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Season 1

Season 01, Episode 01 Foreign: Holy Grail War

S01 E01

Jul 1, 2017
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Foreign: Holy Grail War Jul 1, 2017 Kairi Sisigou is summoned to the Clock Tower by Rocco Belfeban, who informs him that Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia has gone rogue, claiming he possesses the Holy Grail that was stolen from Fuyuki during the Third Grail War and announcing his intentions to form a new Mage Association in direct conflict with the Clock Tower. Knowing that the Yggdmillennia group has already summoned Servants to fight for them, the Clock Tower has decided to activate an emergency system in the Greater Grail, triggering a Great Holy Grail War. Seven Masters of Red representing the Clock Tower will be pitted against seven Masters of Black representing Yggdmillennia in a team battle instead of the free for all of a regular Holy Grail War. Sisigou accepts the offer to become a Master of Red and receives a piece of the Round Table as his catalyst. Meanwhile, in Romania, Darnic is aware of the Clock Tower's plans and begins building an army of golems with the help of Avicebron, while his comrades summoned their Servants. Sisigou then arrives in Romania and performs the summoning ritual, calling forth Mordred. Elsewhere, a girl claiming to be Jeanne d'Arc appears.

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Season 01, Episode 02 The Saint’s Appearance

S01 E02

Jul 8, 2017
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The Saint’s Appearance Jul 8, 2017 Jeanne d'Arc is summoned to Romania as a Ruler-class servant, tasked with ensuring that the Holy Grail War proceeds as intended. After having a brief flashback of being burned at the stake, Jeanne leaves for the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Black Faction servants are revealed to be Astolfo, Chiron, Frakenstein's monster, Siegfried, Avicebron, Vlad Tepes III, and Jack the Ripper. Sisigou introduces himself to Mordred, and finds out she desires the Grail to in order to get the chance to draw Caliburn, therefore proving her worthiness to succeed her father, King Arthur. The two then head to the local church to meet Shiro Kotomine, a priest and the de facto leader of the Red Faction. Shiro reveals his servant is Semiramis, but Sisigou refuses to divulge Mordred's identity and leaves, intending to act on his own since neither he nor Mordred trust Shiro. Shakespeare then arrives and informs Shiro that Spartacus has defied orders and has moved to attack the Yggdmillenia castle on his own. That night, Sisigou and Mordred encounter a Yggdmillenia patrol and eliminate it, with Sisigou and Mordred mutually impressed with each others' combat abilities. At the church, Shiro orders Karna to assassinate Jeanne, fearing that she will interfere with his plans.

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Season 01, Episode 03 Walking Into Destiny

S01 E03

Jul 15, 2017
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Walking Into Destiny Jul 15, 2017 Karna attacks Jeanne as she is travelling to Trifas, but Siegfried and Gordes intervene. Both Karna and Siegfried battle each other to a stalemate, and Karna voluntarily withdraws. During the battle, Siegfried has a flashback to his past and death and wonders what he truly wishes for. Gordes then tries to convince Jeanne to side with the Black Faction, but she reminds him that as the Ruler class, she must remain neutral. At the castle, one of the homunculi awakens and escapes from his tube. Astolfo encounters the Homunculus and takes him to Chiron for treatment. Chiron heals the Homunculus, but warns him that he only has three years left to live. Caules talks to Frankenstein's monster, and determines that her wish is to have a being similar to her that she can live with. Caules reveals that his wish is to protect his sister Fiore. Chiron tells Fiore that his wish is to regain his immortality, while Fiore admits that she simply wants to the Grail to heal her legs so that she can walk without having to sacrifice her magical ability. Sisigou and Morded are resting in a nearby mausoleum when Shiro warns them that Spartacus is assaulting the castle. The Black Faction is aware of Spartacus' approach, and begin preparations to face him in battle.

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Season 01, Episode 04 Price of Life, Redemption of Death

S01 E04

Jul 22, 2017
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Price of Life, Redemption of Death Jul 22, 2017 Spartacus continues his advance on the Yggdmillenia castle, with Achilles and Atalanta keeping a close eye on him. The Black Faction servants then engage Spartacus and are able to immobilize him, with Darnic planning to try and turn him their side. Siegfried and Frankenstein's monster are sent to attack Achilles and Atalanta, but Achilles is easy able to hold the both of them off by himself. Believing that Siegried is prolonging fight because he is enjoying the battle, Gordes impulsively uses a Command Spell to force Siegfried to use his Noble Phantasm Balmung, but is forced by Darnic to use a second Command Spell to cancel the order. Chiron then joins the battle, forcing Achilles and Atalanta to withdraw. During the confusion of the battle, Astolfo takes the chance to smuggle the Homunculus out of the castle, but they are spotted and Gordes and Siegfried are sent to catch them. Meanwhile, Jeanne is also in the forest investigating the aftermath of the battle, noting how the presence of the Red Masters is uncharacteristically weak and that something is wrong with this war. Gordes then catches the Homunculus and inadvertently kills him when he tries to defend himself. Siegried knocks out Gordes and removes his own heart to give to the Homunculus, saving his life. Before fading away, Siegried reveals that his greatest wish was to help somebody of his own volition rather than being told to, and he does not regret his sacrifice. Jeanne arrives and promises to Siegfried that she will protect the Homunculus.

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Season 01, Episode 05 Will of Heaven

S01 E05

Jul 29, 2017
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Will of Heaven Jul 29, 2017 After having a dream about encountering a dragon, the Homunculus awakes to find Jeanne and Astolfo watching over him. The rest of the Black Faction then arrives and attempts to retrieve the Homunculus, but are forced to back down when Jeanne declares that he is under her protection. The Black Faction returns to their castle, with Astolfo being sent to the dungeon for the night as punishment. Caules reflects that Siegfried disobeyed Gordes due to poor communication between the two, and Gordes assuming Siegfried was merely an obedient familiar. Darnic then receives news Jack the Ripper has gone rogue in Sighisoara, and sends Fiore and Chiron to investigate. Sisigou and Morded also receive orders from the Mage Association to head to Sighisoara. Jeanne escorts the Homunculus, who decides to name himself "Sieg" in honor of Siegfried, and puts him in the care of a local farmer. She advises Sieg that he is now free to make his own choices on how to live before taking her leave. However, Jeanne knows from a prophetic vision that Sieg is doomed to die on the battlefield, and she resolves to fight to change his fate. Meanwhile, Shiro approaches the Red Masters, claiming that the Red Faction has won the war and asking for them to turn over their Command Spells to him.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Knight of Rebellion

S01 E06

Aug 5, 2017
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Knight of Rebellion Aug 5, 2017 Kairi Sisigou receives a message from the Mage’s Association that a string of violent murders is taking place in Sighișoara and is probably related to the yet unaccounted for Assassin of Black. He is tasked with bringing the out of control master and servant to justice for failing to follow the principle of mystical concealment.

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Season 01, Episode 07 Where Freedom Lies

S01 E07

Aug 12, 2017
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Where Freedom Lies Aug 12, 2017 Fiore is saved when Caules blocks Sisigou's attack. However, Chiron warns them that he is at a disadvantage fighting Mordred, and they retreat. Sisigou and Mordred also leave, calling it a draw. Meanwhile, Jack the Ripper eats her last mage heart to recover from her wounds, and decides to head for Trifas to find more mages. Jeanne heads to the church to investigate the Red Faction, but finds that they have already left. Sieg has a discussion with his guardian about the true nature of freedom, and reflects on what he wants to do. Semiramis finally completes the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which acts as a giant, flying fortress to aid in their assault on Castle Yggdmillienia. Jeanne follows the Red Faction as they depart. As the Hanging Gardens approaches the castle, the Black Faction rallies their forces to defend against the Red Faction attack. Sieg decides to leave for the battlefield, finally having discovered his purpose.

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