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Derrick Season 13

Here's where to watch every episode of Derrick season 13. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 13, Episode 01 An einem Montagmorgen

S13 E01

Jan 3, 1986
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An einem Montagmorgen Jan 3, 1986 A bank robbery goes down on a peaceful Monday morning. A foolishly brave customer rips the mask off from one of the robbers, and is shot right after. Derrick recognizes the shooter from the surveillance tape.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 02 Naujocks trauriges Ende

S13 E02

Jan 24, 1986
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Naujocks trauriges Ende Jan 24, 1986 A couple arrives home on a cab. Stepping out and preparing to pay the fare, they hear three gunshots. Sales consult Alfred Naujocks lies dead on the street.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 03 Geheimnis im Hochhaus

S13 E03

Feb 7, 1986
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Geheimnis im Hochhaus Feb 7, 1986 Erich, a drug addicted burglar, enters a presumably unoccupied apartment in search for stuff to pawn. There isn't much to be stolen, but he finds a dead young lady in the bedroom.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 04 Der Augenzeuge

S13 E04

Apr 4, 1986
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Der Augenzeuge Apr 4, 1986 Erich Schuster borrows keys to his old employer's office so that he could use the photocopier. But on the trip he runs to a situation. The Jeweler's shop in the same building is under burglary.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 05 Das absolute Ende

S13 E05

Apr 25, 1986
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Das absolute Ende Apr 25, 1986 Herta Kolka has finished her guitar lesson. Shortly after she has left, her teacher hears gunshots and runs to the window to see her lie dead next to her car.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 06 Der Charme der Bahamas

S13 E06

May 16, 1986
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Der Charme der Bahamas May 16, 1986 Gerhard Brosch has been defrauded in stock exchange speculation, and he has lost everything, including all property of his son and daughter.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 07 Die Nacht, in der Ronda starb

S13 E07

Jul 4, 1986
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Die Nacht, in der Ronda starb Jul 4, 1986 Dr. Schenk has a problem. He must ask Derrick, who lives next door, to fetch some stuff from his home. He doesn't want to go himself because his wife's lover boy is there.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 08 Ein eiskalter Hund

S13 E08

Jul 25, 1986
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Ein eiskalter Hund Jul 25, 1986 Jakob Lohbach, husband to a rich restaurant owner, dates one of the waitresses.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 09 Der Fall Weidau

S13 E09

Aug 8, 1986
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Der Fall Weidau Aug 8, 1986 Something creepy is going on in the Weidau manor. Two young people are definitely murdered a couple days apart, but there's no apparent motive.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 10 Schonzeit für Mörder

S13 E10

Aug 22, 1986
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Schonzeit für Mörder Aug 22, 1986 Arnold Bothe receives a severe head trauma and dies at the hospital. However he managed to drag himself to the phone and call for help.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 11 Die Rolle seines Lebens

S13 E11

Oct 3, 1986
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Die Rolle seines Lebens Oct 3, 1986 Martin Theimer has capped the bottle. He has decided that he is the right man for an important role in a movie. Another actor has been selected, but Martin is insistent. All of the sudden, his path to stardom is open - but at a cost.

Not Available
Season 13, Episode 12 Entlassen Sie diesen Mann nicht!

S13 E12

Nov 28, 1986
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Entlassen Sie diesen Mann nicht! Nov 28, 1986 Dr. Kroll has been sentenced to an asylum for criminally insane for attempting to murder his wife. After years of therapy, his psychiatrist, Dr. Kraus is convinced that he is now mentally sane and able to live in the society again.

Not Available