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Go BackDr. Katz, Professional Therapist

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist Season 4

Here's where to watch every episode of Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist season 4. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 04, Episode 01 Ben Treats

S04 E01

May 9, 1997
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Ben Treats May 9, 1997 Ben wins $500 in the Sir Pay-a-Lot scratch-off lottery and takes Katz and Laura out to dinner. Soon enough, Ben and Laura both get drunk and start to act goofy.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 02 Memoirs

S04 E02

Jun 22, 1997
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Memoirs Jun 22, 1997 Ben decides to write his memoirs, dedicated to the ""loving memory"" of his father.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 03 Electric Bike

S04 E03

Jun 29, 1997
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Electric Bike Jun 29, 1997 Dr. Katz buys an Electric Bike because he always wanted one but never got it as a kid. They find that a $1,000 bicycle isn't all fun and games, when it breaks as Ben drove it down stairs. They soon learnm that some inventions just were never meant to be.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 04 Broadcaster Ben

S04 E04

Jul 6, 1997
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Broadcaster Ben Jul 6, 1997 Apparently not having learned from his previous experience with journalism, Ben goes to a broadcasting school audition.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 05 Trash Day

S04 E05

Jul 13, 1997
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Trash Day Jul 13, 1997 Katz finds a chair sitting outside on the curb and takes it home (""You wouldn't believe the kind of stuff people throw away."" Ben: ""You mean crap?""). However, he realizes his folly and sends Ben to take it to the dump, which proves to be difficult, because the dump is no longer open to the public (""It's all digital now"").

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 06 Sharon Meyers

S04 E06

Jul 27, 1997
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Sharon Meyers Jul 27, 1997 Katz gets a phone call from Sharon Meyers, a woman he dated briefly two years ago, when she was also his patient. She was very attractive, and a dancer (""She was a Rockette. She can kick her own face,"" Ben says).

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 07 Mask

S04 E07

Aug 3, 1997
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Mask Aug 3, 1997 Katz takes a class in making African ritual masks.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 08 Closets

S04 E08

Aug 10, 1997
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Closets Aug 10, 1997 Katz and Ben decide to reorganize their closet space, and they hire a company to do it.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 09 Wild Weekend

S04 E09

Aug 17, 1997
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Wild Weekend Aug 17, 1997 Ben wants to take a bike trip to Nova Scotia, and he and Katz discuss the great outdoors. Several plans are offered, but what they wind up doing is sitting around the house all weekend. Ben gets the whole thing on tape, thanks to Laura's camcorder.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 10 Chopper

S04 E10

Aug 24, 1997
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Chopper Aug 24, 1997 Ben wins first runner-up in a WFEN radio contest to ride in the traffic helicopter. He hopes the real winner can't make it and he gets all psyched up for the possibility.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 11 Alibi

S04 E11

Aug 31, 1997
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Alibi Aug 31, 1997 While watching the news, Ben and Katz learn that a mailbox in their neighborhood was struck by a car driven by a bald Caucasian male in his late 40s. Ben assumes it was his dad, despite dad's protests that while he is in his late 40s, he is ""balding,"" not bald.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 12 Ben-Centennial

S04 E12

Sep 7, 1997
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Ben-Centennial Sep 7, 1997 Katz wants to do something big for Ben's 25th birthday, but Ben doesn't want any fuss.

Not Available
Season 04, Episode 13 Undercover Ben

S04 E13

Sep 14, 1997
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Undercover Ben Sep 14, 1997 Laura starts taking a lot of time off, but won't say why. Ben is curious and so is Katz, and they speculate.

Not Available