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Davey and Goliath

IMDB: 7.5/10AnimationFamilyall1960 - Present2 Seasons

Davey and Goliath is a 1960s stop-motion animated children's Christian television series. The programs, produced by the Lutheran Church in America, were produced by Art Clokey after the success of his Gumby series. Each 15-minute episode features the adventures of Davey Hansen and his "talking" dog Goliath as they learn the love of God through everyday occurrences. Many of the episodes also feature Davey's parents John and Elaine, his sister Sally, as well as Davey's friends; Jimmy, Teddy, and Nathanial in earlier episodes; Jonathan, Jimmy, Nicky and Cisco on later ones. The introductory music is based on the popular Christian hymn "A Mighty Fortress is Our God", written by Martin Luther around 1529. The show was aimed at a younger audience, and generally dealt with issues such as respect for authority, sharing, and prejudice. Eventually these themes included more serious issues such as racism, death, religious intolerance, and vandalism. In general, the characters found themselves in situations which had to be overcome by placing their faith in God. Davey's friends, Nathanial and Jonathan Reed on the 70s episodes, were African-American, and some of the first African-American characters to appear as a friend of a television show's lead character. While Our Gang in the 1930s and 1940s had African American children as friends of lead characters, that was a film series prior to television.

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Season 2

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Kokkaburra

S02 E04

Kokkaburra Dec 17, 1999

Davey's geography lesson on Australia is very amusing at first with its dingos and kookaburras, but he soon tires of it and doesn't study for the test. He resorts to cheating, but that night his conscience begins to bother him...

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 The Hard Way

S02 E06

The Hard Way Jan 1, 2016

Davey learns ""the hard way"" at the natural history museum that grownups have rules ""for your own good.""

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Help!

S02 E08

Help! Jan 1, 1961

Davey and Jonathan have a picnic on the roof of a building. Since Hank the janitor let the boys and Goliath have lunch on the roof, the boys try to return the favor by unraveling a tangled flag that is on the flagpole that extends from the six story building. When Jonathan goes to unravel the flag, the pole gives out and Jonathan is hanging on to it before it falls six stories down. Goliath runs to get Officer Dan, who is across the street writing the number of a man who hit Pop's hot dog stand. Goliath communicates with Officer Dan and has to leave Pops. After saving Johnathan by just a hair, Pops is angry at Dan for his ""abandoning"" him. Officer Dan explains that protecting lives are more important than protecting property. Pops then gets the picture.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Boy in Trouble

S02 E09

Boy in Trouble Jan 1, 2016

Davey and Johnathan hunt to recycle old bottles in order to earn money to go to the movies. The kids raid most of the garbage cans and get a lot of bottles. Meanwhile Davey and Jonathan encounter competition when a new boy named Tommy is collecting bottles in the same area. When Davey and Jonathan go to face the boy, it turns out that his mother is sick and he doesn't have a dad. Tommy is collecting bottles to buy food for him and his brothers and sisters. Davey and Jonathan give Tommy their bottles and build up a coalition of people to aid the boy in trouble. After making sacrifices, sharing, and helping this boy, the three boys go together to find bottles to pay for their movie tickets.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 The Greatest

S02 E10

The Greatest Jan 1, 1962

Davey and his pal Jimmy decide to create a float for the town's parade. The winner gets a pony. As Davey is searching for some wood, he comes across a house that is under construction. Noticing the pile of lumber, Davey helps himself to it. Then on the day of the parade, the man who owns the lumber angrily asks Davey if he knows where the lumber is. Davey lies and says ""no"" and that it's his friend Jimmy's float. When the man goes to Jimmy's house, he tells Jimmy's dad what Davey had said. Jimmy's dad tells Jimmy that he cannot go to the parade until this is straightened out. As Jimmy, Goliath, and the float are all at Jimmy's, Davey is wondering what went wrong. Davey then gathers enough courage to go to the old man and Jimmy to set things right.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Blind Man's Bluff

S02 E11

Blind Man's Bluff Jan 1, 1962

Racism is the issue and diversity is the experiment in this episode. Jonathan's racist cousin Scottie is visiting. He had an accident with a chemistry set and is blindfolded. Knowing that Scottie is racist, Jonathan's dad concocts an experiment that tests to see if Scottie can change his heart. After having so much in common and becoming friends with Davey, the blindfold comes off and Scottie's prejuidice dominates him. Angry because Davey is white, he storms out of the doctor's office. Meanwhile, Goliath has been a little prejuidice as well. He does not like another dog because the dog is different. The difference is that the dog has spots. Eventually, both Scottie and Goliath realize that true colorblindness is when you look at the heart instead of looking, and judging falsely about someone just because their skin color is a little different.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 02 Episode 02 Who's George?

S02 E12

Who's George? Jan 1, 1962

How can you love your neighbor when you don't know your neighbor? That is the question here when Mr. Hunt, a man in the city, appears to be missing. As people think that he is actually missing, they do not realize that the reason that he is not making appearances is because he is at home, very sick with pneumonia. Mr. Hunt tried to call someone, but dropped his phone's receiver off the hook. Mr. Hunt was too sick to pick up the receiver, which made the phone busy, thusly making it impossible to contact him. As the man lies sick, Davey and Johnathan start to help this man whom they never saw before. As the mystery grows about this man, Davey wants to see what this man looks like. Davey ends up on the fire escape and sees the condition that Mr. Hunt is in. He calls an ambulance as he is being a good neighbor to someone he's never met before.

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Season 1

Amazon Prime | Up Faith Family | Rent or Buy

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Lost in a Cave

S01 E01

Lost in a Cave Jan 1, 1971

John, Davey's dad is taken home by a co-worker and John says ""God Willing"" after his co-worker asks if he will see John at work tomorrow. Davey asks what ""God Willing"" means and John goes on to say that God cares about us and what we do. John then reminds Davey how last summer, he got lost in a cave and how the Cave Guide cared for Davey when he got lost. Davey wondered off in the cave to explore, and got lost. When the Cave Guide found out about it, him and Goliath went in searching for Davey. Goliath found him, but did the Guide? (C. 1960)

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Stranded on an Island

S01 E02

Stranded on an Island Jan 1, 2016

The Hansen family goes on an island for a picnic and some exploration. While on the island and after having so much fun, the tide goes out, which means that they have to stay longer. As it is mentioned that they have to wait for the tide to return before they can leave, Davey asks how they know the tide will return. Davey's mother replies that God made it so that it will return and that we can always count on it returning. (C.1960)

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Kum Ba Ya

S01 E02

Kum Ba Ya Jan 1, 1971

Davey and friends form a bell choir, but Davey gets angry with Cisco and refuses to perform until Davey remembers he has a responsibility to his group of friends.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 The Wild Goat

S01 E03

The Wild Goat Jan 1, 2016

A terrible thinderstorm erupts and the hiking trip Davey is suppose to go on is called off. As the Hansen family stays at home, the kids decide to paint. Davey decides to paint a picture of God, but he wonders how he can do that without actually seeing God. When he asks his mother if it is possible to see God, she says that you could see God if you really look for him. After a little while, the storm lets up and the day is in need of being spent. Davey asks his dad if they can go on a little hiking trip together and he agrees to it. As they go on the trip, they see a baby goat and his leg is broken. Davey and his dad bandage it up, and take it with them to take care of until it is all better. After it recovers, it ir wreaking havoc among the neighbors and everything. Davey decides that the best place for it is back home. As they take it back, the mother awaits it's baby and the two are reunited again. Davey goes home and decides to paint a picture of that. Davey realizes what his mom m

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Six-Seven-Six-Three

S01 E03

Six-Seven-Six-Three Jan 1, 1971

Davey learns responsible pet ownership after Goliath is dog-napped.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 Upsidedown and Backwards

S01 E04

Upsidedown and Backwards Jan 1, 1971

When Davey and Goliath are home alone and the electricity fails during a severe storm, Davey panics. Later he imagines what he should have done.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 01 Episode 01 The Winner

S01 E04

The Winner Jan 1, 2016

Davey has to learn in this episode that God made no two people alike on purpose. Davey's buddy Mike is about to enter a race with a homemade car and asks Davey if he would like to be in the race. Davey and his dad build a racer. Davey wins a couple of rounds, but loses the trophy to Mike. (Davey lost because he didn't bend a kotter pin and that caused the wheel to fall of.) Because Davey lost, he felt that Mike was better than him, but when Mike called for Davey's help, Davey realized that everybody is differnt (unique) and that it's a good thing that people are different from each other.

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