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Grange Hill Season 23

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Season 23, Episode 01 Episode 1

S23 E01

Jan 25, 2000
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Episode 1 Jan 25, 2000 Ofsted are due to visit the school, Dill has an opportunity to go to New York, and Spencer is witness to his father's racist brutality.

Season 23, Episode 02 Episode 2

S23 E02

Jan 27, 2000
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Episode 2 Jan 27, 2000 Matt learns that his four friends are now couples, Arnie seems to be holding Dill back from her trip abroad, and Evelyn meets a guy who assumes she's at college.

Season 23, Episode 03 Episode 3

S23 E03

Feb 1, 2000
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Episode 3 Feb 1, 2000 Someone is taking photographs of Adam at the school gates, Mr. Robson is determined to rally his troops for OFSTED and Spencer pushes Anika who knocks her head.

Season 23, Episode 04 Episode 4

S23 E04

Feb 3, 2000
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Episode 4 Feb 3, 2000 Matt's blind date with Lisa's cousin isn't what he expected. Spencer is left on his own at home. After Dill leaves for New York, Arnie collapses at the airport.

Season 23, Episode 05 Episode 5

S23 E05

Feb 8, 2000
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Episode 5 Feb 8, 2000 Colin and Kelly are surprised to find Mr. Hankin moonlighting as a stand-up comedian, and Spencer is still on his own at home.

Season 23, Episode 06 Episode 6

S23 E06

Feb 10, 2000
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Episode 6 Feb 10, 2000 Wayne and Sarah-Jane decide to find Alec, Colin almost gives the game away about Evelyn's age, and Matt has a disaster meeting with another potential girl friend.

Season 23, Episode 07 Episode 7

S23 E07

Feb 15, 2000
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Episode 7 Feb 15, 2000 Evelyn and Simon's relationship deepens, a complex arrangement of dating starts among the Double Dare Gang, and Arnie collapses at a night club.

Season 23, Episode 08 Episode 8

S23 E08

Feb 17, 2000
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Episode 8 Feb 17, 2000 Colin gets the TV presenting job, Wayne gets a lead on Alec's location, Spencer makes amends, and Mr. Robson meets an Ofsted Alien, courtesy of Cracker.

Season 23, Episode 09 Episode 9

S23 E09

Feb 22, 2000
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Episode 9 Feb 22, 2000 Wayne doggedly searches for Alec, Adam's meeting with his father doesn't go well, and the Double Dare Gang decide that "Spring Heeled Jack" must walk the Earth again!

Season 23, Episode 10 Episode 10

S23 E10

Feb 24, 2000
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Episode 10 Feb 24, 2000 Miss Carver is not seen in a good light when Ofsted visit, Anika and Amy agree to help out Spencer's mess, Evelyn worries that she might be pregnant, and Arnie realizes he has epilepsy.

Season 23, Episode 11 Episode 11

S23 E11

Feb 29, 2000
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Episode 11 Feb 29, 2000 Adam gives vent to his feelings about Miss Carver in front of an Ofsted inspector, Spencer's house is cleaned, and he repays the kindness, and things finally get too much for Mr. Robson.

Season 23, Episode 12 Episode 12

S23 E12

Mar 2, 2000
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Episode 12 Mar 2, 2000 Wayne finally meets up with Alec, the school inspection comes to an end, and Spencer's mother returns.

Season 23, Episode 13 Episode 13

S23 E13

Mar 7, 2000
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Episode 13 Mar 7, 2000 Adam's tackle breaks Franco's leg: Ian fights Adam in retaliation, but Adam's father's intervention is unwelcome. There's a shock for Evelyn when Simon starts teaching at Grange Hill.

Season 23, Episode 14 Episode 14

S23 E14

Mar 9, 2000
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Episode 14 Mar 9, 2000 Colin gives Amy and Anika a tour of the studios. The Double Dare Gang give up their enforced dating. Katy and the boys make a horrific discovery while camping.

Season 23, Episode 15 Episode 15

S23 E15

Mar 14, 2000
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Episode 15 Mar 14, 2000 Wayne starts a cardboard collection scheme to help the homeless, Arnie seems to be at the end of his tether, and Mr. Robson is shocked to find Adam's dad is his alcohol counsellor.

Season 23, Episode 16 Episode 16

S23 E16

Mar 16, 2000
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Episode 16 Mar 16, 2000 Arnie, intent on suicide, gets new hope after giving a lift to a hitchhiker. Spencer's little party comes to an abrupt end when his father makes a reappearance.

Season 23, Episode 17 Episode 17

S23 E17

Mar 21, 2000
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Episode 17 Mar 21, 2000 Some fund raising events take place, and Mr. Hankin camps out with Wayne and Alec. The Double Dare Gang take the cardboard boxes that Max had earmarked from his dad's hotel.

Season 23, Episode 18 Episode 18

S23 E18

Mar 23, 2000
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Episode 18 Mar 23, 2000 Dirty tactics are used to gain cardboard boxes, but Wayne discovers that the whole campaign is basically unprofitable and Arnie has an epileptic fit in public.

Season 23, Episode 19 Episode 19

S23 E19

Mar 28, 2000
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Episode 19 Mar 28, 2000 The staff wear period school costume, Evelyn renews her friendship with Kelly, a new plan for the collected cardboard is hatched and the police call again at the Hargreaves house.

Season 23, Episode 20 Episode 20

S23 E20

Mar 30, 2000
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Episode 20 Mar 30, 2000 Many loose ends are tied up, as term comes to an end. Linford Christie lights the fund-raising bonfire, the double Dare Gang put on a performance and Mr. Hargreaves turns himself in.