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IMDB Logo8.5/10
Action & Adventure Drama 1978 - 19791 SeasonSeries EndedOn: Starz 

The economic and cultural growth of town of Centennial, Colorado, through the intertwining lives of the brave men and women inhabiting it. Spanning two centuries from the settling of the area in the 1700s, to the late 1970s.

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Season 1

Season 01, Episode 01 Only the Rocks Live Forever

S01 E01

Oct 1, 1978
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Only the Rocks Live Forever Oct 1, 1978 A fiesty Quebec trapper meets Arapaho Chief Lame Beaver in his travels throughout the American West. Thus beginning a series of relationships that create a timeline of adventures from the late 1700's to the 20th century. On a trip to St. Louis to sell his wares, he encounters the wealthy silversmith Herman Bockweiss (Raymond Burr) and enters a partnership with him to bring guns and silver to the Indians. He agrees to marry Bockweiss' daughter Lise (Sally Kellerman) and leaves shortly thereafter to return to his trapping trade. He encounters and saves the life of his future partner, Alexander McKeag (Richard Chamberlain), a Scotsman attempting to escape his past. They make their way to an Arapaho camp where McKeag, who has been injured, is tended by Chief Lame Beaver's daughter, Clay Basket (Barbara Carrera). They fall in love, but she instead marries Pasquinel at her father's request. Accompanied by Clay Basket, the partners set out in search of Pasquinel's true desire - gold.

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Season 01, Episode 02 The Yellow Apron

S01 E02

Oct 8, 1978
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The Yellow Apron Oct 8, 1978 In spite of mounting tensions between the races, Pasquinel, McKeag and the Indians continue a profitable releationship in trading. Clay Basket bears Pasquinel two sons, Jacques and Marcel, while back in St. Louis, Lise gives birth to Pasquinel's daughter, Lisette.Pasquinel continues his obsessive search for Lame Beaver's gold, while McKeag and Clay Basket are secretly in love with each other, but her honor in marriage to Pasquinel won't allow her to reveal it to McKeag.

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Season 01, Episode 03 The Wagon and the Elephant

S01 E03

Oct 28, 1978
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The Wagon and the Elephant Oct 28, 1978 1845: In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, young Mennonite Levi Zendt heads out west with his bride-to-be Elly Zamm. On the wagon train and in St. Louis they meet young English writer Oliver Seccombe and Army Captain Maxwell Mercy - who is married to Lisette, Pasquinel's daughter. McKeag weds Clay Basket and adopts her half-breed daughter Lucinda. While on the wagon train, guide Samuel Purchase tries to rape Elly, causing Levi and Elly to leave it, meeting McKeag and later establish the settlement of the town Centennial.

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Season 01, Episode 04 For as Long as the Water Flows

S01 E04

Nov 4, 1978
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For as Long as the Water Flows Nov 4, 1978 Driven by the grief over his wife's death, Levi boards himself up in the desolate cabin once used by McKeag and Pasquinel in their early trapping days. Clay Basket and McKeag soon send their daughter Lucinda to bring him to their home. Eventually, Levi and Lucinda fall in love and marry. Meanwhile, Hans Brumbaugh arrives from Germany to seek gold.

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Season 01, Episode 05 The Massacre

S01 E05

Nov 11, 1978
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The Massacre Nov 11, 1978 1861: War sweeps the country, the Civil War in the North and South, in the West the Pasquinel brothers, Jacques and Marcel are raiding and murdering soldiers and homesteaders. Colonel Frank Skimmerhorn, an officer in the Wyoming militia arrives in Centennial with intent on killing all Indians.

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Season 01, Episode 06 The Longhorns

S01 E06

Dec 3, 1978
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The Longhorns Dec 3, 1978 Representing a group of British investors, Oliver Seccombe arrives in Centennial with money to start a cattle ranch. He hires John Skimmerhorn to get some men and launch a large cattle drive to the West's largest cattle ranch, the Venneford. Skimmerhorn hires R.J. Poteet, an experienced trail boss, who picks a handful of seasoned drovers and young trail hands.

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Season 01, Episode 07 The Shepherds

S01 E07

Dec 10, 1978
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The Shepherds Dec 10, 1978 The late 1800's, Hans Brumbaugh leads the farmers in the war against the wealthy ranchers and cattlemen led by Oliver Seccombe. Messmore Garrett settles in Centennial with thousands of sheep and more competition against the cattlemen. The new sheriff, Dumire can't stop the fight from both sides. Charlotte Buckland, the daughter of one of the Venneford Ranch's British owners, arrives in America and falls in love with Seccombe.

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