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Hollyoaks Later Season 5

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Season 05, Episode 01 September 17th 2012

S05 E01

Sep 17, 2012
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September 17th 2012 Sep 17, 2012 A dramatic week of Hollyoaks Later starts with an action-packed first instalment setting up each narrative strand. Brendan spots someone laying into Joel, Mitzeee is seen running through the forest handcuffed to prison cellmate Lauren, Cheryl gets news from Nana Flo, while Jono, Bart and Neil head to Amsterdam for the ultimate lads' trip.

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Season 05, Episode 02 September 18th 2012

S05 E02

Sep 18, 2012
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September 18th 2012 Sep 18, 2012 Brendan furiously drives the streets, searching for Joel's dangerous stepdad Mick. Mitzeee thinks of a way to rid herself of Lauren, but will she go through with it? In Amsterdam, Lola and Bart grow curiously closer, while Neil has a bizarre encounter.

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Season 05, Episode 03 September 19th 2012

S05 E03

Sep 19, 2012
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September 19th 2012 Sep 19, 2012 Joel has locked himself in the bathroom, completely freaked out and unable to cope with recent events. The fun in Amsterdam continues as Jono, Bart and Lola spend the day together, while Lauren and Mitzeee need a getaway driver.

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Season 05, Episode 04 September 20th 2012

S05 E04

Sep 20, 2012
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September 20th 2012 Sep 20, 2012 There's panic all round as the police show up at the motel, but Brendan is calmer than usual. In Amsterdam, Bart is ignoring the fact that he has Sinead back home, while Neil has yet another wild day. On the run, Mitzeee and Lauren arrive at the army barracks.

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Season 05, Episode 05 September 21st 2012

S05 E05

Sep 21, 2012
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September 21st 2012 Sep 21, 2012 Brendan finally finds Cheryl in hospital with Nana Flo. Lauren, Nancy and Mitzeee stage a situation to get Mitzeee alone with Riley. In Amsterdam, Bart takes things too far and ends up putting himself in danger.

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