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Iron Resurrection

IMDB: 8.4/10Reality7+2016 - Present2 Seasons

Joe Martin brings new life to old iron at his shop Joe Martin Customs. Working with his wife Amanda, and best friend Shag, this custom shop oversees every phase of restoration from design, fabrication and mechanicals, to the final paint job.

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Below you'll find every episode from all 2 season of Iron Resurrection.
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Season 2

Velocity | Rent or Buy

Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Grim Reaper

S02 E01

Grim Reaper Jul 12, 2017

Martin Brothers Customs can't wait to transform a 1970 Chevy C10 truck into a powerful autocross hot rod. The build looks promising but, but Shag & Amanda are desperate in their search for a sturdy cab. They race the clock to resurrect this rusted wreck.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Suicide '35

S02 E02

Suicide '35 Jul 19, 2017

A 1935 Chevy Master just rolled into the shop; made famous by the gangsters of its time, the Master features a distinctive grill, wood interior, & suicide doors. But at 82 years old - it's going to take a lot of MBC magic to resurrect this relic.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Super Low Metro

S02 E03

Super Low Metro Jul 26, 2017

Known for their killer cool paint jobs, MBC flips this build on its head. A weather beaten 59 Metro rolls into the shop for an extreme makeover, from the inside out. It's the Flinstones meets the Jetsons with a surprise twist for its new owner.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 '62 Corvette Fuelie

S02 E04

'62 Corvette Fuelie Aug 2, 2017

Martin Brothers Customs works their magic on a rare, early American-made, 360 horsepower, fuel-injected classic – a 1962 Chevy Corvette. The customer wants his muscle car restored to original factory condition...and that ain't gonna' be cheap.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Silver Stallion

S02 E05

Silver Stallion Aug 9, 2017

MBCs' latest client loves her trucks, particularly the 1950 Chevy. But with a list of cusomizations the size of Texas, this build is going to seriously test Joe's mechanical genius.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Good to Go GTO

S02 E06

Good to Go GTO Aug 16, 2017

Known for its sizzling performance and smooth body style, the '69 Pontiac GTO is one of the fastest cars of its time. Now, Joe gives it his signature twist with rad body mods and new power train that will have its super wide tires smokin' hot.

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Watch undefined Season 02 Episode 02 Smoking Hot Ghia

S02 E07

Smoking Hot Ghia Aug 23, 2017

When Amanda stumbles across a beautiful 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, she will not take no for an answer. With its Italian styling and German engineering, Joe and the crew are excited to add some Martin Bros. magic to this foreign classic. But first, they are going to have to get their hands on some VW parts as quickly as possible. As luck would have it, the VW Classic Car Show has just rolled into town. While Shag and Amanda search for parts, Joe and the crew devise big plans for this little spitfire. A new air-cooled engine, smooth transmission, refined body lines, shiny rims, and custom paint should do the trick. But the teardown quickly exposes a shocking pile of problems and they realize it's going to take a mountain of metal work to resurrect this Ghia. With rust permeating throughout the body and nonexistent structural integrity, Joe decides to bring in a couple of VW experts. Costs continue to hit while the clock continues to tick and Martin Brothers Customs is running out of time to turn a profit. Not to mention the fact that they still don't have a buyer. Will Amanda's emotional purchase get the best of them? Find out on the next episode of Iron Resurrection!

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Season 1

Velocity | Rent or Buy

Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Texas Two Step

S01 E01

Texas Two Step Apr 14, 2016

Shag and Amanda return from the road with a classic 1962 Chevy Stepside truck that Joe plans on transforming into an ultra-cool, ground hugging Fleetside. The team at Martin Bros Customs wrestles with Joe’s vision for the truck as they resurrect it into a show-stopping, eye-popping piece of drivable art for an upcoming car show.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Lone Star Lincoln

S01 E02

Lone Star Lincoln Apr 21, 2016

An old family friend helps Shag and Amanda bring home a 1964 Lincoln Continental, one of Joe’s favorite cars, without breaking the bank. With one of the most popular show and shines in the state of Texas on the horizon, Joe and the team work hard to take the rusted wreck from shabby to a shiny new four-wheeled pearl.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Shaggin' Wagon

S01 E03

Shaggin' Wagon Apr 28, 2016

West Coast cool becomes the theme when Shag and Amanda stumble upon an exceptional find – a 1953 Ford Ranch Wagon. Joe automatically has visions of a bad-ass California style beach cruiser for the Wagon. That means the team at Martin Bros Customs must set the stance low and create a fantastic, head turning exterior.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Barbecued Bird

S01 E04

Barbecued Bird May 5, 2016

Joe and his team get the chance to refurbish a 1973 Pontiac Firebird that’s been damaged by fire. This build requires resourcefulness as the guys start from the ground up ditching many of the original parts for all new Martin Bros Customs modifications including a custom roll cage and a new rear spoiler built from scratch. Like a phoenix from the ashes, this burnt bird is getting an all-out restoration so it can fly once again.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Hardcore Softail

S01 E05

Hardcore Softail May 12, 2016

It’s a walk down memory lane when Joe ditches four wheeled machines in favor of his first love – a souped-up Softail® motorcycle. He works with the guys to build it from the ground up, complete with a custom fuel tank, exhaust system and frame. Meanwhile Shag and Amanda are on the road, having fun hunting for parts for a moneymaker milk truck build.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Triple Black Cadillac

S01 E06

Triple Black Cadillac May 19, 2016

Shag and Amanda trek through Texas to find a build worthy of the Martin Brothers’ touch. They bring back a busted 1964 Cadillac De Ville that Joe helps into a big-bodied beauty of a convertible. After, Joe and Mike head to the marina in search of a boat to flip for some quick cash. But trouble with the boat’s engine and a ton of hidden rust on the De Ville could spell trouble for the crew.

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