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I Shouldn't Be Alive

imdb logo8.1/10
Action & AdventureDocumentary7+2005 - 20126 Seasons

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Below you'll find every episode from all 6 season of I Shouldn't Be Alive.
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Season 1

Season 01, Episode 01 Shark Survivor

S01 E01

Oct 29, 2005
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Shark Survivor 1982. Five people get caught in a tropical storm and their yacht sinks. They have to survive in the middle of the ocean on a raft with absolutely no survival equipment. To their horror they find the area of the ocean to be infested with sharks.

Not Available

Season 01, Episode 02 Lost in the Snow

S01 E02

Nov 5, 2005
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Lost in the Snow A U.S. Army Private, his wife, and their five-month old son travel to a funeral, but on the way there, they miss the sign that leads to the city and instead go into an uninhabited national park which is closed for the winter.

Not Available

Season 01, Episode 03 Escape from the Amazon

S01 E03

Nov 12, 2005
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Escape from the Amazon Three friends go to the Amazon for a trip but things get nasty when their guide leads them to jeopardy. As the four (three friends and guide) split into two groups, one pair faces disaster at every turn, while the other two are never heard from again.

Not Available

Season 01, Episode 04 Swept Away

S01 E04

Nov 19, 2005
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Swept Away Two friends go kayaking in the Strait of Georgia. When the tide comes in, one friend falls from his kayak and fears that he will end up in the Pacific Ocean.

Not Available

Season 01, Episode 05 Kidnap in the Killing Fields

S01 E05

Nov 26, 2005
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Kidnap in the Killing Fields A man involved in demining Cambodia accidentally steps on a landmine and blows off his leg. Two years earlier, he was kidnapped by a murderous group of Khmer Rouge.

Not Available

Season 01, Episode 06 Jaws of Death

S01 E06

Dec 3, 2005
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Jaws of Death A man crashes his plane in the African savannah. With legs broken in a total of six different places, he has to make it alive past lions and other dangerous predators in a state of intense pain and loss of leg mobility.

Not Available

Season 01, Episode 07 Trapped Under a Boulder

S01 E07

Mar 11, 2006
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Trapped Under a Boulder An environmentalist heads for a remote island off the coast of Queensland, he then meets a Dutch man on a deserted beach. A one ton slab of granite hits the environmentalist and pins him down to the bed of a creek. The Dutchman must find help for his new friend.

Not Available

Season 2

Season 02, Episode 01 Nightmare Canyon

S02 E01

Nov 11, 2006
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Nightmare Canyon Two brothers go on a hike in Utah's Canyons. They expect the trip will take no more than 8 hours, but when freezing temperatures come, one brother breaks his leg and the other has to find help... and fast.

Not Available

Season 02, Episode 02 Frozen at 20,000 Feet

S02 E02

Nov 18, 2006
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Frozen at 20,000 Feet A couple go on a tour of the San Jacinto Mountains, only to find themselves stranded and alone for 4 days fighting for their lives.

Not Available

Season 02, Episode 03 Trapped Under the Ice

S02 E03

Nov 25, 2006
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Trapped Under the Ice A man and his aged dad go kayaking in the Alaskan wilderness. Everything goes fine until they run into some ice on the river, and soon find themselves swept underneath.

Not Available

Season 02, Episode 04 Into the Heart of Darkness

S02 E04

Dec 2, 2006
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Into the Heart of Darkness Two close friends head for the Amazon rain forest and get lost in the jungle. They have to survive the dangers of the jungle and hold on to sanity as they find their way home.

Not Available

Season 02, Episode 05 Blood in the Water

S02 E05

Dec 9, 2006
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Blood in the Water Five boat safari goers find themselves stranded in the hippo and crocodile-infested Zambezi River when their watercraft sinks due to a mad hippo. Three get stranded on a submerged sand flat in the middle of the river and the other barely makes it to the shore. None of them are protected from Africa's deadly wildlife.

Not Available

Season 02, Episode 06 Dive into Danger

S02 E06

Dec 16, 2006
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Dive into Danger Two divers get stranded in the Pacific Ocean when their boat has to leave them. As they believe help is not coming they make a decision to swim for shore miles away or die trying.

Not Available

Season 02, Episode 07 A Walk in Hell

S02 E07

Dec 23, 2006
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A Walk in Hell A group of five teenaged scouts and three adult guides hike into the Grand Canyon during a heat wave. As their water runs out and the older members collapse in exhaustion, three of the teenagers must set out on their own to reach the Colorado River.

Not Available