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Cheaters Season 9

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Season 09, Episode 01 Angela Tollin - Kari Ivy

S09 E01

Sep 22, 2008
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Angela Tollin - Kari Ivy Sep 22, 2008 Angela Tollin discovers why her boyfriend enjoys his long hours at work.When Angela Tollin first met her boyfriend, it was love at first sight. Over the past few months, things haven't felt right in the relationship. Angela's boyfriend doesn't make her feel like she is wanted any more. He is routinely getting on the computer in the middle of the night. Angela checked the history on the computer, finding he was a member of a 30's singles chat room. Angela feels foolish for defending him to her family. Worried that her boyfriend is selling more than just cars, Angela calls on Cheaters' Detectives for help. Two weeks later Angela's suspicions are confirmed, and CHEATERS gives her the opportunity to confront her fears.Kari Ivy finds out that her boyfriend plans to take his relationship to the next level… too bad it’s with someone new.Kari Ivy had and instant connection when meeting her boyfriend Brandon Cross. About a year ago, Kari noticed a change in his character. Ms. Ivy is afraid that with her strong work ethic, she may be over powering Brandon. The couple sleeps in different beds, and it's becoming useless for the two to communicate. Kari feels like she has been dragged down from all the negativity. She has gotten on antidepressants in order to cope with the situation. Wanting to know what she did wrong, Kari contacts Cheaters for assistance. Detectives shortly find Mr. Cross managing his time around another woman. Kari confronts her two timing boyfriend at a "Trapt" concert with his new fiancé.

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