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Lloyd in Space Season 4

Here's where to watch every episode of Lloyd in Space season 4. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 04, Episode 01 A Place for Larry

S04 E01

Feb 12, 2003
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A Place for Larry Feb 12, 2003 Larry is fired from working on the bridge, and decides to look for another job. Meanwhile, everything is in chaos and everything is going wrong around the station. Eventually, Larry saves the station from a meltdown and reveals he is actually one of the most neede workers to control Intrepidville.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 02 The Big Fued

S04 E02

Feb 13, 2003
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The Big Fued Feb 13, 2003 Principal Feely wants every to find out about their race for a festival. So they set off, but Kurt and Douglas find their race hate each other because of a misunderstanding millions of years before. They try to stay friends, but they start to hate each.On the day of the festival, Kurt has brought people from his race over, and Douglas has brought people from his race over. A fight ensues, but when Lloyd tries to stop it, they turn on him and Eddy. The chase them into a gravity well, and it's up to Kurt and Douglas to put aside their differences and save them before their faces get all streched.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 03 Halloween

S04 E03

Oct 31, 2003
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Halloween Oct 31, 2003 Lloyd does not want to go trick or treating with Francine and decides to scare her. Boomer builds a lame haunted house and the gang is not impressed but they figure it will scare off Francine and her friends. When the gang goes in the exit is a portal to the future where a monster has invaded the space station that is now deserted will the monster get the gang?

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 04 At Home with the Bolts

S04 E04

Feb 11, 2003
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At Home with the Bolts Feb 11, 2003 It's Bolts birthday party and Lloyd is the only one who turns up. While poking around, he finds a video of what Bolt used to be like. She was really nice and had a soft voice, but new models came out and she grew old. Her husband and her are fighting when they come in from the kitchen and Mrs Bolt decides she's never going to teach again. Lloyd shows the video to everyone and they show up, hoping she'll come back and be nice. She does come back. But she's not nice.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 05 Heads Up Blobberts!

S04 E05

Feb 19, 2003
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Heads Up Blobberts! Feb 19, 2003 Kurt finds out he can remove his head. His body, without his head, is not a wimp and starts playing a new sport that makes him really cool. However, after the body starts going steady with Megan, it ditches Kurt's head and he is given the advice 'Your head is where the heart is.' Later on, the body gets really mean and they think up all sorts of ways to put Kurt's head back. However, when they find out the head really is where the heart is, it has to be put back so the body is nice again. Because, without the head, the body is just a nasty loser.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 06 Commander Lloyd

S04 E06

Mar 13, 2003
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Commander Lloyd Mar 13, 2003 After a gas freezes everyone except the kids in Intrepidville, Lloyd becomes commander. However, everything gets chaotic and the ship breaks apart. Without station to help and all the adults gone, Lloyd must save the kids in true Tetris style!

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 07 Day One

S04 E07

Feb 13, 2004
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Day One Feb 13, 2004

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 08 Go Crater Worms

S04 E08

Feb 20, 2004
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Go Crater Worms Feb 20, 2004

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 09 Ride Along

S04 E09

Feb 27, 2004
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Ride Along Feb 27, 2004

Not Available