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Ever After High

imdb logo8.1/10
AnimationChildrenall2013 - Present4 Seasons

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Below you'll find every episode from all 4 season of Ever After High.
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Season 1

Season 01, Episode 01 Stark Raven Mad

S01 E01

Jun 18, 2013
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Stark Raven Mad Apple White is royally ready for Legacy Day! But her world -- and the entire world of Ever After High - will be flipped on its crown if Raven Queen questions her destiny instead of pledging it. Can Apple save her Happily Ever After from becoming a Happily NEVER After?

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Season 01, Episode 02 True Reflections

S01 E02

Jul 2, 2013
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True Reflections Mirror, mirror tell me true -- can Apple and Raven find another mirror like you? While Apple usually knows her mirror's answers, she's throne for a loop after Raven's magical aim interferes with her reflection.

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Season 01, Episode 03 Maddie-in-Chief

S01 E03

Jul 16, 2013
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Maddie-in-Chief Madeline Hatter decides to go off script and run against Apple White™ in the Royal Student Council Election. Will Maddie's riddlish-filled debate win over the other students, or is she putting the cup before the kettle?

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Season 01, Episode 04 Briar's Study Party

S01 E04

Jul 30, 2013
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Briar's Study Party Professor Rumplestilskin's plan of failing all the students may have worked in the past, but he may have met his match with Briar Beauty. She HAS been studying Forever After, you know. Now, if she can only keep her eyes open long enough to help the other students...

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Season 01, Episode 05 Here Comes Cupid

S01 E05

Aug 13, 2013
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Here Comes Cupid She may be the new girl at Ever After High, but C.A. Cupid could teach a class in helping people find love. Lucky for Hopper, she may have arrived just in time to help him find his Happily Ever After.

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Season 01, Episode 06 The Shoe Must Go On

S01 E06

Aug 27, 2013
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The Shoe Must Go On With less than an hour to set up the display for her new shoes in the Glass Slipper Shoe Store, Ashlynn Ella turns to her friends 'til THE END for help. But with Blondie trying to make everything 'just right', and Briar falling asleep, this display may turn out to be a total fairy fail.

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Season 01, Episode 07 The Cat Who Cried Wolf

S01 E07

Sep 10, 2013
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The Cat Who Cried Wolf Cerise Hood has successfully kept her family secret hidden under lock and key. But when Kitty Ceshire catches her up to some unusual activity in the woods, she tries to unravel her secret like a ball of yarn in front of the school.

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Season 2

Season 02, Episode 01 Blondie's Just Right

S02 E01

Jan 7, 2014
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Blondie's Just Right When Blondie Lockes uses her MirrorCast to prove that Ever After High's legends are true, Headmaster Grimm goes to great lengths to make sure her show ends up being just right.

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Season 02, Episode 02 True Hearts Day - Part 1

S02 E02

Jan 21, 2014
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True Hearts Day - Part 1 Spring is in the air at Ever After High, and following their true heart's desires is the only thing on students' minds. Or it was, until C.A. Cupid came across The History of True Hearts Day book and rallied the students to spellebrate the long-lost True Hearts Day holiday.

Not Available

Season 02, Episode 03 True Hearts Day - Part 2

S02 E03

Feb 4, 2014
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True Hearts Day - Part 2 With Duchess Swan about to flip the script on Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman's romance, Huntlynn decides to enlist the help of their friend 'til THE END Cedar Wood to see if they should take matters into their own hands.

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Season 02, Episode 04 True Hearts Day - Part 3

S02 E04

Feb 18, 2014
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True Hearts Day - Part 3 All the students are getting fairest for the most hexcellent school dance, though Duchess Swan has a sneaky plan under her wing that could blow the house down on the big event.

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Season 02, Episode 05 Class Confusion

S02 E05

Mar 4, 2014
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Class Confusion When Raven Queen decides to sign up for Princessology, Apple White decides to flip the script and sign up for Home Evilnomics to spite her roomie. Though, she may get more than she bargained for...

Not Available

Season 02, Episode 06 Apple's Birthday Bake-Off

S02 E06

Mar 18, 2014
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Apple's Birthday Bake-Off Apple White is upset when Raven Queen wants to bake her a birthday cake that is NOT poisoned, so Briar Beauty steps up to make sure her BFFA has the best birthday ever after.

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Season 02, Episode 07 The Beautiful Truth

S02 E07

Apr 1, 2014
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The Beautiful Truth When Cedar Wood enters the Royal beauty pageant, she inspires Apple White to spellabrate the true meaning of beauty.

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