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Expedition Unknown

IMDB: 8.4/10RealityTravel7+2015 - Present5 Seasons

Expedition Unknown chronicles the adventures of Josh Gates as he investigates iconic mysteries across the globe. Gates begins by interviewing key eyewitnesses and uncovering recent developments in the story, then springboards into a fully immersive exploration. This authentic, roughshod adventure leads Gates closer to the truth behind these unanswered global enigmas, such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart’s plane. Josh Gates is an adventurer and avid explorer with a unique brand of humor and passion for off-the-map excursions.

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Below you'll find every episode from all 5 season of Expedition Unknown.
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Season 5

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Watch undefined Season 05 Episode 05 Viking Secrets

S05 E01

Viking Secrets Jan 1, 1970

Josh investigates how a group of Norse tribesman gained power in Europe.

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Season 4

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Watch undefined Season 04 Episode 04 Cloning the Woolly Mammoth (Part 2)

S04 E06

Cloning the Woolly Mammoth (Part 2) Jan 4, 2017

Josh treks deep into Siberia in search of bones and viable mammoth DNA.

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