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imdb logo8/10
rotten tomatoes tomato83%
ComedyDrama18+2012 - 20143 Seasons

Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt), is a former member of the New York mob. After testifying in a trial in the United States, Tagliano is relocated to Lillehammer in Norway through the FBI's witness protection program. Frank Tagliano was intrigued by Lillehammer when he saw television images of the Winter Olympics in 1994, and therefore chooses to start his new life there. The transition from being a feared and respected gangster in New York, to become an unemployed immigrant in Norway, is not simple. Frank discovers that to get up and in the Norwegian rural society, he must resort to the old, ruthless methods. The spelling of the series title alludes to Tagliano's dog Lily, and the way that Frank and some other anglophones pronounce the town's name.

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Season 3

Season 03, Episode 01 Tiger Boy

S03 E01

Oct 30, 2014
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Tiger Boy It's not a happy New Year for Frank, topped off by Jan Johansen's surprise and unwanted return. Meanwhile, Roar is in Rio de Janeiro to get married.

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Season 03, Episode 02 Foreign Affairs

S03 E02

Nov 6, 2014
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Foreign Affairs Frank and Torgeir head to Brazil to save Roar from his troubles with the law, and Jan has second thoughts about his murder confession.

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Season 03, Episode 03 The Homecoming

S03 E03

Nov 13, 2014
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The Homecoming Frank and Torgeir are happy to have gained Roar out of Brazilian jail, but back in Lillehammer stock the Lithuanian gang trouble. From now shuns him at nothing to get the better of the gang who shot him on New Year's Eve.

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Season 03, Episode 04 The Mind is Like a Monkey

S03 E04

Nov 20, 2014
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The Mind is Like a Monkey There 20th Anniversary of the Lillehammer Olympics is coming up, and Torgeir get his childhood dream fullfilled, that he will jump in the opening ceremony. But has he really nerves to carry?

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Season 03, Episode 05 Tommy

S03 E05

Nov 27, 2014
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Tommy An ex-mobster on book tour in Scandinavia are exposed to assassination. The estimate goes wrong, and soon, Frank gets a bloody acquaintance at the door.

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Season 03, Episode 06 The Minstrel Boy

S03 E06

Dec 4, 2014
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The Minstrel Boy Frank appreciate having a powerful mafia man as Tommy in the gang. But Tommy is struggling to cope with the high cost in Norway and goes behind Frank's back to earn a living.

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Season 03, Episode 07 The Funeral

S03 E07

Dec 11, 2014
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The Funeral Things look good for Jan until his new girlfriend has a fateful request. Roar signs Torgeir's life away. Tommy takes his betrayal up a notch.

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Season 2

Season 02, Episode 01 Millwall Brick

S02 E01

Oct 24, 2013
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Millwall Brick Torgeir's mishap with a moose and a Ferrari enrages a British thief; Frank is alarmed by his twins' proposed names; Jan makes a sweet business deal.

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Season 02, Episode 02 Out of Africa

S02 E02

Oct 31, 2013
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Out of Africa Frank hires a new chef through his refugee center - an acquisition that catches Torgeirs attention in more ways than one. The death of Duncan Hammer attracts both the police and his brothers crew - bringing them closer to Torgeir and Frank.

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Season 02, Episode 03 Fiddler's Green

S02 E03

Nov 7, 2013
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Fiddler's Green Frank attempts to resolve the English conflict with a bribe; Roar becomes the victim as the English plan their payback for Hammers death; The police get an interesting new applicant as Laila retires from her position as sheriff.

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Season 02, Episode 04 The Black Toe

S02 E04

Nov 14, 2013
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The Black Toe A robbery in Oslo inadvertently reveals Franks identity to the Norwegian National Security; A business opportunity arises as local entrepreneurs seek to make an investment in the Flamingo; Torgeir gets acquainted with the new local sheriff.

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Season 02, Episode 05 The Island

S02 E05

Nov 21, 2013
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The Island Frank follows up on the Oslo robbery and recruits an old "friend" for help; Torgeir and Roars mother returns to Norway with a new man; Jan runs into some relationship troubles on his birthday.

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Season 02, Episode 06 Special Education

S02 E06

Nov 28, 2013
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Special Education Stanley's proposal to Torgeir's mother ends badly for all parties; Frank finally catches up with the Oslo thieves and retrieves his documents; After the refugee center shuts, Jan makes a grave mistake; Franks history still remains a threat.

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Season 02, Episode 07 The Freezer

S02 E07

Dec 5, 2013
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The Freezer After acquiring a herd of reindeer, Frank gets the idea to start racing them; Delucci finds out that Robby covered for Frank, so Robby plans to have Delucci dethroned; Jans actions come back to haunt him and decides to seek asylum in Iraq.

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