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I Shouldn't Be Alive

IMDB: 8.1/10Action & AdventureDocumentary7+2005 - 20126 Seasons

I Shouldn't Be Alive is a documentary television series that airs on multiple networks in the United States, Canada, the U.K., the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, India, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa and the Philippines. I Shouldn't Be Alive is made by Darlow Smithson Productions, a UK-based production company. The show features accounts of individuals and groups caught in dangerous scenarios, presented both through interviews and dramatic reenactments. The main focus is how the survivors survived and the decisions they made that kept them alive. The show is currently casting on Animal It was announced on August 4 that I Shouldn't Be Alive was canceled by Animal Planet.

Where to Watch I Shouldn't Be Alive

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Season 6

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Volcano Vacation Hell

S06 E01

Volcano Vacation Hell Oct 8, 2011

Businessman and entrepreneur Dewey Gaedcke decides to check out the spectacular Kilauea Volcano, driving down a secluded local road, before hiking through the dark to a viewing spot. But in the dead of night, becomes disorientated - in the heart of a 330,000-acre national park, covered with deep craters, steaming volcanic vents and crusty lava fields. Dewey is faced with a five day battle to live in this arid, lunar landscape.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Chasm of Death

S06 E02

Chasm of Death Oct 8, 2011

School teachers and old friends, Ben Gowans, Jason Cox and Clay Craig embark on a 'guy's trip' to the remote wilderness of Utah. Ben has talked his friends into canyoneering through some of the states most beautiful slot canyons. But after taking a wrong turn the friends quickly find that they are in way over their heads. With no way out, Ben decides to climb 60ft up and out of the canyon. As he's nearing the top disaster strikes - the rock he's holding onto snaps and he freefalls back down the canyon. Severely injured and unable to move Ben's life rests in the hands of his friends.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Dive of Terror

S06 E03

Dive of Terror Oct 15, 2011

In 2006, ex-Navy diver Rob Hewitt embarks on a short recreational fishing dive off the Kapiti Coast near Wellington, New Zealand. A fun day turns into a living nightmare when he gets caught in a vicious rip current and gets dragged out to sea. Coming face to face with a huge shark and suffering dehydration and exposure Rob is driven to the limit of human endurance.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Escape from Bear Mountain

S06 E04

Escape from Bear Mountain Oct 15, 2011

In the summer of 2010 Texan Gary Nall and his friend Dave Akers take a trip in Dave's Cessna to the Knick Glacier deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Out of the blue they hit a pocket of turbulence and crash land into the mountainside. Seriously injured and stuck in the middle of bear country the two friends face a fight to survive.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Lost in the Jungle

S06 E05

Lost in the Jungle Feb 18, 2012

Ken gets lost alone on a trip to Mayan ruins.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 06 Episode 06 Perfect Storm

S06 E06

Perfect Storm Feb 25, 2012

A helicopter rescue crew fight for their lives.

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Season 5

Amazon Prime | Animal Planet | Rent or Buy

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Avalanche!

S05 E01

Avalanche! Jul 7, 2011

Five young guys from Bozeman, Montana have got together for a back-country ski trip to celebrate New Year 2005. Sam Kavanagh, Blake Morstad, Jason Thompson, Chris Maki and Matt Schuyler have grown up together. They're close friends and expert skiers. On the final day of their trip they accidentally trigger a huge avalanche. One of the gang is killed and another is left critically injured. Miles from safety, a dream adventure turns into a living hell.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Blood on the Mountain

S05 E02

Blood on the Mountain Jul 14, 2011

British hiker Matt Briggs spends ten days stranded in the mountains of New Zealand's South Island following a crippling fall on a solo trek. With no sign of rescue and his supplies running low, Matt and his canine companion 'Little Dog' must fight horrendous injuries and brutal terrain to save their own lives.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 First Date Nightmare

S05 E03

First Date Nightmare Jul 23, 2011

Experienced climbers Rachel Kelsey and Jeremy Colenso are in the Swiss Alps descending the Piz Badille Mountain when they are caught up in a terrifying electrical storm. Anchored onto the mountain with their metal climbing equipment, Rachel and Jeremy have become human lightning conductors. They have a heart-stopping dilemma - risk it all climbing down through the storm or spend the night on the mountain, where temperatures dip to -20.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Christmas Horror

S05 E04

Christmas Horror Jul 28, 2011

Students Sonja Rendell and Marni Sheppeard are on a 3-day hike in Arthur's Pass National Park, staying in picturesque huts and planning to visit thermal mud pools, before returning home for a family Christmas. But when their path is blocked by ice, the girls take a detour. What started as a steep slope quickly becomes a sheer cliff - with Sonja clinging to the rock with just her finger tips. Returning to the trail is no longer an option as the girls fight to survive on a tiny rock ledge in torrential rain and wind. Will Sonja and Marni be able to climb their way to safety?

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Climb out of Hell

S05 E05

Climb out of Hell Oct 1, 2011

Amateur photographer Jordan Nicurity is exploring a beautiful cove on Hornby Island in British Columbia when he falls 20ft from a cliff, shattering his pelvis and rupturing internal organs. Crippled by injury Jordan faces a life and death struggle only miles from where he lives. For 4 days his will to survive is put to the ultimate test.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Til Death Do Us Part

S05 E06

Til Death Do Us Part Oct 1, 2011

In 2009, Tom and Linda Bosworth set off on a short 'jeeping' adventure to a beautiful but remote canyon in New Mexico.. Disaster strikes when their jeep hits a large rock causing it to roll. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, their car broken beyond repair, Tom and Linda are suddenly thrown into a desperate fight for survival.

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