that, to get another egg, the town must play music, to entice the Egg Fairy to come down and dance. It is at this time that the Sheriff and the guards, disguised as monks, are passing back through Worksop from Lincoln, each concealing a large number of eggs under his cassock. Some violent pushing and shoving from the townspeople ensures that every egg is broken, and that the Sheriff and guards return to King John's punishment. Meanwhile, the confusion surrounding the sudden appearance of broken eggs up their cassocks allows Marian to confuse the peasants and force them to feed their chickens, which immediately leads to another egg.

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Season 02, Episode 03 Little Brown Noses

S02 E03

Nov 29, 1990
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Little Brown Noses Nov 29, 1990 The Sheriff has stolen Gladys' hen, Colin, and refuse return until a fine of 200 gold pieces is paid. Gladys seeks the help of the Merry Men, who, at Robin's suggestion, decide to start a charity for Colin's Release. Their first initiative, a sponsored rob, proves unsuccessful, and succeeds only in obtaining the colourful clothing of Guy of Gisborne, the irritating nephew of King John, who is less than enthused about the prospect of Guy coming to the castle, only swayed by the prospect of 200 gold pieces' rent. Marian decides that a charity tele-thon in Worksop would be the best way to raise the money, and goes to work setting it up, much to the dismay of action-starved Little Ron. Little Ron disguises himself as Guy of Gisborne, and goes to the castle, where he fools the Sheriff into giving him first-class service. He orders vast amounts of food, and finishes by casually ordering an alive chicken, which the sycophantic Sheriff gets for him without question. When the real Guy arrives,

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Season 02, Episode 04 Rabies in Love

S02 E04

Dec 6, 1990
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Rabies in Love Dec 6, 1990 Rabies' strength in arm wrestles is well known in Worksop, but when a strong woman challenges and beats him, he curiously finds himself in love, which dampens his ability to be useful. Meanwhile, King John is already sick of Guy, and orders that the Sheriff get him married off to the first rich girl he can find - coincidentally the same woman, Fergie. Upon hearing word of this, Rabies springs back into action, and the Merry Men crash the royal wedding, and put a stop to it through some general violence. Eventually, after Guy's engagement is broken off, Marian gets Rabies a date with Fergie, but it seems his eye is now on roof-repair specialist Margaret the Thatcher.

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Season 02, Episode 05 Rotten Rose (1)

S02 E05

Dec 13, 1990
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Rotten Rose (1) Dec 13, 1990 As usual, Robin is being mobbed by peasant groupies, while Marian complains and gossips with Nettle. She notices her old school friend, Rose Scargill, amongst Robin's admirers, and comments about how annoying she was, when Rose suddenly approaches and wants to catch up. After a conversation, Rose invites herself back to the hideout to try out a bow and arrow, but it quickly becomes apparent that she is trying to get closer to Robin. Feeling betrayed, Marian takes Rose back to the village, but has to pull her aside when she spies the Sheriff approaching, giving Rose a lesson in the reality of their situation. With this information in mind, Rose goes to the castle and makes a deal with the Sheriff for the capture of Marian and Robin. Despite Nettle's best efforts and mistrust, Rose lures Marian into an ambush; then, approaching Robin with the news of Marian's capture, leads Robin straight to the castle, where he is captured. Upon arrival in the torture chamber, Marian is not present; she is, in fact, on a forced date with Guy, who has developed a crush on her. Robin looks out the window and sees Marian with Guy, and believes he has been betrayed.

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Season 02, Episode 06 Rotten Rose (2)

S02 E06

Dec 20, 1990
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Rotten Rose (2) Dec 20, 1990 Robin is in the torture chamber, and Marian is on Guy's leash in the castle grounds, while the guards clean the courtyard. Guy's lackadaisical security of King John's keys leads to Marian obtaining them, however when she goes to rescue Robin, he still believes Marian has betrayed him and refuses to leave, an act which lands the two of them in chains, and marked for execution at midday. Meanwhile, Nettle, whose mistrust for Rose caused her to spy around the castle, returns to the Merry Men to give them the news, and to propose a plan to sneak into the castle courtyard under cover of the cleaning bins and ambush the execution.At the execution party, Robin is finally made aware of Rose's treachery. She the reveals her grand plan: so psychotically fanatical is she about Robin that she wants his body stuffed for her Robin Hood Museum. The pair are led out for beheading, but just as Sheriff raises the axe, Little Ron, Rabies and Barrington intervene, and together the Merry Men tie up their enemies and escape, but not before Marian chains Rose up in the torture chamber and allows Guy to sing to her in the most disgusting possible way. Upon return, Robin is ashamed of what happened, but some encouragement from Marian convinces him to stay with the Merry Men.

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