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Love Thy Neighbour Season 1

Here's where to watch every episode of Love Thy Neighbour season 1. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 01, Episode 01 The New Neighbours

S01 E01

Apr 13, 1972
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The New Neighbours Apr 13, 1972 Eddie is called to the breakfast table by wife Joan who then tells him that the house next door has been sold & they will soon have new neighbours. When the removals truck arrives,Eddie goes next door to introduce himself.He sees two men, one white & one coloured. He walks up to the white man thinking he is his new neighbour,but the man is actually the removalist. Bill Reynolds introduces himself to Eddie & Eddie quickly leavess. Eddie tells Joan they have to move,he doesn't want to live next door to a coloured person. Joan tells him not to be ridiculous,but Eddie's mind is made up ! That is until he sees Barbie (Bill's wife) bringing in some belongings. Later Eddie & Joan go next door to welcome the Reynolds to the neighbourhood. Bill takes offence at one of Eddie's comments & the Booth's rush home. Eddie has another surprise in store when he gets to work, Bill is the new worker.!

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Season 01, Episode 02 Limbo Dancing

S01 E02

Apr 20, 1972
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Limbo Dancing Apr 20, 1972 Barbie is looking forward to the weekend so she can attend the work social & dance the night away. Joan tells her there's not much dancing, only drinking. Eddie is with the boys in the pub when Bill comes in buys a round of drinks. Eddie invites him to sit with them & Arthur sells him two tickets to the dance on Saturday. The conversation turns to what kind of dancing there will be & Eddie bets Bill he could beat him at the limbo dance. Eddie's trying to practice for the Limbo but it's hopeless, he'll never make it,so Joan tells the others Eddie's sick & can't make it to the social. Later Eddie learns Bill isn't going either so he & Joan go down to the Pub,where they run into Bill & Barbie & the Limbo can go ahead as planned much to Eddie's dismay.

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Season 01, Episode 03 The Petition

S01 E03

Apr 27, 1972
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The Petition Apr 27, 1972 Bill catches Eddie ogling Barbie sunbaking in their backyard. Bill warns him off, so Eddie decides to get a petition signed to have the Reynolds removed from the neighbourhood. When he returns with only two signatures, Eddie tells Joan their moving. Mr Wilson the estate agent has given Eddie a good price for the house until he discovers coloured people live next door & adjusts his price down. Eddie decides if he can't go, he'll drive Bill away. He plays loud music, burns of rubbish when Barbie's wash is on the line etc. but it backfires on him & Eddie's other neighbour Mr Baxter comes over to sort Eddie out.! Bill comes to Eddie's rescue by taking the blame & Mr Baxter leaves. Joan makes Eddie apologise to Bill,which he does reluctantly but then Mr Baxter arrives with a petition. Eddie defends Bill & says he won't sign it.Mr Baxter says it's not to get rid of him,it's to get rid of you.!

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Season 01, Episode 04 The Factory Dispute

S01 E04

May 4, 1972
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The Factory Dispute May 4, 1972 Eddie is having lunch in the canteen at work when Jacko asks if he is going to donate blood on wednesday. Eddie says he is if only to get out of an afternoons work. Bill tells him he'll come too which leads to a discusion about white peoples blood & coloured peoples blood. Eddie's nonsense about blood upsets Bill & he leaves. Later, Bill gets to work on the new machine that Eddie wanted to work on. Mr Clark the foreman tells Eddie he wants Bill to work the machine, so Eddie withdraws his labour.! Mr Clark tries to placate Eddie so he asks Bill to let Eddie work the machine. Bill says no & withdraws his labour. When Joan & Barbie find out about this they too withdraw their labour & Bill & Eddie spend two nights on the setee,& have no meals cooked for them. Barbie relents & tells Joan who then tells the boys they have to go back to work. Bill & Eddie make up & go back to work. While sharing the new machine, Eddie leaves to go to the rest room & falls down some stairs & is

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Season 01, Episode 05 The Seven Year Itch

S01 E05

May 11, 1972
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The Seven Year Itch May 11, 1972 Joan & Barbie put their husbands to the test by asking two of their friends to chat up Eddie & Bill.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Refused a Drink

S01 E06

May 18, 1972
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Refused a Drink May 18, 1972 To prove there is no discrimination against Bill, eddie goes undercover at a London club.

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Season 01, Episode 07 Sex Appeal

S01 E07

May 25, 1972
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Sex Appeal May 25, 1972 Eddie becomes inflamed when he sees joan in the arms of Bill on his couch.

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Season 01, Episode 08 The Final

S01 E08

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The Final It's the grand final in Grassington. The last two families must battle it out over an emotional week-long contest for a dream cottage in this small village in the Yorkshire Dales.

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