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Lupin the Third

imdb logo8/10
Action & AdventureAnime18+1971 - 20154 Seasons

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Below you'll find every episode from all 4 season of Lupin the Third.
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Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Is Lupin Burning...?!

S01 E01

Oct 23, 1971
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Is Lupin Burning...?! The Hida Speedway has been completed and Lupin is looking to take top prize at the first race. The race is actually a trap designed by the Scorpion Gang who are intent on killing Lupin and eliminating all criminal competition.

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Season 01, Episode 02 The Man They Called a Magician

S01 E02

Oct 30, 1971
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The Man They Called a Magician Fujiko has stolen something from a man named Pycal, and he wants it back. Pycal is a magician who is able to shoot flames from his hands, walk on air, and deflect bullets with ease. Lupin goes up against Pycal in hopes of saving Fujiko. (Pycal first appeared in chapter 7: "Magician" of the original manga series.)

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Season 01, Episode 03 Farewell My Beloved Witch

S01 E03

Nov 6, 1971
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Farewell My Beloved Witch A boat collision ruins Lupin and Fujiko's quiet boating expedition. They discover a woman named Linda in the other boat just as gunmen on a larger boat attack them. After avoiding the gunboat, they learn that Linda is the assistant to a world-renowned expert on nuclear fission. She lived on an island with the doctor, which also housed the "Kirein Killers" ("Killers of the Sea"). Lupin and Jigen try to storm the island to save the Doctor and discover Linda's mysterious secret.

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Season 01, Episode 04 One Chance to Breakout

S01 E04

Nov 13, 1971
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One Chance to Breakout Lupin and Fujiko successfully pull off a heist; that is, until Zenigata manages to shoot Lupin with a tranquilizer dart. Zenigata hauls Lupin off to jail. Despite Fujiko's best efforts, she cannot break Lupin out of prison, and Jigen provides no help, claiming that Lupin can leave whenever he wants. One year passes, and Lupin's still in jail with his execution date getting closer. Fujiko and the others try to help Lupin get out of jail.

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Season 01, Episode 05 The Coming of Goemon the Thirteenth

S01 E05

Nov 20, 1971
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The Coming of Goemon the Thirteenth Goemon Ishikawa XIII is the thirteenth direct descendant of the famous samurai highwayman Ishikawa Goemon. Goemon's mentor has given him a mission; find Lupin and use the invincible Zantetsuken eliminate him. Neither Goemon nor Lupin know that Goemon's mentor and Fujiko are actually working together.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Rainy Afternoons are Bad

S01 E06

Nov 27, 1971
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Rainy Afternoons are Bad One rainy afternoon, a man seeks Lupin's help on behalf of a young woman. The woman is actually Fujiko, who is after a diamond known as "The Star of Killamanjaro". The diamond was implanted into the chest of a mob boss. This boss had his memory wiped but died days before it was to be restored. Now, Lupin and the gang are after the ambulance carrying the corpse and the diamond in it. Zenigata is in charge of the ambulance and its escort, and he attempts to prevent Lupin from stealing the diamond.

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Season 01, Episode 07 A Wolf Calls a Wolf

S01 E07

Dec 4, 1971
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A Wolf Calls a Wolf Three scrolls contain the secret of creating a blade like the Zantetsuken. Lupin wants to steal them as a matter of family pride because his grandfather, Arsene Lupin, stole them back in the 19th century. Lupin's father stole a dagger from a swordsman that was forged using the same process. The swordsman challenged Lupin II to a duel and lost. But, he managed to steal the scrolls for himself. Now, Lupin plans to steal the scrolls back, but to do so, he must face Goemon and Fujiko, who have their own plans for acquiring the scrolls.

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Season 2

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Season 02, Episode 01 The Return of Lupin III

S02 E01

Oct 2, 1977
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The Return of Lupin III After a long time, invitations come from Lupin III, and Jigen Daisuke, Ishikawa Goemon, and Mine Fujiko are reunited aboard the luxury liner Sirloin. But when Lupin appears afterward, he tells them that he was himself invited by Fujiko. Why have they received false invitations? Trapped aboard the ship together with their eternal rival, Inspector Zenigata, the moment of confrontation with their bitter rival Mister X (the commissioner of Scorpion) is fast approaching!

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Season 02, Episode 02 A Bouquet of Bills Blossom in Rio's Sunset

S02 E02

Oct 9, 1977
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A Bouquet of Bills Blossom in Rio's Sunset When Brazil's illustrious Santos FC and their American counterparts square off at the world's largest sports arena, Rio de Janeiro's Stadium Maracanan, the box office and betting takes are huge. Thus, Lupin and company plan to take the money, first getting themselves thrown in jail to give themselves alibis, and then escaping to make the theft once this is done. Will things go entirely as planned?

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Season 02, Episode 03 Hitler's Legacy

S02 E03

Oct 16, 1977
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Hitler's Legacy Supposedly, an old man who knows the secret of the legacy of Hitler is living on the other side of the Berlin Wall. Walls are no problem, and taking Genhardt, the old man, to the West is easy enough, but he is absolutely senile and recalls nothing about any legacy. Therefore, the plan is to reenact a scene from the period, but... What has happened to the legacy, anyway?

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Season 02, Episode 04 I Can Hear Nessie's Song

S02 E04

Oct 23, 1977
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I Can Hear Nessie's Song At Loch Ness, Scotland, the mysterious monster Nessie shows itself charmed by Fujiko's singing. Doctor Oz, seeing this, decides to use Fujiko to draw out Nessie so that he can capture it and show it all over the world. There is also revenge involved. It's a fight to the death between Nessie and Oz's dinosaur robot. Will Lupin let Oz get away with his scheme?

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Season 02, Episode 05 I'll Tell You How to Transport Gold Bullion

S02 E05

Oct 30, 1977
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I'll Tell You How to Transport Gold Bullion Fujiko and a mystery man come bringing a request that Lupin steal a mountain of gold bullion from a Swiss bank, which is renowned throughout the world for the strength of its security. The man's idea, for them to join forces, steal the gold from underneath the vault, melt it down, and remold it so as to look like the body of a truck, is carried out to that point. What is the man's true identity? Who will have the last betrayal?

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Season 02, Episode 06 Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Standing?

S02 E06

Nov 6, 1977
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Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Standing? Someone comes along and demands that the Italian government pay him a ransom if they don't want the Leaning Tower of Pisa destroyed by an earthquake. It seems he really does have a device for generating artificial earthquakes. The government meets his demands, but Lupin has it in mind to take the money for himself. The chase scene with Zenigata leads right to the enemy's lair, and the maddened criminal hits the switch, determined to teach everyone a lesson! What will become of the Leaning Tower?

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Season 02, Episode 07 Tutankhamen's 3000-year Curse

S02 E07

Nov 13, 1977
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Tutankhamen's 3000-year Curse The place is Egypt. Lupin uses a balloon to boldly steal the deathmask of the boy-king, Tutankhamen. But the instant he puts it on, what appears before his eyes is the world of the pharaohs, 3000 years ago. The only way to break the ominous pharaoh's curse which is possessing Lupin is to put the mask back where it came from. How effective will the plan to return the golden deathmask be?

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