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Dan Vs.

imdb logo8/10
AnimationComedy7+2011 - 20133 Seasons

Dan Vs. is an Emmy award winning American Flash animated television series created by Dan Mandel and Chris Pearson. The series has spanned three seasons, airing on Hub Network from January 1, 2011 to March 9, 2013. The series is rated TV-PG.

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Season 3

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Season 03, Episode 01 Anger Management

S03 E01

Nov 18, 2012
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Anger Management Dan is forced to take a course in anger management to control his destructive instincts, and finds a kindred spirit in the mild-mannered, but incredibly unstable class instructor.

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Season 03, Episode 02 The Mummy

S03 E02

Nov 25, 2012
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The Mummy When the object of Dan’s revenge turns out to be a laid back, undead Egyptian king who won’t leave him alone, Dan resorts to some ancient means of pest control.

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Season 03, Episode 03 The Boss

S03 E03

Dec 2, 2012
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The Boss When Dan is forced to get a temp job to pay his rent, his aggressive behavior helps him climb the corporate ladder.

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Season 03, Episode 04 The Mechanic

S03 E04

Dec 9, 2012
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The Mechanic Dan learns that his mechanic has been using parts of Dan's car to build a giant robot and he gets in on the action for revenge.

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Season 03, Episode 05 The High School Reunion

S03 E05

Dec 16, 2012
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The High School Reunion Dan plans to pull the ultimate prank on his high school reunion out of revenge for not inviting him.

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Season 03, Episode 06 The Common Cold

S03 E06

Jan 20, 2013
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The Common Cold Dan heads to the Department of Controlling Diseases in hopes of ridding the world from the common cold.

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Season 03, Episode 07 The DMV

S03 E07

Jan 27, 2013
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The DMV When Dan is categorized as a difficult case for a routine traffic issue, he must use all his wits and driving skills to renew his license.

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Season 2

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Season 02, Episode 01 The Family Thanksgiving

S02 E01

Nov 20, 2011
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The Family Thanksgiving Dan is surprised when Elise's parents invite him to their family Thanksgiving, but soon swears revenge when he learns that they only want to steal his secret family recipe for deviled eggs.

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Season 02, Episode 02 The Mall Santa

S02 E02

Dec 18, 2011
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The Mall Santa When Dan and Chris land jobs at the mall's Christmas display, Dan vows revenge on a curmudgeonly Mall Santa who despises Christmas. Meanwhile, Elise is assigned by the secret agency to take down the assassin under the codename of "The Snowman".

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Season 02, Episode 03 The Neighbors

S02 E03

Jan 29, 2012
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The Neighbors Dan fears his new neighbors are cannibals plotting to eat him, so he tries to run them out of town.

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Season 02, Episode 04 Dancing

S02 E04

Feb 5, 2012
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Dancing When Dan goes on an anti-dance crusade, he end up interfering with Chris and Elise's plan to enter a dance contest. Elise then exiles him to a ghost town populated by feral dancers, where he must learn the ancient art of "fight-dancing" to survive.

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Season 02, Episode 05 The Bank

S02 E05

Feb 12, 2012
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The Bank After Dan's bank raises their ATM fees, Dan enlists Chris and Elise to help him pull off a heist to reclaim his money.

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Season 02, Episode 06 The Monster Under The Bed

S02 E06

Feb 19, 2012
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The Monster Under The Bed Dan, Chris and Elise try to get rid of the monster that Dan accidentally summons from beneath his bed.

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Season 02, Episode 07 Golf

S02 E07

Feb 26, 2012
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Golf Chris shirks his responsibilities to go golfing with his boss Mr. Bambridge, so Dan and Elise team up to put an end to his new hobby.

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