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Futurama - Season 7 Episode 13

The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

Release Date: Nov 21, 2010

Season 07, Episode 13 The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

S07 E13

Nov 21, 2010
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Episode Description

Three separate holiday stories: X-mas, Robanaca and Kwanzaa. 1. Once more Robot Santa comes to town. Besides the violence he spreads, this time he sings to the crew of the pine tree that are needed for a proper "X-mas". The only problem is that the pine trees have been extinct for over 800 years. However they manage to get some seeds, reforesting the earth. As the oxygen levels explode Bender causes the whole earth to catch fire. 2. Several weeks later, out of laziness Bender insists on celebrating the fake "Robanaca". For the traditional oil wrestling he needs petroleum oil but all petroleum resources are empty. The Professor tells him that a small quantity might be left, buried deep inside the earth and the quest begins. The ship crashes and 500 Million years later Bender alone returns to the surface bringing with him petroleum oil that originates from the remains of the others. 3. The unrelated conclusion: Everybody are celebrating "Kwanzaa" at Hermes' home. Kwanzaa-bot breaks through the wall and explains the tradition of Kwanzaa where beeswax plays is needed for the special Kwanzaa-candles. Of course they have run out of it, so they have to fly to the space bees hive to get some. When they arrive they find out the bees are infected and going crazy. Finally the spirit of Kwanzaa kills the parasites and the space bees unite to attack the crew.

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