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IMDB: 9.1/10DramaScience-Fiction16+2002 - 20031 Season

Firefly is set in the year 2517, after the arrival of humans in a new star system and follows the adventures of the renegade crew of Serenity, a "Firefly-class" spaceship. The ensemble cast portrays the nine characters who live on Serenity.

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Season 1

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 The Train Job

S01 E01

The Train Job Sep 20, 2002

The crew of Serenity take on a train heist commissioned by a crime lord. They steal the goods, only to find it is medicine that's desperately needed by the town.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Bushwhacked

S01 E02

Bushwhacked Sep 27, 2002

Serenity is pulled in by a Tohoku-class cruiser while investigating a spaceship that was attacked by Reavers. Simon and River must hide to prevent capture, while something is wrong with the lone survivor of the attacked spaceship.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Our Mrs. Reynolds

S01 E03

Our Mrs. Reynolds Oct 4, 2002

As an unexpected reward for an unpaid job, Mal finds himself married to a naïve, subservient young woman named Saffron. The crew are amused at his discomfort and Book lectures him on propriety, but things aren't as smoothly straightforward as they thought them to be.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Jaynestown

S01 E04

Jaynestown Oct 18, 2002

Returning to a planet where he ran into some serious trouble years ago, Jayne discovers that he's become a local folk legend. Mal decides to use this entertaining distraction to complete a job, but some unfinished business may derail his plans.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Out of Gas

S01 E05

Out of Gas Oct 25, 2002

After Serenity suffers a catastrophe that leaves her crew with only hours of oxygen, flashbacks show how Mal and Zoë acquired Serenity and assembled their motley band.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Shindig

S01 E06

Shindig Nov 1, 2002

Inara attends a formal society dance, only to find Malcolm there as well, attempting to set up a smuggling job. Mal comes to blows with Inara's conceited date and finds himself facing a duel with a renowned swordsman, and only one night to learn how to fence.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Safe

S01 E07

Safe Nov 8, 2002

Mal must choose which crew members to save when one is gravely wounded and two others are kidnapped. Simon finds an uneasy haven in a remote village, but River's uncanny perceptions jeopardize the Tams' temporary safety.

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