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Captain N: The Game Master Season 3

Here's where to watch every episode of Captain N: The Game Master season 3. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 03, Episode 01 Misadventures In Robin Hood Woods

S03 E01

Sep 14, 1991
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Misadventures In Robin Hood Woods Sep 14, 1991 After a successful mission on Dragon's Den, Kevin, Kid Icarus, and Duke stop off on the medieval world of Nottingham to power-up the Warp Wagon. The three of them find the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John robbing the Ye-Olde Weapon Shoppe and fight them. They meet Robin Hood, who helps them out. Kevin, Kid Icarus, and Duke are introduced to the Merry Men, who make fun of Kid Icarus due to his size and wings. Kid Icarus decides to prove he's a better archer than them by entering the Tournament of the Golden Arrow that afternoon. Robin also decides to enter to win the golden arrow for himself. The Sheriff and Prince John plot to capture Robin Hood at the tournament, deciding that whoever wins must be Robin. Maid Marian overhears their plot, but she can't do anything about it. At the tournament, Robin, Kevin, and Duke are in disguise. Prince John dresses up as Maid Marian, since the real one won't cooperate. Kevin tries to win a gift for Lana. Kid Icarus does really good in the

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 02 Pursuit of the Magic Hoop

S03 E02

Sep 21, 1991
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Pursuit of the Magic Hoop Sep 21, 1991 Hoop-De-Doo-Dah-Day, the one day of the year when everyone has a shot at their dearest wish, is celebrated on Hoopland. Kevin, Lana, and Duke arrive on Hoopland to try and wish King Charles home. Kevin, Lana, and Duke meet Larry Bird. Hoopless, a young boy who is the inventor of everything on Hoopland, is too short to make a shot at getting a wish, so he has his robot, Rebound, make the shot for him. Rebound gets to make a wish, but, instead of wishing Hoopless tall, he accidentally wishes himself the tallest. He hits his head, which messes up his programming, and becomes evil. Larry, Kevin, Lana, Hoopless, and Duke climb Hoop Mountain, passing a series of challenges by Clockman, Guardian of the Magic Hoop, along the way. Lana wins a wish. However, instead of wishing her father back home, she wishes Rebound back to normal, and everybody's happy.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 03 Return to Castlevania

S03 E03

Sep 28, 1991
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Return to Castlevania Sep 28, 1991 Kevin and Simon go to CastleVania to attend The Simon Belmont Awards, where Simon is going to be honored for being a hero like his great-grandfather, Trevor Belmont. The Poltergeist King appears on stage, where Simon expects to be presented with the weapons his ancestor made famous. Instead, the King calls Trevor a coward, and accuses him of stealing the credit after the King defeated Dracula. He curses the Belmont family with a thousand years of shame. He then disappears, taking the weapons with him. The audience begins booing Simon and throwing food at him. Simon escapes by running into a warp. It turns out that the Count was impersonating the King. With Simon no longer considered a hero, the Count could easily take over CastleVania. Igor, a small winged creature sitting on top of the King's staff, warns the Count that the real Poltergeist King was escaping from the tower when he was being held captive. He was climbing down a bedsheet. The Count flies up and uses the King's magic sta

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 04 Totally Tetrisized

S03 E04

Oct 5, 1991
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Totally Tetrisized Oct 5, 1991

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 05 A Tale of Two Dogs

S03 E05

Oct 12, 1991
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A Tale of Two Dogs Oct 12, 1991 Dr. Wily has turned over a new leaf and is helping Dr. Light build a peace robot named Gamma?! It may sound bizzare, but really, Wily is faking this niceness! Mega Man, Kevin, Rush, and Duke are sent to eight other planets to collect eight energy tanks to power Gamma. All the while, Mega Man and Kevin argue about whose dog is awesomer. After getting all the tanks, they go to California Games for some rest and relaxation. But Dr. Wily warps the dogs to Skull Castle as bait for Kevin and Mega Man. Kevin and Mega Man go to Skull Castle to find their dogs. Leaving Doc Man (a robot from Mega Man 3 who can take on the powers of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2) in charge of Skull Castle, Wily goes to Dr. Light's laboratory, reprograms Gamma, and steals it so he can take over VideoLand. Mega Man, Kevin, and their dogs escape from Skull Castle, destroying Doc Man in the process. Dr. Light warps to outside Skull Castle to inform them of what Dr. Wily has done. Wily arrives, controlling Gamma.

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 06 Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls

S03 E06

Oct 19, 1991
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Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls Oct 19, 1991 The N-Team is on Baseball World, playing a game against Bo Jackson and the VideoLand All-Stars. Suddenly, Mother Brain opens a warp to the cellar of Baseball World, and all but Lana and Game Boy are sent through. In the cellar, the good guys can't agree which way to go to get out. They split up and go two different ways. At the Palace of Power, Mother Brain takes control and assigns Princess Lana to cleaning duty. Lana and Game Boy manage to get into the Communications room, and Lana contacts Kevin and the others in the cellar. She opens up a warp for them. After being in a confrontation with the Baseball Card King and evil baseball equipment, Kevin and the rest of the group go through a warp to the Palace. At the Palace, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard present Mother Brain with a huge cake and a crown. A warp opens in the ceiling, and the good guys land on the cake. The cake moves to Mother Brain, King Hippo, and Eggplant Wizard and forces them up through the warp to the cellar of Base

Not Available
Season 03, Episode 07 The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N

S03 E07

Oct 26, 1991
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The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N Oct 26, 1991 Lana, Kevin, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus go to the medieval world of Final Fantasy to have lunch with the Prince (who is a good friend of Lana's). Kevin would rather see some game action instead. A couple of armored bandits rob a man's magic shop. The N Team members meet Matoya the witch and her talking broom. The evil Astos discovers Captain N is visiting the Prince. At the Prince's castle, Kevin is bored of hearing the Prince talk of all his adventures. Astos comes to Kevin when he's alone and offers to help him gain popularity. He places Kevin under a spell and has him give the Prince a sleeping potion. Kevin and Astos then warp away to Astos' castle. Lana, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus go to a shopkeeper and get passage through a witch's warp. They fall into quicksand, but climb out using Kid Icarus' rope arrow. They meet Matoya again, who turns Lana into stone. She turns Lana back to normal, however, when she realizes who she is. Matoya says the light crystal can break the spell on Kevin,

Not Available