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L.A. Heat

IMDB Logo7.4/10
Action & Adventure Crime 1999 - 19992 SeasonsSeries EndedOn: Prime Video 

L.A. Heat is an American action series starring Wolf Larson and Steven Williams as Los Angeles police detectives, in the tradition of films like Lethal Weapon. The series aired on TNT from March 15, 1999.L.A. Heat featuring Renee Tenison and Steven Williams has one or more episodes streaming with subscription on Prime Video. It's an action & adventure and crime show with 48 episodes over 2 seasons. L.A. Heat is no longer running and has no plans to air new episodes or seasons. It has a better than average IMDb audience rating of 7.4 (333 votes).

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Season 1

Prime Video
Season 01, Episode 01 Daybomber

S01 E01

Mar 15, 1999
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Daybomber Mar 15, 1999 Detectives August Brooks and Chase McDonald meet when August and several officers are being overwhelmed by criminals in an explosive shootout. Chase arrives in his Porche and immediately neautralizes the situation with a grenade launcher. Moments later, August discovers that Chase is his new partner, and they are immediately assigned the case to track down a bomber - nicknamed the Daybomber - who has set off a series of explosions in his quest to warn people of the advances of technology.

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Season 01, Episode 02 Too Young to Die

S01 E02

Mar 16, 1999
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Too Young to Die Mar 16, 1999 Chase and August are at August's gym, where they are volunteering their time to help keep kids off the street and out of gangs. In the boxing ring is Andre, a young fighter determined to stay away from gang violence. But when word comes in that Andre's brother has been shot and killed by a rival gang, Andre swears to avenge his brother's death. Chase and August try to persuade him to let the police handle it, but Andre slips from their grasp in pursuit of the killer. The incident also brings back memories for Chase, who is struggling with unresolved guilt over his former partner's murder by a gang youth.

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Season 01, Episode 03 In Transit

S01 E03

Mar 17, 1999
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In Transit Mar 17, 1999 Chase and August are escorting an annoying accountant named Cecil Rusk - the star witness for the prosecution in mobster Marius Roma's tax evasion trial - to court when they are ambushed by Roma's brother and his thugs. After their car is destroyed, the trio escape on foot through a hail of gunfire. Alone on the streets of Los Angeles, they decide to head out of town, where they believe they'll be safe. But a mole inside the force is leaking information on the detectives' whereabouts to Roma's mob, and it's up to Captain Jensen and Det. Richardson to figure out who it is.

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Season 01, Episode 04 Electra

S01 E04

Mar 18, 1999
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Electra Mar 18, 1999 Ariel, a prostitute, is found dead. Nearby, a beautiful young hooker named Electra wanders the streets in a daze. Narrowly escaping Uzi-toting hitmen, she is taken into custody by Chase and August. Electra has amnesia and cannot remember what happened the night of Ariel's murder. Eager to crack the case, Chase and August are relieved of their investigation by Captain Jensen after orders from the mayor's office. Chase, convinced there is a cover-up in progress, refuses to drop the case.

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Season 01, Episode 05 Silicon Sting

S01 E05

Mar 19, 1999
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Silicon Sting Mar 19, 1999 When a group of criminals rob a computer chip assembly plant, Chase and August link the six million dollar heist to a local computer store. Posing as computer industry executives, the detectives visit the store and stage a robbery, pretending to save the day. Winning the confidence of the store's owner, Ray Bernard, they begin to work their way into his group.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Cop Star

S01 E06

Mar 22, 1999
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Cop Star Mar 22, 1999 Playing host to a COPS-like television show, Chase and August are out to catch the gangbangers responsible for a string of 211s around the city. The two-person TV crew tags along while the detectives tackle a 211 in progress and apprehend a couple of suspects. When Chase saves a store owner's 12-year-old boy just before a grenade erupts and the producer of the show says he plans to make Chase ""a star,"" August fears his partner's desire to be a movie star will slow their investigation.

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Season 01, Episode 07 Strange Currencies

S01 E07

Mar 23, 1999
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Strange Currencies Mar 23, 1999 Chase and August are eyewitnesses to a young man who throws a Molotov cocktail into a car right outside the gym. The perpetrator gets killed in the ensuing pursuit, but they find out that the car was registered to Carlos Altamarino, a known drug dealer. Chase is visited by an old college friend, now a CIA agent, who gives Chase a mysterious gold key for safekeeping and reveals that Carlos' operation has shifted power to a brother, a cousin, or perhaps even Carlos himself using an alias. The new boss carries the name Charlie Altamirano. Chase's friend is killed later, and the detectives work to figure out just what exactly is going on.

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Season 2

Prime Video
Season 02, Episode 01 Fangs

S02 E01

Apr 20, 1999
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Fangs Apr 20, 1999 A young woman is found murdered with fang marks on her neck, her body completely drained of blood. Chase and August attempt to question a suspect dressed as a vampire, but he takes off in a hearse, leading the detectives to a warehouse. They interrupt what appears to be a blood-drinking ceremony with a group of men and women, all dressed as vampires, and bring several ""vampires"" in for questioning. Wanda, the attractive leader of the group, falls for Chase and wants to protect him from the suspect they originally chased, who may not be what he thinks he is, but who may be just a dangerous.

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Season 02, Episode 02 F Is For Framed

S02 E02

Apr 21, 1999
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F Is For Framed Apr 21, 1999 Having just finished lunch in Chinatown, Chase and August are preparing to head back to the station when they see a drug deal going down. A chase ensues, and the detectives split up. When August finds Chase, he is lying in an alley, unconscious, with one of the men lying next to him dead. An eyewitness says she saw Chase kill the unarmed man, but Chase can't remember what happened before he was knocked out. August feels certain his partner is innocent and sets out to uncover the truth while Chase is suspended.

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Season 02, Episode 03 Burning Sanctuary

S02 E03

Apr 22, 1999
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Burning Sanctuary Apr 22, 1999 A group of Nazi skinheads demonstrate outside a black church, and a riot is narrowly prevented as Chase and August arrest a skinhead and a churchgoer. The next week, the church is burned to the ground, and a charred body is found inside - Duke Minks, a member of the Aryan Nation, who was arrested during the demonstration. The victim's uncle, Eddie Minks, also a member of the Aryan Nation, isn't happy that August is on the case, and warns that justice will be served, one way or the other. As the detectives dig deeper, they learn that the arsonist may be the person they least suspect.

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Season 02, Episode 04 Strip Show

S02 E04

Apr 23, 1999
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Strip Show Apr 23, 1999 Sam Como, owner of the Naked Venus strip club, has been murdered. His money and jewelry are in place, so robbery was clearly not the motive. Forensics reveals that Como was stabbed and beaten over time, so that he would die a slow, agonizing death. Chase and August question the dancers at the club and learn that a rival club owner, Johnny Roman, got into a fight with Como the night he was killed. The plot thickens when Roman denies the murder, telling the detectives that everyone hated Como, from his dancers to his wife, with whom Roman was having an affair.

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Season 02, Episode 05 Eyewitness

S02 E05

Apr 26, 1999
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Eyewitness Apr 26, 1999 Beth Landers, a young blind exotic dancer, hears a man being murdered as she walks home. The murderer sees Beth and is about to kill her, but a car accident draws attention to the scene. When the detectives arrive, Beth tells them that the killer has a limp and uses an inhaler. The killer, Larry Puzzo, doesn't know that Beth is blind and sets out to eliminate the only ""witness"" to his crime.

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Season 02, Episode 06 Little Saigon

S02 E06

Apr 27, 1999
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Little Saigon Apr 27, 1999 Chase and August investigate a string of gang-related robberies in Little Saigon, the Vietnamese area of downtown Los Angeles. One of the gang members turns out to be the son of August's Vietnam buddy, who died saving August's life. August is further shocked to discover that the boy's mother is the same woman he tried to help get out of Vietnam when he was coming back. They had gotten separated just seconds before their helicopter arrived, and August thought for sure she had died in the years that followed. She wants him to pull her son out of the dangers of gang life, but he knows too much for the gang to let him go.

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Season 02, Episode 07 John Doe

S02 E07

Apr 28, 1999
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John Doe Apr 28, 1999 Chase and August investigate the murders of two men: one an affluent, politically-connected businessman and the other a homeless man. They discover that the homeless victim was once a successful businessman who was going to testify against infamous criminal Bobby Cole. But the man was beaten so badly he forgot his identity and ended up on the streets. The detectives race to uncover Cole's secret before his hitman makes them the next victims.

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