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Kate & Allie Season 5

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S05 E01

Sep 14, 1987
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Fathers and Sons Sep 14, 1987 An adult Chip brings his son Scotty to the old apartment just before the building is demolished, and reminisces a bout the day he tried to conceal a report card showing that he had failed science -- convincing him that he would always be a failure.

S05 E02

Sep 21, 1987
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The Dilemma with Emma Sep 21, 1987 Everyone has date problems: Emma has no date for the college dance and must go with Jennie and Jason & Jennie breaks up with Jason & Chip has a fight with Amy upstairs because she was drooling over Matt Dillon in the movie they rent ed & Kate's chiropractor date was a self-centered bore; and Allie has no date at all. But Emma meets someone at the dance: a self-satisfied, arrogrant business major whom everyone else hates on sight.

S05 E03

Sep 28, 1987
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Kate and the Cab Driver Sep 28, 1987 Kate falls for a charmingly immature cab driver who quit his job as an advertising executive to become an artist -- and who wants Kate to go on impulse with him to Brazil.

S05 E04

Oct 5, 1987
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Mother's Day Oct 5, 1987 Resenting their daughters' taking them for granted, Kate and Allie guiltily invite their own mothers to lunch -- then regret it when Marion won't stop talking about the food on her recent cruise and Joan won't stop criticizing Allie.

S05 E05

Oct 12, 1987
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Return of Bob Barsky Oct 12, 1987 After an unexplained absence, Bob Barsky calls to ask Allie out on a date and explains that he is moving back to New York -- and is also seeing someone else.

S05 E06

Oct 19, 1987
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Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Oct 19, 1987 While Kate and Dennis take old clothes to Goodwill, Allie rushes across town to pay Jennie's school fees but l eaves her purse in the cab and is left stranded and penniless in Manhattan.

S05 E07

Oct 26, 1987
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Ted's Fix-Up Oct 26, 1987 Kate and Angela fix each other up with each other's ex's, with surprising results.

S05 E08

Nov 9, 1987
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Jennie's New Deal Nov 9, 1987 After Emma moves into the college dorm, Jennie feels cooped up living at home under her mother's rules.

Season 05, Episode 09 Hired Wife

S05 E09

Nov 16, 1987
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Hired Wife Nov 16, 1987 Businessman Bill Connor comes with a startling proposition: he is single but pretending to be married in order to get a promotion, and needs someone to impersonate his non-existent wife at an executive party. Kate agrees with his stand against prejudice on the basis of marital status but then is attracted to a man who turns out to be a co-worker of Bill's. The whole farce turns out to be moot when Bill finds out the promotion was never available--the company was hiring from the outside--and quits, leaving Kate free to date Peter.

S05 E10

Nov 23, 1987
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The Marriage Counselor Nov 23, 1987 Bob suggests marriage counseling for the constantly bickering Kate and Allie.

S05 E11

Dec 7, 1987
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The Triangle Has Four Sides Dec 7, 1987 Kate tries to date Dennis and Peter at the same time, but they end up finding out about each other. When Kate realizes they don't care she is dating other men, she dumps them both and starts dating Ted, again.

S05 E12

Dec 14, 1987
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The Nightmare Before Christmas Dec 14, 1987 Kate, Allie and the kids work overtime buying and wrapping gifts for the catering clients, promising themselves a skiing vacation in Vermont & but the apartment is burgled and everything stolen, leaving them to redo it all in just one day.

S05 E13

Jan 4, 1988
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A Catered Affair Jan 4, 1988

S05 E14

Jan 11, 1988
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The Band Singer Jan 11, 1988 Jenny is enamored of classmate Howard, auditions for his band, and becomes their lead singer. While the band rehearses in their basement, Kate and Allie give combined French dinners/French lessons and worry that Jenny is not willing to be herself with Howard -- to the point where she won't admit she can't rollerskate when he wants her to sing dressed as a skating '50s carhop.

S05 E15

Jan 18, 1988
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Almost Married (a.k.a.) And Then There Were None Jan 18, 1988 Ted invites everybody to his friends' cabin in the Adirondacks, but there's an escaped convict on the loose.

S05 E16

Feb 1, 1988
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My Day with Paul Newman Feb 1, 1988 A film crew asks to use the front door in a movie

S05 E17

Feb 3, 1988
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The Namath of the Game Feb 3, 1988 Sports nut Kate becomes Joe Namath's personal assistant

S05 E18

Feb 8, 1988
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The Mouse That Squeaked Feb 8, 1988 Kate and Allie panic when Chip's mouse gets loose.

S05 E19

Feb 15, 1988
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Inside Park Avenue Feb 15, 1988 Kate and Allie get a taste of how the other half lives---and loves---when they cater a society couple's 25th-anniversary party.

S05 E20

Feb 22, 1988
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Working Women Feb 22, 1988 Arrogant businessman Jack Brompton hires the women to cater ""an authentic early American dinner for 24"" at his place in the Hamptons, then repeatedly changes the theme and menu from American Civil War to Victorian England. Jenny's video project on working women for her women's study course prompts fantasy sequences with Kate and Allie as immigrant women in a sweatshop and as WWII factory workers. Inspired to stand up for themselves, they confront Brompton about his shoddy treatment of them -- and discover that he is a henpecked husband only obeying his shrewish wife's whims.

S05 E21

Mar 14, 1988
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I Don't, I Don't Mar 14, 1988 Bob is in a panic because he feels he's not ready for marriage---which no one has mentioned.

S05 E22

Mar 21, 1988
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Bob Smells the Roses Mar 21, 1988 Shaken by a friend's heart attack, Bob decides he should live life to the fullest---with Allie as his wife. Part 1 of two.

S05 E23

Mar 28, 1988
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Allie Makes Up Her Mind Mar 28, 1988 Conclusion. Allie can't decide whether to accept Bob's marriage proposal.

S05 E24

May 23, 1988
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The Clip Show May 23, 1988 The series' 100th episode is celebrated with clips from past shows.