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Great News

IMDB: 6.7/10Comedy7+2017 - Present2 Seasons

A New Jersey mom puts her relationship with her daughter to the test when she lands an internship at the same TV station where her daughter works.

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Season 2

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Boardroom Bitch

S02 E01

Boardroom Bitch Sep 29, 2017

"The Breakdown" gets a new boss, Diana St. Tropez, a tough business lady with big plans to bring their outdated news program into the 21st century. Katie is thrilled since this is exactly the kind of strong, professional female role model she hoped for, but Carol is immediately wary of this new influence in Katie's life. Meanwhile, Chuck has trouble adapting to Diana's idea for a new panel segment of screaming pundits.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Squad Feud

S02 E02

Squad Feud Oct 6, 2017

Diana sets Katie off on a mission to take the job at the station that she wants, but when Katie tries to be executive producer for the day, she soon realizes that Greg has it much harder than she realized. Meanwhile, Carol uses Greg and Katie's workplace competition as an opportunity to push the two of them together. After Diana insults Portia on a women-in-business panel, Portia declares a "squad feud" that forces their two very different worlds together.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Honeypot

S02 E03

Honeypot Oct 13, 2017

Diana has been promoted again, this time to the head of the corporation that owns MMN, but before she leaves she finds herself embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. This leaves Katie unsure who to believe - her mentor or her friends in the office. Carol becomes head intern and struggles to prove to the other interns, and herself, that she deserves the job.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Award Show

S02 E04

Award Show Oct 20, 2017

When the show is nominated for an American Journalism Award, Katie looks forward to spending the night with reporters she has admired her entire life; Chuck is eager to reunite with all of his old anchormen friends.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Night of the Living Screen

S02 E05

Night of the Living Screen Oct 27, 2017

Katie tries to impress her friends by going to a hip Halloween party with Portia; Chuck is asked to use a new smart screen on the show but tries to get out of it by convincing Carol that it is possessed.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Pool Show

S02 E06

Pool Show Nov 3, 2017

Katie is invited by Jeremy to do some real reporting; Carol is suspicious and kidnaps Greg to help her spy on them; Chuck bonds with Portia's fiancé.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 A Christmas Carol Wendelson

S02 E07

A Christmas Carol Wendelson Dec 22, 2017

Carol finds herself in a reverse "Christmas Carol" during which she learns that she has too much Christmas spirit and is driving everyone around her insane. Meanwhile, Chuck's estranged son, Petey, visits the office and Katie, who has been charged with babysitting him, tries to get the father and son to reconnect.

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Season 1

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Pilot

S01 E01

Pilot Apr 26, 2017

Katie, a frustrated cable news producer, is horrified when her mom, Carol, gets an internship at "The Breakdown." Despite Katie's best efforts, Carol is instantly beloved by the entire office, including blowhard veteran anchor Chuck. But when Katie hits a roadblock while producing a big story, she realizes that maybe having a mom at work isn't such a bad thing.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Bear Attack

S01 E02

Bear Attack Apr 26, 2017

Katie tries to set workplace boundaries with Carol, but when a big story about an escaped bear lands in her lap, her mom can't help but meddle. Meanwhile, Greg tries to get Chuck and Portia to do a little friendly banter at the end of the show.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Chuck Pierce Is Blind

S01 E03

Chuck Pierce Is Blind May 3, 2017

Chuck is having cataract surgery and, for the first time ever, must miss a day of work. Carol, eager to shirk her overwhelming intern duties, offers to take care of him. Meanwhile, Katie is excited for a peaceful day but with Chuck gone, Greg is reluctant to be the bad guy. As a result, "The Breakdown" descends into chaos as Greg is forced to say yes to Portia, Justin and everyone else's "great ideas for the show."

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 War Is Hell

S01 E04

War Is Hell May 3, 2017

Katie's secret war reporter boyfriend, Trip, is back in town and working at the MMN offices. Despite Katie's best efforts, Carol quickly uncovers the covert relationship using a plan she stole from "Days of Our Lives". Meanwhile, Chuck, feeling threatened by Trip, is determined to return to the field. Greg and Justin support the idea until they find footage of Chuck's time as a war reporter in the '90s.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Snowmageddon of the Century

S01 E05

Snowmageddon of the Century May 10, 2017

A huge snowstorm traps everyone in the building overnight. Meanwhile, Portia convinces Katie that Chuck's romantically interested in her; and Carol saves the day when she breaks into the offices of their competitor and steals all the morning show's wine.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Serial Arsonist

S01 E06

Serial Arsonist May 10, 2017

Katie gets an opportunity to appear on the air after a field reporter is exposed as an arsonist, leading Carol to embrace the role of stage mom. Meanwhile, Chuck tries to compose a new theme song for the show after growing jealous of Portia's creative pursuits.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 The Red Door

S01 E07

The Red Door May 17, 2017

Carol is excited when Chuck asks her to wait for the cable guy at his townhouse, until Chuck gives an ominous warning that tests her curiosity. Meanwhile, Portia's phone gets hacked and Katie struggles not to read her private emails.

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