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Lloyd in Space Season 2

Here's where to watch every episode of Lloyd in Space season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 Girl from the Center of the Universe

S02 E01

Sep 29, 2001
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Girl from the Center of the Universe Sep 29, 2001 When a new girl appears in school all the boys begin falling in love with her. Soon Lloyd is the only one untainted and must find a way to get the gang and everyone else back to normal.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 02 Nora's Big Date

S02 E02

Oct 6, 2001
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Nora's Big Date Oct 6, 2001 When a machanic comes to fix the ship, Mrs. Nebulan and the mechanic fall for each other and Lloyd doesn't like that. So he tries to convince the gang that he is actually a monster only to find out Lloyd was RIGHT!

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 03 Pet Wars

S02 E03

Oct 20, 2001
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Pet Wars Oct 20, 2001 When the gang is totally broke Lloyd begins a pet care buissness but soon Eddie gets tired of being bossed around and creates his own buissnes and in an accident all the pets are released through the station the gang must work together. Later to have worked and not earn a cent. Soon they learn they didn't need money just eachother.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 04 Lloyd Changes His Mind

S02 E04

Nov 3, 2001
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Lloyd Changes His Mind Nov 3, 2001 Tired of Francine always reading his mind, Lloyd convinces Douglas to give him his mind scrambler, and it works until Francine tries to hard and causes them to switch bodies! Francine won't switch back until she must go to the planet of darkness as Lloyd, she is afraid of the dark, So Lloyd must reach the planet before it is too late!

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 05 Boomer's Secret Life

S02 E05

Nov 10, 2001
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Boomer's Secret Life Nov 10, 2001 When a strange country invades the station everyone finds that Boomer is a Prince!

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 06 Francine's Power Trip

S02 E06

Nov 17, 2001
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Francine's Power Trip Nov 17, 2001 When Francine gets a head cold she loses her powers, the doctor says temporarily, and so Lloyd decides to get revenge while he can! When Francine still isn't better, the doctor now says it will be permanent, Lloyd feels bad and decides to help her get used to ordinary life.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 07 Lloyd's Lost Weekend

S02 E07

Jan 19, 2002
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Lloyd's Lost Weekend Jan 19, 2002 To avoid a dull visit to Zizmo Beach for the four-day weekend, ""the lamest amusment park in the galaxy"" as he would say, Lloyd sneaks out of it all by claiming to have been invited to spend the weekend with his friends. However, he has a hard time with the tedious edu-life of the McNoggins, Kurt's Babyish Family and the family reunion weekend Eddie all of a sudden adores. After this tough experience, he suddenly misses his family and even takes the bus system to Zizmo Beach.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 08 You're Never Too Old

S02 E08

Feb 9, 2002
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You're Never Too Old Feb 9, 2002 Lloyd goes to spend a weekend at his Grandpa Leo's retirement home. He thinks it is SO boring but realizes if he gives it a chance he enjoys being with older people.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 09 The Big Sleepover

S02 E09

Feb 16, 2002
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The Big Sleepover Feb 16, 2002 Lloyd and his friends notice all the girls passing around notes and they wonder what the notes say. So Eddie gets hold of one the girls' notes, and it says ""You're Invited To A Girls Slumber Party! Don't Tell Any Of The Boys About The Party!"" So Lloyd sneaks into the girls' slumber party (while dressed up as a girl) and he tries to find out all the girls' secret without anyone finding out that he's really a boy.

Not Available