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Howards' Way Season 5

Here's where to watch every episode of Howards' Way season 5. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 05, Episode 01 Episode 53

S05 E01

Sep 7, 1989
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Episode 53 Sep 7, 1989 As Charles and Gerald face investigation by the Fraud Squad and Leo begins to recover from his crash, Laura Wilde arrives to take over Wilde Mouldings...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 02 Episode 54

S05 E02

Sep 14, 1989
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Episode 54 Sep 14, 1989 Ken finds trouble in his personal and business life. Jan meets James Brooke, her potential competitor and Charles' plans for Relton become all too clear.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 03 Episode 55

S05 E03

Sep 21, 1989
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Episode 55 Sep 21, 1989 Charles attempts to discover who implicated him in the fraud enquiry, Laura and Tom discuss joining forces with Ken and Abby travels with Leo to the Isle of Wight.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 04 Episode 56

S05 E04

Sep 28, 1989
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Episode 56 Sep 28, 1989 Laura aims to profit from Charles and Avril's feud. James and Jan are at loggerheads over a designer and it is soon clear that business as well as personal matters have prompted Orin's visit.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 05 Episode 57

S05 E05

Oct 5, 1989
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Episode 57 Oct 5, 1989 Leisure Cruise shares are being bulk purchased by a mystery buyer. Laura warns Ken to keep personal matters out of business and Abby reassures Leo as he becomes jealous of Orin.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 06 Episode 58

S05 E06

Oct 12, 1989
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Episode 58 Oct 12, 1989 Jan and James' business arguments fail to prevent them getting closer. Jack discovers Vanessa's secret business dealings and Abby's announcement finally opens Gerald's eyes...

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 07 Episode 59

S05 E07

Oct 19, 1989
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Episode 59 Oct 19, 1989 Vanessa has an ambitious new role, Avril focuses her attention on preventing Charles' take over bid and Orin interrupts Charles' exercise routine with a serious proposition.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 08 Episode 60

S05 E08

Oct 26, 1989
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Episode 60 Oct 26, 1989 The Fraud Squad catch up with Charles. Tom and Jack struggle to meet their first deadline at the Mermaid Yard and while Jan focuses on the Howard Brooke fashion show, James has other business plans.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 09 Episode 61

S05 E09

Nov 2, 1989
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Episode 61 Nov 2, 1989 Avril returns from Malta to be embroiled in Charles' fraud case. Laura is determined to get hold of James' Howard Brooke shares and Kate cultivates her friendship with Admiral Redfern.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 10 Episode 62

S05 E10

Nov 9, 1989
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Episode 62 Nov 9, 1989 Jan determines to stand by James. Kate is concerned about the impact of the new marina development and Jack has difficulty dealing with memories of his late wife.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 11 Episode 63

S05 E11

Nov 16, 1989
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Episode 63 Nov 16, 1989 Charles and Gerald set their sights on revenge. Abby refuses to hand William over to the Hudsons and Ken and Laura court Sabio Fernandez for a business deal.

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 12 Episode 64

S05 E12

Nov 23, 1989
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Episode 64 Nov 23, 1989 Charles engages Battle Cry in a local six-metre yacht race and Abby joins Kate on the picket line at Mermaid Yard but has James taken on too bitter an enemy in Ken?

Not Available
Season 05, Episode 13 Episode 65

S05 E13

Nov 30, 1989
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Episode 65 Nov 30, 1989 Avril's position is in jeopardy now that Ken has sold his Relton shareholding to Charles. Jan confronts James over his actions and Leo takes on Ken in a one-against-one long-distance race.

Not Available