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Guiding Light Season 28

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Season 28, Episode 01 Friday January 25, 1980

S28 E01

Jan 25, 1980
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Friday January 25, 1980 Jan 25, 1980 The Cedars Carnival Benefit for the new pediatric wing is underway. Bert and a very pregnant Rita are in charge of a booth. Holly, Ed, and Christina go around the attractions as a scary looking clown (Roger in disguise) follows their every move. In the haunted house, Christina gets seperated from Holly and Ed and Roger almost gets hold of her. Dr. Dubois is questioned for information on Roger's wrongdoings, while Diane Ballard puts supplies in Roger's car, and is almost caught. Alan takes Phillip to the bazaar and spots Roger. Elizabeth meets with Jackie, wondering what could be wrong with Mike. Roger tries again to abduct Christina, but is unsuccessful. He curses, and Rita recognizes his voice!

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Season 28, Episode 02 Monday January 28, 1980

S28 E02

Jan 28, 1980
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Monday January 28, 1980 Jan 28, 1980 Rita hears Roger curse, and Roger gives chase. Rita ducks into the Hall of Mirrors and Roger follows her in. After trying to get through the mirrors, Rita is taken hostage by Roger and taken back to his apartment. Mike tries to look for Jackie, who has already left the bazaar. Katie Parker tells Hillary that nothing happened the night before between Mark and her and that they have a date tonight. Sarah tells Eve some good news about Rita's pregnancy. Mike's secretary Anne tells Diane that someone in Paris might no where Roger is, as Alan listens in. Mike tells Holly that Roger is indeed alive. Bert calls Ed, telling him that Rita is nowhere to be found as Roger and Rita listen in courtesy of the bug Roger placed in the house.

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Season 28, Episode 03 Wednesday March 19, 1980

S28 E03

Mar 19, 1980
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Wednesday March 19, 1980 Mar 19, 1980 When Holly is kidnapped, the Bauer boys fly to the rescue

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Season 28, Episode 04 Tuesday April 1, 1980

S28 E04

Apr 1, 1980
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Tuesday April 1, 1980 Apr 1, 1980 The Bauer boys pursue Roger Thorpe through the jungles of Santo Domingo

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