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Watch Little Women: LA

Little Women: LA

IMDB: 5.8/10DocumentaryReality16+2014 - Present6 Seasons

The adventures of a unique group of smart, sexy and funny girlfriends with big hearts and big personalities – who all happen to be little people. Viewers walk in their shoes as they deal with relationships, parenting, careers and the ups and downs of friendships. They laugh, cry, compete and fight with one another, but despite it all they share a special unbreakable bond.

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Below you'll find every episode from all 6 season of Little Women: LA.
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Season 6

Lifetime | Rent or Buy

Watch undefined Season 06 Episode 06 Ballroom Blitz

S06 E01

Ballroom Blitz Mar 1, 2017

The girls feel that Terra has changed since she began competing on “Dancing with the Stars,” and fears she is sacrificing her family, friendships, and her little body for the wrong reasons. Terra is blindsided when Elena demands she quit the competition. Meanwhile, Tonya receives a concerning diagnosis.

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Watch undefined Season 06 Episode 06 Tough Crowd

S06 E02

Tough Crowd Mar 8, 2017

Terra has made it to the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars, but with two hernias, a bevy of other health issues, and waning support from friends, the pressure seems to be closing in from all directions. Meanwhile, Christy is preparing for a cutting edge surgery that has never been performed on a little person. And Elena, Tonya, and Briana go to a comedy show that ends in tears.

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Watch undefined Season 06 Episode 06 Things Fall Apart

S06 E03

Things Fall Apart Mar 15, 2017

Briana worries she might be suffering from Postpartum Depression. After life threatening complications during her ground breaking surgery, Christy’s recovery is even harder than anticipated, and she’s frustrated with Todd’s lack of help. Meanwhile, Terra finds herself wishing she were back in the ballroom, and struggles to fulfill her promises of making her family, friends and health a priority.

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Watch undefined Season 06 Episode 06 On Thin Ice

S06 E04

On Thin Ice Mar 22, 2017

After months of dealing with a tough pregnancy, Jasmine’s delivery isn’t as easy as she would have hoped for. Briana is rushed to the hospital with severe pain, and worries she could need surgery. And tension is at an all-time high between Elena and Terra, whom have not spoken to each other in over a month. Will ice skating be the perfect place for Elena and Terra have some fun and make up? Or is their friendship on thin ice with no hopes of coming back?

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Watch undefined Season 06 Episode 06 The Girl Who Cried Divorce

S06 E05

The Girl Who Cried Divorce Mar 29, 2017

With limited help from husband Todd, and a lack of concern from her friends, Christy’s recovery from neck surgery is lonelier than she ever expected. Meanwhile, Terra finds out Briana went behind her back to try to advance her own career, and after another major fight, Briana tells Matt she wants a divorce. With the girls doubting whether or not Briana will follow through with her threats, will she cave or stand her ground?

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Watch undefined Season 06 Episode 06 Vision Quest

S06 E06

Vision Quest Apr 5, 2017

Terra throws a vision board party and confronts Briana about rumors that she tried to steal Terra’s manager. After Briana stumbles through a denial, more people come forward with evidence suggesting the conversation wasn’t as innocent as Briana claims. Who will Terra believe? Jasmine and Elena are approached by Briana’s friend Lisa, who reveals jaw dropping information about Briana’s husband Matt. Meanwhile Tonya and Kerwin argue over the expectations they have for each other in order to take the next step and get married.

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Watch undefined Season 06 Episode 06 Big Little Lies

S06 E07

Big Little Lies Apr 5, 2017

Elena and Preston have spent months wondering if one or both of their twin boys has dwarfism. Now the genetics results are in, and Elena struggles with what that means for their family. Meanwhile, Briana’s friend Lisa finally reveals to Briana that Matt’s behavior is making her feel uncomfortable. But Matt’s version of events is very different, and he spins the blame back on Lisa. Jasmine and Elena unwillingly end up in the middle of Briana’s mess, which could have long-term consequences for their friendship. And when the girls and their guys go to Monster Jam, it’s not all fun and trucks, when Terra tries to get the truth behind some of Briana’s lies.

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Season 5

Hulu | Lifetime | Rent or Buy

Watch undefined Season 05 Episode 05 Spa Day Sparring

S05 E01

Spa Day Sparring Jul 14, 2016

In the fifth-season opener, Elena hosts a spa day for the ladies, but Briana doesn't show up, so her friends worry about her; and Christy and Terra remain at odds over the tea incident. Later, Joe reveals how he really feels about Christy.

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Watch undefined Season 05 Episode 05 Drama & Drag Queens

S05 E02

Drama & Drag Queens Jul 21, 2016

Christy feels left out following a tense spa retreat; the ladies attend a drag-queen convention; and Terra receives big news at her OBGYN appointment. Later, the group wonders about Briana's whereabouts.

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Watch undefined Season 05 Episode 05 Lost & Found

S05 E03

Lost & Found Jul 28, 2016

Briana deals with the emotional trauma of her near-death experience after spending eight days in the hospital. Later, Christy faces the consequences of betraying Briana; Tonya and Kerwin move in together; and Jasmine shares news related to her health.

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Watch undefined Season 05 Episode 05 Twins and Tears

S05 E04

Twins and Tears Aug 4, 2016

Jasmine hosts Briana's baby shower but has doubts about how many guests will show up in light of Briana's feud with the other ladies. Later, Christy considers reconciling with Briana; Tonya's past with Jaa resurfaces; and Elena's rushed to the hospital when her blood pressure skyrockets.

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Watch undefined Season 05 Episode 05 Deconstructive Criticism

S05 E05

Deconstructive Criticism Aug 11, 2016

Elena's released from the hospital after giving birth, but her twins remain in the NICU. Later, Christy's daughter is rushed to the hospital; Terra worries about Tonya's logo for her new active-wear clothing line; and Kerwin gives Tonya an ultimatum, demanding that she cut business ties with her ex-boyfriend.

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Watch undefined Season 05 Episode 05 Tough as Nails

S05 E06

Tough as Nails Aug 18, 2016

Tonya's plan to prove to Kerwin that she doesn't have feelings for her ex backfires. Later, Elena's twins are released from the hospital; and Tonya invites the ladies to build houses for charity, but drama between them threatens to derail the event.

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Watch undefined Season 05 Episode 05 Wild West Showdown

S05 E07

Wild West Showdown Aug 25, 2016

Tonya plans a Western-themed party for Kerwin. Later, Terra learns she's not invited to the bash, leading her to arrange a secret meeting with Tonya's daughter; and Briana blames Christy when she ends up in legal trouble.

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